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Monzon 1

David Monzon

Mrs. Hammond


3 May, 2019

Reflection Paragraphs

The assignment I am most proud of is my CIA #3 from AP Lang junior year. The reason I

am proud of this assignment is because I usually struggle with essays so to get a 6 on a CIA

essay in an ap english class showed how well I could do considering I usually got 3’s and 4’s.

The assignment was to write an in class essay using the sources and prompt provided. The

prompt was to synthesize the sources into a coherent, well written essay. The essay was on

whether pennies were still valuable. I was successful because to have an avg. of 4’s on an essay

and to get a 6 on an essay I couldn’t take home showed my potential.

Over the past 4 years of high school my transcript went down, but for certain reasons. I

use to be a student who had outstanding work ethic on report cards but turned into a satisfactory

worker. Yes senoritis was a part of the problem but what really hurt me were the obstacles I had

faced. Junior year I decided to push my self in english and decided to take ap lang. I started of

strong but then things took a turn. I found myself making a lot of doctors visits for multiple

reasons. While playing basketball for the team I had gotten a tear in my labrum causing pain and

discomfort in a lot of things I did. And to top that off I had found out I had a lot of deficiencies

causing me to be tired 24/7 and my mental health to go down. I struggled to get out of bed but

pushed myself to do so knowing I couldn’t let it bring me down. Throughout the year I pushed

myself to get my grades back up and to pass the ap class I had challenged myself to take. And I
Monzon 2

was successful with that. I had no F’s got some of my grades back to B’s some close to A’s and

passed ap english with a C. So although I didn’t do as well as I had shown in the past, I did show

my perseverance to accomplish what I started.

Well not considering Junior and Senior year due to senioritis and health issues I would

say I do have areas to grow. I’ve always been pretty good at school, but I believe I could’ve been

more involved in it. I definitely would have studied more and done more of my homework and

all and just overall put more effort into it. So when I go off to college I plan to challenge myself

in those areas and not just for school, but also for work, my daily life, and hobbies. I wish to gain

a better work ethic to help me with later life events.

GOHS has prepared me for college and work in ways others may not think. It taught me

that you may not like the people you work for or work with and even though you dont you still

have to push yourself and work as hard as you can. Not gohs specific, but highschool in general

has had it’s obstacles outside of school and inside of school which really showed me the reality

of life of how not everyone has the same skills as everyone else and everyone is different and

unique in their own way on how they handle life. Gohs has showed me though that you have to

work hard to accomplish what you want and that's due to the amount of work they give senior

year when they know every kid has senioritis, but I appreciate them for not teaching me to be