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Grant Proposal: MMA Club of Silver Spring

Fazal Mirza
ENGL 393
Professor Christopher Justice

You are walking home after a long day late at night. You can’t wait to take a nice warm shower,
have dinner and to lay on your comfortable bed. All of a sudden, a man with a weapon jumps out of
nowhere and demands for money. You do not have any money so you decide to run as fast as you
can. The man catches you and starts hitting you repeatedly until you are bleeding and stabbing you
with his knife. You are now laying on the sidewalk with no one there bleeding immensely. Once
someone sees and calls the ambulance it is too late. You were not able to take that warm shower and
to sleep peacefully.
Self-defense is crucial in today's society. Situations like these happen every day no matter who you
are and where you are. Learning how to defend yourself is extremely important because learning
different tactics will help you get out of certain life-risking situations. Being a member of a martial arts
community will be very beneficial physically and mentally. It will be helpful physically because the
workouts will give you a healthier lifestyle, and you will be in very good shape. A training gym will also
help you mentally because being more confident in yourself and knowing that you skillsets to protect
yourself will help you in the near future.
Being part of the MMA Club of Silver Spring will assist you in what it takes. We have amazing
trainers who are experienced in Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian jujitsu, judo, etc. An MMA gym will also
teach you discipline. A mixed martial arts gym whether it is boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, etc
will help you become more health conscience. You will think twice before you eat that cheeseburger
with a large coke and fries. You will also have more confidence in yourself knowing that you have the
skill sets to defend yourself in any given situation. Being part of the MMA Club of Silver Spring will
assist you in what it takes. We have amazing trainers who are experienced in Boxing, Muay Thai,
Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, etc.

Statements of Need.
MMA Club of Silver Spring recently opened up in a year or so. We have a good amount of
members in this community just to start up and are looking to grow even more. To do so one of the
main issues we are facing is the lack of equipment as well as the fairly old equipment. Since our
community is growing, the equipment tends to be used over and over again and wears out much
faster. Also, when there are a lot of students we do not have enough equipment for everyone to use.
With the lack of equipment and out-of-date equipment, the chances of people going to another
gym are very high. We do not want to lose customers over something such as this matter. We have
lost a few of our members because of this and this is not a good sign because it is only going to grow
unless we make a change. With more money, we will be able to afford state of the art equipment for
our members. With better equipment, our students will be able to train more comfortably and will enjoy
the lessons even more.
What the MMA Club of Silver Spring has done in the past is have fundraisers to help us
expand on our equipment. Although there have been successes in doing so, we did not reach our goal
range which is $10,000. With the help of The Small Business Administration, we will be able to use the
10,000 wisely and use it in good use. All of our issues will be resolved and the community will continue
to expand.

Goals and Objectives

Current Objectives:
Our current objective is to start off with buying the new equipment that is necessary. New equipment
we would buy may include:
• Boxing Gloves
• MMA Gloves
• Mouth Guards
• Protective Headgear
• Shin guards
• Jiu Jitsu Gi
• Knee Pads
• Grappling Ear Protectors
• Punching Bag
• Workout equipment
These are the very basic equipment needed in order to accomplish our current objective goals.

Once we are able to have all of the equipment needed. The bigger picture of The MMA Club of Silver
Spring is to expand our company. These are the following steps we will follow.

Step 1
With new equipment will lead to having more students come sign up for a membership.

Step 2
Once we have enough members we will be able to have more money to spend on even more

Step 3.
Looking to renovate our dojo and making sure our MMA gym looks neat and clean and also safe for all
of our members.

Step 4
We will look into buying other facilities so the MMA Club of Silver Spring can expand in different parts
of Maryland.

Reflection of the Literature Section

In order for an MMA gym to be successful, having higher quality equipment is absolutely
necessary. Investing in state-of-the-art martial arts gear is an investment that worth doing. “With high
levels of involvement, sports equipment is perceived as central to the value system and is of high
interest” (Bloch, 2009.) The better the quality, the better of a reputation an MMA gym will have. Sports
equipment are more than just equipment, meaning, “the use of recreational products signifies to others
that one has an important leisure identification.” For MMA, you do not want to have outdated
equipment because you will not receive satisfaction in comparison to having better quality equipment.
“Strong product interest stimulates product-related conversations which may entail purchase
recommendations or simple expressions of one’s delight in the product category.”
“Solving the problem of sexual violence is not a matter of choosing between perpetrator-
focused and target-focused strategies; a complex social problem requires that we address it on
multiple fronts and in multiple ways (Hollinger, 2016.)” Having a more improved MMA gym means that
we will be able to bring in more customers to join. One of our main goals in the near future is to also
provide a self-defense place specifically for women. The reason why is because sexual violence is a
huge issue in society today. “Such classes improve women’s ability to recognize abusive or
threatening behavior, an ability which is crucial to resisting acquaintance assaults (Hollinger, 2016.)”
This gym is also for students who aspire to take their fighting skills to the next step. Having
students who become professional fighters will be extremely beneficial for the MMA gym because we
will have a good reputation amongst our competitor. “The sport has since evolved; such idiosyncrasies
are now absent and athletes train in multiple combat disciplines and are referred to as “mixed martial
artists (Woolf, 2016.)” Being a professional fighter starts off by joining the right gym. With the right
equipment, training to be in the next level will boost the fighters process.
This project will complement self-defense against sexual assault and students who aspire to be
professional fighters. If we do not have the proper equipment for our customers than it will be difficult
for them to follow their goals.

Detailed Description of the Project

Once we receive the grant from The Small Business Administration, we will form a meeting
amongst our other co-workers as well as some of the members. Having paid members in the meeting
is very helpful because they will be discussing from a customer standpoint and give us valuable
inputs. We will have a few customers and not just one so we can have different insights. Once we form
the meeting we will then list out what equipment is most needed to me our MMA Gym a more
improved gym than it was before. The team will start off by fulfilling the equipment listed earlier in the
proposal. We will order affordable and brand new equipment altogether.
Once we buy the new equipment and have everything to start off our new change we will then
we will test out the equipment to see if it is comfortable and if our members enjoy the new equipment.
We will then plan accordingly after we receive the brand new equipment. This shouldn’t take a
significant amount out of the $10,000 and we will be looking to invest more with the grant money. We
can use the remaining to invest in renovating the MMA Gym.

Budget, Cost, Funds Requested

The equipment that is needed for this project includes:
• Boxing Gloves- 15.00 x 10 pairs
• MMA Gloves- 20.00 x 10 pairs
• Mouth Guards- 10.00 x 10
• Protective Headgear- 30.00 x 10
• Shin guards - 15.00 x 10
• Jiu Jitsu Gi - 40.00 x 10
• Grappling Ear Protectors 30.00 x 10
• Punching Bag- 100 x 5
• Workout equipment 1,000
With the $10,000, that will be more than enough to fulfill the basic equipment needs. The total of all of
this will cost 3,100. This will leave us with 6,900 remaining. We will then host a fundraiser event so we
can still raise more money to renovate the gym. Once we receive the extra money we will consider the
• Brand new mats
• Renovated bathrooms
• Improved locker rooms
• Cleaner and newer mirror wall.
• Improved office
• Chairs

Materials Needed
This is what we need in order to fulfill our goal:
1. Volunteers- We will need the extra hands to be devoted to helping us reach our goals.
2. Hard Labor Materials- with the new equipment we are going to need handy materials so we
can adjust accordingly.
3. Truck- in order to move everything around, especially the extremely heavy materials, we will
need to have a truck to carry everything.
These are the three main materials we will need outside of the gear we will invest in after the grant is

Assessment of Projects Success

Once this project is a success, we are still not going to be finished in order to make MMA club
of Silver Spring more successful. Having new equipment is the first step because it is the bare
minimum and a good startup. Our customers will appreciate the new step with the equipment because
it will give them a much more improved and comfortable training experience. The goal for this small
project is to gain more members and not to lose many. With the better equipment and more satisfied
customers, the risk of them leaving the MMA gym for another one is fairly low.
Soon after the new equipment is obtained, the community will then find other investments in
much bigger projects. For example the renovation of the entire gym. For this particular project, we will
use the grant money as well as any other future money we receive in the near future.
1. Meeting with the workers as well as the members of the MMA gym so we can discuss in

2. Order the equipment that we listed in the grant.

3. Once we order the MMA equipment, we will then order other working materials that will help us
with the hands-on work.

4. As soon as the equipment has been delivered to the gym, we will open up the packages to
check if the inventory is correct.

5. Once the inventory is correct, we will then organize the gym to make sure all the new
equipment is where it is supposed to be with the help of our volunteers.

6. After all the new equipment is placed where they are supposed to be placed, we will get rid of
the completely damaged equipment that we will not good to use.

7. We will then invite new potential members to try out the new gear and to see what they think
about it.

8. The outcome of the new income will determine our future plans.

MMA Club of Silver Spring is more than just your MMA gym, we are family. We do not just
teach combat skills and how to defend yourself, we teach how to be a better person as well. This gym
is applicable for any members with a different story, whether or are someone who is getting bullied,
who wants to get in shape, who aspires to be a professional fighter, and for those who havr been a
victim of sexual assault, this gym is here for you to achieve your goals. We want to decrease the
percentage of bullies, the percentage of people are out of shape/obese, as well as the sexual assault
The equipment this gym currently has are not the best, we are struggling to have enough
equipment for everyone since we have a lot of members. This gym has bigger goals in the near future
but we will not be able to fulfill them unless we have something as simple as more equipment.
Equipment currently the objective to fulfill, then we will go forward with the renovation. We have had
fundraising events for this business and have received many a good turn-out, but we still need more in
order to us to get closer to the bigger vision of this company.
We believe that The Small Business Administration will be able to fully fulfill our humble request for the
$10,000 grant. This money will be put into extremely careful and good use and would not use the
grant money on anything outside of our organization. We are a small business as well aspiring to
expand and become one of the top MMA gyms in Maryland. Sincerely hope The Small Business
Administration carefully examines our humble request so that we are able to take the next step.

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