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Memo Ideas

• More pictures of well known black speakers related to civil rights- Visuals are very
significant when dealing with trying to send out an message. It determines what your intended
audience is looking for and to understand the message more clearly. Having more pictures
uploaded onto the flier will best help anyone who is looking at it. Having pictures that will stand
out will also grab the attention of the student who is walking by.
• Civil rights symbolism- This flier only had one picture and lacked any form of symbolism. The
viewer may wonder who the people in the flier represent and how important they are. Having
symbolism to advertise what this event is about will surely give the audience a more proper
• have different fonts instead of just one- Sticking with just one font is too boring. The goal of
a successful memo is to grab attention. Staying with one font is not very creative in doing so.
This flier only had one font which will do not make it interesting at all. Therefore, changing the
font of different sections of the flier will make it look more creative.
• Have the words more spread out.- In the flier, one thing we all noticed was how the worlds
were not spread out. Meaning there was a lot of words in one part of the flier which makes the
memo look very dull. Not having everything in one part of the flier would be good so it will be
more pleasant and less boring to view.
• Have key topics he is going to talk about
• Underline key parts: ie name, date
• Provide more information about sponsor and add their logos
The flyer that we examined only contained logos of the sponsors. It lacked information about
the sponsors. Thus, we plan to include links providing information about the sponsors in the
digital memo. This would allow the audience to make more connections about the goals,
structure, and importance of both the magazine and the speaker.
• Add more color
The colors within the flyer given consisted of black and yellow. As we assessed the colors, we
realized that these two colors failed to grab the audience's’ attention. Thus, we proposed that
the digital memo should contain vibrant colors that would attract the audience. More
specifically, these colors should correlate with the theme of the magazine and attempt to
highlight the different components of the magazine.
• Links that will provide more information about Mary Rizzo
The flyer gave lacked information about the speaker Mary Rizzo. Based on the short phrase
that was provided on the flyer, it can be inferred that she is a writer for the magazine.
Therefore, we propose that the digital memo could contain a link that provided information
about the writer herself and the different pieces of work she has contributed to the magazine.
This would allow the audience to be able to predict the message to expect from the speaker. In
addition, it would allow the audience to gain a thorough understanding of the overall message
of the speaker.