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Dear Friends,

Jai Hind.
An email received from Maj Gen Satbir Singh and its enclosures are reproduced be
The letter of Shree Satpal Maharaj addressed to the RM, was received as a large
PDF file, which could not be used for mass emailing. Therefore, I have typed th
e relevant portions of that letter in MS Word format and reproduced below.
The printed letter heads of both the letters had to be excluded to reduce the si
ze of the email.
I also take this opportunity to add that whenever any one says that If we give O
ROP to the Indian Defence Services, other government services will also demand t
he same , please educate them about the following important things which different
iate the Defence Services from others
I. The Three Defence Services are the only services,
which are denied Fundamental Rights granted by the Constitution of India to all i
ts citizens. The serving soldiers cannot even form associations to represent the
ir grievances.

II. Defence Services are the only services, where the

personnel retire much before reaching the age of 60 years, the prescribed age of
retirement for all other Government Services.

III. The Defence Services suffer the maximum casualties w

hen defending the nation externally or internally.

IV. The Defence Services are the last hope of the India
n Nation, when everyone else fails miserably.
CWG is the lastest example.
Therefore, the usual excuses given by the bureaucrats that if OROP is granted to
Defence Services, other services will demand the same are deliberate attempts t
o mislead the political leaders.
Other issues which need attention are
A. Ex-servicemen Welfare Commission. This was strongly recommended by the High
Level Committee headed by Shree K P Singhdeo and is essential for the redressal
of our problems besides protecting us from the wrath of the hostile bureaucracy
. This needs to be put in place at the earliest. The Ex-servicemen Commission sh
ould consist of Armed Forces Veterans, including war wounded, and the Defence Wi

B. Staffing of ESW Department of MoD. At present, the ESW Department of MoD h

as no representation of the Defence Services. The present staff of ESW Departmen
t, who do not know even the fundamentals of the functioning and working conditio
ns of the Armed Forces, how they can understand our problems and look after our
welfare. The entire staff of the ESW Department of MoD should be from among the
serving and retired Defence personnel.

Another issue, which Col Inderjit Singh, Chairman All India Ex-Services Welfare
Association, is pursuing with the Government since long (he is the eldest vetera
n who started the struggle of OROP) is (these are extracts from one of the lette
rs of Col Inderjit sent to RM)
Representation at the MOD. Every uniformed service other than the Armed Forces i
s represented at all levels of decision-making processes, which affect the funct
ioning or welfare of that service. However, for the various committees appointed
for Defence, whether it pertains to functioning of Defence Services or the welf
are of serving and retired Defence personnel, no representatives of the Defence
Services are included. This sidelining of the Armed Forces has created a feeling
that they are suspect in the eyes of their own leadership and, therefore, that
of the Nation too. This has resulted in demoralisation and humiliation among the
serving and retired Defence Forces personnel. Such demoralisation of the Defenc
e personnel can be disastrous for the Nation itself. We, therefore, appeal to yo
u to kindly set this aberration right, which is existing inspite of sixty-three
years since we got Independence.
Friends, it is time that All ESM and ESM Organisations stand shoulder to shoulde
r and speak in one language.
All ESM Organisations are doing very well in their own way to get Justice for De
fence Services.
We need to continue that multi pronged approach to achieve our aim.
I once again appeal to all ESM and ESM Organisations, not to criticise each othe
r but support each other so that the pressure on the Government multiplies many
fold and it is compelled to yield to our justified demands.
In service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.

Date: 03 Nov 2010

Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar
Member of Parliament
211, North Avenue
New Delhi
One Rank One Pension (OROP)

Dear Sh. Rajeev Chandrasekhar

1. The reply of Defence Minister is a typical example of diversionary, dilator

y and delay tactics to deny a genuine, real and appropriate demand of Defence Fo
rces. The reply reveals the intentions and attitude of the Govt.

2. The RM has quoted those examples where the OROP was not recommended. This is
because the bureaucrats were asked and they responded by putting up the draft,
as they saw the issue from their eye ie the eye which sees only Injustice to the De
fence Veterans . They have blissfully shown ignorance to the other examples where
OROP had been strongly recommended. I would attempt to mention some of them as
(a) OROP was being given to all ranks till 1970/72 in the form of Military Pen
sion . Years of service and the rank achieved by a Defence person determined his p

(b) It was in 1973, the 3rd CPC which amalgamated the Defence Personnel with th
e other Civilian Employees. It is here the whole problem started. Defence Profes
sion is all together different. This was the greatest blunder or to say scheming
bureaucracy had succeeded to downgrade, degrade and illtreat the Military. Grad
ually, SP police who used to be called Kaptan Sahab put on the badges of rank of M
ajor, then Lt Col and now the band on the Peak Cap. IG became the DGP and afte
r 6 CPC was placed even ahead of our Lt Gen. Similarly, in 1947, a joint secreta
ry who was equivalent to a Major is now equivalent to Major General. The Govt
is blind to the fact that only one percent reach to the level of Maj Gen and poi
nt three percent as Lt Gen. Where as 100 percent direct entry IAS become Secreta
ry/Additional Secretary. Mrs Librahan on NDTV stated wrongly that all IAS don t be
come Joint Secretary. I would challenge her to prove me wrong. Also an IAS bec
omes Joint Secretary in 14 -16 years where as it takes 32 33 year to become Majo
r Gen.
(c) Till late sixties, JCOs and ORs were getting 75 percent of pay as pension
, defence officers were getting 50 percent of pay as pension and civilian 33 pe
rcent of the pay as pension. The bureaucrats succeeded in reducing the pension
of JCOs, ORs from 75 percent to 50 percent and increased their own pension from
33 to 50 percent. This reduction and upgradation defies all logic.

(d) Smt. Indra Gandhi in 1983 had accepted the demand of OROP but the bureauc
racy was able to stall it by not including it in the minutes of the meeting wh
ere decision was taken by PM. This was clearly stated by Cmde Udey Bhasker, who
was recording the minutes of that meeting. Before it could be processed in 1984,
she was snatched away by destiny.

(e) Sh. KP Singh Deo Committee recommended OROP in 1984. While a few of the ot
her demands were accepted, the OROP was not sanctioned.

(f) Sh. Rajiv Gandhi in Feb 1987, promised to grant OROP but before any action
was taken on this, elections were announced. Unfortunately, during the electio
n, he was snatched away by destiny.

(g) Sh. VP Singh as PM had accepted the demand of OROP. When told that if ORO
P was granted to Defence Personnel, civilian employees will also demand; he is
on record having said Let them (the civilian employees) swap places with the Mi
litary . But before orders on OROP cold be issued, his Govt fell.
(h) The Congress Govt in 1990 appointed a High Level Empowered Committee heade
d by Sh. Sharad Pawar the then RM. This committee was keen to grant OROP but the
Govt did not sanction it quoting prevailing economic conditions. However, one t
ime increase (OTI) in pension was given.
(j) Sh. IK Gujral as PM, accepted the demand of OROP but granted only modified
parity. After protests from ESM, OROP was accepted by the PM but before it could
be sanctioned, the Govt fell in Nov 1997.
(k) Mr. George Fernandes the then Defence Minister announced at Anandpur Sahab (
Punjab) in Apr 1999 that OROP will be granted within a few days. But later coul
d not get it through from the Cabinet.
(l) Madam Sonia Gandhi the Chairperson of UPA on 23 Nov 2002 at CHANDIGARH duri
ng a rally, endorsed the demand for one-rank-one-pension, which was earlier stre
ssed upon by Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh at the North Zone Ex-
servicemen rally addressed by the Congress president at the Sector 46 sports com
plex. She said if her party came to power, OROP will be given.

(m) Khurana Committee report recommended OROP in 2003. It reads Para 99 of the
Report of Standing Committee on Defence (2003) clearly states: "The Committee h
ave been recommending grant of `One Rank One Pension' to the armed forces person
nel time and again. The Committee observes that successive Governments and Pay C
ommissions have made improvements in the pension structure keeping in view the c
ost of living index. This has accentuated the disparity of pensionary benefits b
etween pensioners of the same rank. The older pensioners who have become infirm
in ability and capability and burdened with a larger social obligation receive p
ension calculated at the rate of pay at the time of their retirement in 1950s or
1960s or 1970s, which is quite paltry and the Dearness Relief quite inconsequen
tial in today's context of inflation and shrinking purchasing value of money. Th
e nation must repay its debt to those defenders of the motherland with gratitude
and humility. We should, instead of, looking for precedents in this regard, cre
ate precedents for the others to emulate. Any amount paid in this regard would b
e small token of our gratitude to them. The Committee, therefore, once again rei
terates their earlier recommendation for providing `One Rank One Pension' to the
armed forces personnel".
(n) All Party Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence through its Chai
rman Sh. Satpalj Ji Maharaj on 07th May 2010 while tabling its report in Parliam
ent strongly recommended the grant of OROP holistically to the Defence Forces.
(o) Again on 27 Aug 2010 Chairman Standing Committee on Defence Sh. Satpal Ji Ma
haraj strongly recommended the grant OROP (Letter attached).
(p) OROP is being given to President, Vice President, MPs, MLAs, Judiciary, IAS,
IFS, IPS, DGPs and a few Defence officers ie Army Commanders, Vice Chiefs, Chie
f of the Army and their equivalents. Why the same is being denied to all ranks
of Armed Forces who are forced to retire at the age of 35 to 37 and are not bein
g compensated for it ? The Defence Service is unique with highest degree of dif
ficulty as compared to any other Govt service.
(q) SC Judgement of 09 Sep 2009 in the case of Union of India & Maj Gen Vain
s and Others ruled:-
(i) No Defence Personal Senior in rank can get less pension than his junior irr
espective of the date of retirement.
(ii) Similarly placed Officers of the same rank are to be given the same pensio
n irrespective of the date of retirement.

(r) AFT Chandigarh Judgement dated 03 Mar 2010. In the case of union of India
and Maj Gen Vains and Others. The AFT ruled that the SC ruling in the case of
Maj Gen Vains and others Vs Union of India dated 09 Sep 2009 be applied to the P
etitioners for pre 2006 and post 2006 retirees and the judgement be implemented
in three months.

(s) AFT Chandigarh Judgement dated 08 Mar 2010 in the case of Union of India
Vs Babu Ram Dhiman and Union of India Vs Sohan Singh The AFT has directed the U
nion Government:-
(i) That the state cannot lay down different criteria for grant of pensions to
officers, JCOs and Jawans on the basis of cut off date of retirement.

(ii) No Senior in rank defence person can draw less pension than his junior irre
spective of the date of retirement.

(iii) All pensioners of the same rank and service irrespective of the date of r
etirement are entitled to same pension.

(iv) The above directions be implemented within four months.

(t) Representatives of all political parties have recommended OROP.

(u) The Punjab Assembly has recently unanimously passed a resolution strongly
recommending the OROP.

3. The Govt has no valid reasons to deny OROP to Defence Forces. This attitude
of the Govt is hurting the Defence Forces specially the veterans deeply who hav
e been protesting, returning medals and signing memorandum in blood. The protest
Movement is spread across the country. Surely, the veterans are not protesting
without the cause. They feel that grave injustice has been done to them. The S
C on two occasions ie on 11 Sep 2010, 18 Oct 2010, while passing severe strictur
es against the Govt has asked it to set up separate Pay Commission for serving a
nd veteran Defence Personnel where they can get their pay and pension issues res
olved. The judges Sh.Markandey Katju and Sh. T. S. Thakur have given time till
08 Nov 2010 to the Govt to decide on the issue of setting up a Separate Pay Comm
ission for serving and defence veterans.

4. The negative recommendations by various committees consisted of bureaucrats w

ith no representation from the Defence Forces are devoid of logic. Merely statin
g that OROP cannot be given is no logic. If the deliberations and case files of
the committees which had not recommended OROP are probed/analysed, by getting t
hese through the RTI, the injustice will be clearly visible.

5. The Parliament is Supreme in our democracy. The Defence Forces are under th
e Civilian Control which means under the elected representatives of the people.
In the case of OROP, almost all the Prime Ministers, the Defence ministers, the
empowered Committees of Ministers, all Party Parliamentary Committees on Defence
and representatives of all political parties have been in favour of granting OR
OP to the Defence Forces because of the special service conditions, degree of di
fficulty and job requirements, however the politicians have all along succumbed
to the pressures by accepting the recommendations given by Committees of bureauc
rats set up by the Govt to decide matters of Defence Forces. It is a known fact
that bureaucrats are hell bent to downgrade and illtreat the Military.

6. We strongly feel that you are totally convinced about the genuineness of our
demand of OROP. The fact that you had taken up the issue with the PM so strong
ly that you even decided not to accept the enhancement in Pay of MPs till OROP w
as granted speaks volumes of the concern you have about the welfare of Defence P
ersonnel. It was also clearly visible during the NDTV debate. We request you t
o kindly not only take up the case with the Govt strongly but also motivate othe
r MPs to join you to support our cause in the interest of the Nation by raising
the issue in Parliament and asking for a debate on the issue in the Parliament.
We also request you to kindly arrange meeting with other MPs where we will give
them power point presentation on OROP.
7. Kindly join us to give a strong push to our Movement to get Justice to the
Defence Forces.

With Regards,
Jai Hind
Yours Sincerely,

Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM

Vice Chairman Indian ESM Movement

(National Emblem)
Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha)
Chairman, Standing Committee on Defence
Member, Public Accounts Committee for the Ministry of Railways
Member, General Purposes Committee
No. 5/4/COD/2010-11
27 August, 2010
Respected Shri Antony Ji,
I enclose herewith the letter from Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Member of Parliame
nt, Rajya Sabha along with the copy of his letter addressed to Hon'ble Prime Min
ister. The Member in his letter has strongly emphasized for a sympathetic and co
mpassionate view on the long pending demand of Armed Forces for One Rank One Pen
sion. The Member has also emphasized that the demand of the Armed Forces becomes
even more legitimate and urgent, given the Government's recent pay hike to Memb
ers of Parliament.
2. In this connection, I may like to bring to your kind knowledge that the Stand
ing Committee on Defence have consistently been recommending to accept the deman
d of Armed Forces with regard to One Rank One Pension. I again request you kindl
y to consider the issue of One Rank One Pension to Armed Forces as raised by the
MP in his letter.

With regards,
Sh. A.K. Antony,
Defence Minister,
104, South Block,
New Delhi
Copy to Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar Ji, MP Rajya Sabha