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ClearIAS Prelims Test Series 2019


IAS Books for UPSC Civil Services

Prelims and Mains Exam Preparation

Taking inputs from toppers, we have prepared a detailed list of the best IAS books
available in the market. Aspirants can click on each link to buy books online at
discounted prices.

NCERT Textbooks
NCERT Text Books from Class 6 – 12 – NCERTs should be your starting point. Now
you can buy NCERT books for UPSC as a bundle also.

GS Manuals for Prelims (All-in-One Guides)

General Studies Paper 1 Manual – If you are a beginner, an all-in-one book can help
you get a quick idea about the UPSC requirements. Manuals by Pearson, McGraw
Hill, and Arihant are equally good. Buy any one book.
General Studies Paper 2 Manual – Selective practice of MCQs from any 1 of the
following books – Pearson, McGraw Hill, or Arihant should be sufficient.
UPSC Previous Year Question Papers
Kiran Prakashan’s book for GS Paper 1 and GS Paper 2 (CSAT) are excellent
compilations for UPSC Prelims.
Enroll in ClearIAS UPSC previous-year Questions Re-Take exams for Prelims GS
Paper 1 and GS Paper 2. The solutions are based on the official UPSC keys
available from 2011.
IAS General Studies Preliminary Topic wise Solved Papers (Paper I and II) – New
24 Years UPSC IAS/ IPS Prelims Topic-wise Solved Papers 1 & 2 (1995-2018) – by
Disha Experts

Standard Textbooks for UPSC Prelims

There are no replacements for standard reference textbooks for UPSC preparation. Click
to buy online the textbooks for each subject mentioned in the UPSC syllabus (Prelims
and Mains).

Indian History and Culture

1. India’s Ancient Past – R.S. Sharma. (Ancient India – Text Book)
2. History Of Medieval India – Satish Chandra. (Medieval India – Text Book)
3. History Of Modern India – Bipan Chandra. (Modern India – Text Book)
4. India’s Struggle For Independence – Bipan Chandra. (Modern India – Read like a
5. The Wonder That Was India – A.L. Bhasham. (Ancient India and Culture)
6. Indian Art and Culture – Nitin Singhania. (For quick reference – Culture)
7. Ancient and Medieval India – Poonam Dalal (For quick reference – Ancient and
Medieval India)
8. Modern Indian History – Sonali Bansal (For quick reference – Modern India)
9. A Brief History of Modern India – Spectrum (For quick reference – Modern India)

Indian Geography and World Geography

1. Oxford School Atlas – Oxford. (Geography)
2. Geography of India – Majid Husain. (Indian Geography)
3. World Geography – Majid Husain (World Geography)
4. Physical Geography – Savindra Singh (Physical Geography)
5. Human Geography – Majid Husain (Human Geography – Social and Economic)
6. Certificate Physical and Human Geography – Goh Cheng Leong. (Physical and
Human Geography)

Indian Polity and Constitution

1. Indian Polity for Civil Services Examinations – M. Laxmikanth. (Polity)
2. Introduction to the Constitution of India – D. D. Basu (Constitution)

Indian Economy
1. Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh. (Economy)
2. Indian Economy Key Concepts – Shankarganesh (Concepts)
3. The Indian Economy – Sanjiv Verma (Advanced Economy Topics)
4. Economic Survey. (Indian Economy Trends and Statistics)

Science and Technology

1. Science and Technology – Sheelwant Singh
2. Science and Technology in India – Ravi P Agrahari.

Environment – Ecology, Biodiversity and Climate Change

1. Environmental Studies: From Crisis to Cure – Rajagopalan. (Environment)
2. Environment for Civil Services Prelims and Mains – Khuller. (Environment)
3. Environment – Shankar

Current Affairs
1. India Year Book (Current Affairs)
2. Manorama Yearbook. (Current Affairs)
3. ClearIAS Current Affairs Capsule [Monthly MCQs] (Current Affairs)

CSAT (For those weak in CSAT)

1. Cracking the CSAT – Arihant (CSAT – Paper 2)
2. Analytical Reasoning – M. K. Pandey (CSAT – Paper 2: Analytical Reasoning)
3. Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning – R. S.Aggarwal (CSAT Paper 2: Reasoning)

Additional IAS Books for UPSC Mains (Click on the

links to buy online)
For mains, most books for Prelims are useful. In addition to those, the following books
should also help.

Essay (UPSC Mains Essay Paper)

1. Selected Contemporary Essays – Saumitra Mohan
2. Essays for Civil Services – Pulkit Khare

India Since Independence (Part of UPSC Mains GS1 Paper)

1. India Since Independence – Bipan Chandra
2. India After Gandhi – Ramchandra Guha
3. Post-Independence India – Sonali Bansal

World History (Part of UPSC Mains GS1 Paper)

1. History of the World – Arjun Dev
2. Mastering Modern World History – Norman Lowe
3. World History – Krishna Reddy
4. Modern World History – Uddipan

Indian Society (Part of UPSC Mains GS1 Paper)

1. Social Problems In India – Ram Ahuja.
2. Social Change in Modern India – M N Srinivas
3. Indian Society – Senthil

Governance (Part of UPSC Mains GS2 Paper)

1. Governance in India – Laxmikanth.
2. Governance in India – M.Karthikeyan
3. Current Issues – What’s Hot Today
4. Esencia Current Affairs

Foreign Relations of India (Part of UPSC Mains GS2 Paper)

1. International Relations – Pavneet Singh.
2. Pax Indica – Shashi Tharoor.
3. India and the World by Surendra Kumar.

Internal Security (Part of UPSC Mains GS3 Paper)

1. Internal Security – M.Karthikeyan.
2. Challenges to Internal Security of India – Ashok Kumar.
3. India’s Internal Security – Rajkumar.
4. India’s National Security: A Reader – Bajpai.

Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude (UPSC Mains GS4 Paper)

1. Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude – Niraj Kumar.
2. Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude – M. Karthikeyan
3. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude – Subha Rao

Are there all-in-one manuals for UPSC Civil

Services Main Exam?
Yes, you can get paper-wise books from the following links.

GS Paper 1 – Arihant
GS Paper 2 – Arihant
GS Paper 3 – Arihant
GS Paper 4 – Arihant

UPSC CSE Mains Previous Year Solved Question

Paper Books
IAS General Studies Main Solved Papers – New Vishal
IAS Mains General Studies Solved Papers – Heed
IAS Mains Chapterwise Solved Papers General Studies – Arihant

Books for UPSC Interview

1. Civil Services Interview – Madhukar
2. Common Mistakes At UPSC Civil Services Examination & How to Avoid Them –
Abhishek Dular
3. Current Issues – What’s Hot Today (ClearIAS ebook)
4. Esencia Current Affairs

IAS Books for Optional Subjects and Additional

Reference (Click on the links to buy online)
Books for Optional subjects in UPSC Mains (Open the link and scroll down).

Latest UPSC Books (New Releases)

Latest UPSC CSE Books: Click To Buy New Releases For UPSC Preparation.
Subject Specific Book-List for IAS exam (For extra reference of each subject).

IAS Books in the Hindi Language

For many of the books listed above, corresponding books in the Hindi language are
available in the market. Hindi medium students may check the link UPSC Books in the
Hindi Language to buy online at discounted prices.

Books for Other Exams (Click on the links to buy

SSC Exam Books
Banking Exam Books
MBA Exam Books
Engineering Books

Links to UPSC Books at online Stores! (Click on the

links to buy online)
The full list of UPSC books available in Amazon.
The full list of UPSC books available in Flipkart.
Recommended list of UPSC books available in Flipkart.

Free Online Resources For IAS Prelims and Mains

NCERT Books Download.
Yojana Magazine Download.
Kurukshetra Magazine Download.
IGNOU Books Download.
Clear IAS Online Study Materials.

ClearIAS Prelims Mock Test Series

As you may know, only when tested in an exam atmosphere with negative marking,
you can improve the ability to deliver in the actual exam hall. Try for free the UPSC
Prelims online mock exams by ClearIAS – in the new innovative platform which
integrates learning with test-taking. You would be surprised to find how fast you can

Tips regarding IAS book selection

There is no single book which covers all topics of IAS exam Prelims and Mains.
However, if you are short on resources and time, you may start from the
Manuals (All-in-One Guides) for Prelims and Mains. Take mock exams, and refer
additional text-books as and when time is available.
Considering the competition and vast syllabus, UPSC exam preparation cannot
be done without collecting some essential books.
Photostats or PDFs supplied by coaching coaching institutes may not give you
the right information and broad perspective. If you are an IAS/IPS/IFS aspirant,
you should invest in good text books.
Quality books act as add-ons to your online preparation and help a lot in self-
study. If you follow ClearIAS Test-based approach to clear UPSC Prelims, most
of the books mentioned above will get automatically covered as per the
mentioned timetable.
If you are running short of time to finish the syllabus before the exam, you may
better focus on concise books instead of bulky ones. You can use Modern India
by Spectrum (Rajiv Ahir IPS) then, which is a small book which covers almost all
major points given in Modern India by Bipan Chandra. Similarly, you may just
focus on Indian art and culture by Nithin Singhania IAS, for culture topics. publishes reviews on new IAS books in the market under ourBook
Review section. Publishers/authors can send us samples for review. Readers
too can post the reviews about the UPSC books they bought in the comment
section. That will be helpful for other aspirants for book selection.
We keep updating this page when new books worth the time and money of
candidate appear in the market. So come back to check this page again!

j s y h o 98K

Comments says

Additional Update: If you are a beginner, and wish to get an all-in-one book to start your preparation,
don’t miss this post – Is there a single book which covers all topics for IAS exam (Prelims and

robin says

Great exerts! really help full!

kumar says

Very useful

abhishek says

Hello friend I have completed my agriculture graduation just now. I’m interested In bussiness
for my childhood time .but after death of D.K.Ravi I decided to be in D.K.Ravi sir place I want to
become DC OF KOLAR district . But I dnt know any thing about ias plz help me my mail id
ravikumar0088 says

it’s better decision bro

Rupesh kumar tripathi says

i am some one nothing ils. instute

biplab says

hello sir, which book i bought for IAS

Pani Nonam says

I have recently cleared my BA in English and I am continuing my MA in English l opt to become
an Admnistrative offier(IAS)and I want start it along with my studies.. Sir can you please refer
me some books and help so that I may start my preparations.. my email ld is Thank you.


you should complete your master then think about it.

mahinshah says

Thanks Bro..I was in a search for finding books for main Exam new pattern..Thanks for ur great help

manish bansal says

do we need to follow all the books or we need to select like in case of history for mains History Of
Modern India by Bipan Chandra
India’s Struggle For Independence – Bipan Chandra
both these books have overlapping contents…..
bikramjit singh says

history of modern india is for beginners in history. so read it only if you are a fresher in history.
sooner or later you will have to read india’s struggle for independence as well because it delves
into important issues and stages of freedom struggle.alternatively you can dispense with the
first book and instead read icse class 10 history vipul shah- buy and read it . you will benefit
from it.

Navlika says

I have just passed 12th science so plzz giv me ur suggestion for clearing IAS….what can I
do?? Nd how I’ll clear in one attempt plzzz help me…..

kavita says

from where you purchase all the books

Karthik G says

@navlika : dear friend u must have degree in any discipline to attend upsc exams..

Mukesh Chaudhary says

Dear Navlika,
It is gud that you are thinking for IAS after 12th only, start clearing ur all basics and
boost your knowledge in all subjects, take syllabus from this site and read books
accordingly. You will have 3 years to study during your graduation and after that you
can attempt for IAS.


K.RAJA says

I am studying BE-mechanial engg.. My aim is IAS…. But no idea for how to prepare and
clear the exam…. Pls tell me..i need more information about the IAS exam.. Help me pls.
ummi says

simple to plan,prepare,perform………..hardworking is the give a best one

jyoti says


Kishan says

Thank you sir I will follow

Kishan says

Thanks says

During the early stages of preparation, select only one or two basic books for each subject. For
History, India’s Struggle For Independence by Bipan Chandra is a better choice. But later on, you
should expand your book base for each subject. The strategy for selecting the books is outlined in
the link : All the best!

Rohit says

Hey dude apart from above mentioned books should i study from NCERT books too…or
studying from them is alone enough

Punit Kumar says

Dear clearias m fresher for all this…my only question is that i studied physics upto 12th…means
non-medical…now i m pursuing BA from DU…so the question is…can i choose Physics as an
optional subject Coj m pursuing B.A. from DU…i just love to read Physics…and will it be good for
IAS mains
Mangesh says

Hello…….. Your information is so nicely arranged .. Thank you for it

But, Please tell me, is the above books list as per the new 2013 Mains pattern ?????????

Where, new GS-1,2,3,4 papers are added ??????? says

Yes, the above list of IAS books are as per the latest pattern of civil services after the GS Papers
1,2,3,4 are added by UPSC in 2013.

yogesh says

I have just passed 12th so please give me strategies for clearing iAS How I’ll clear OAS in one
attempt. says

Dear Yogesh,
Appreciate your interest at this early age. Read the link below:
All the best!

Sahib Ali says

Hello Sir ,
My question is — Does the Books of (IAS mains) and (IAS Pre) same OR different to each

Avinash says

Yes,you have a lot of time to prepare IAS,bt you cam attempt only gradution’last year

saraswathi says

Thnk u for ur all infornation.iam E&C engineer. iam confused in choosing option subject between
public administration and electrial engineering. I want ur suggesion.pls help me. says

Dear Saraswathi, As we have stated in the post –

optional-latest-upsc-syllabus/ – selection of the optional subject is a personal choice where the
priority should be given to candidate’s interest, availability of materials (online and offline) and
scope of guidance and peer study (if necessary).

We do acknowledge the fact the Public Administration is a more popular optional than Electrical
Engineering. But there are positives and negatives for both these subjects and you have to weigh
the merits and demerits of the same, based on your background. Select Electrical Engineering only
if you have genuine interest in it, and only if you are confident enough that you will get proper
materials and guidance for the same. Guidance and materials for Pub Ad, are relatively easy to find.
But that does not mean that you should take Pub Ad. If possible, talk personally to candidates who
wrote IAS mains taking these subjects as the optionals. Go through the syllabus and past question
papers of the same.

We at is of the opinion that all optional subjects have equal chances of success as
proved by many candidates hailing from diverse backgrounds. Take a decision after thorough
analysis. All the best!

pankaj says

plz in hindi medium says

Dear Pankaj,
For UPSC exam books in Hindi, you may refer the following link : UPSC Books in Hindi Language

ilmas zehra says

Sir.please help me to choose complete study material for prelims.and suggest me for
optional papers

Yaseen kashmiri says

If u r in science field then geography otherwise sociology…

Nelson says

Thanks for your service through this website.

I have been in to various fields as of now. like completed BE – ECE and then MBA – Marketing.
Worked in Sales for around 3 yrs now.
But UPSC exam is new to me. I really want to clear this. Any suggestion ???
What are the options (Political science/ pub ad) available according to the latest Syllabus??
Books You have mentioned above for free really match the Books you have mentioned at the top???
I am from Chennai.
Thanks says

Dear Nelson,
First of all we appreciate your interest in Civil Services. Almost all of the queries you asked is
clearly answered in the previous posts. We suggest you to go through them. All the best!

sukki says 3rd year going to start IAS traing .now which book I
should refer and guide me plzzzzz…..

Sandip Kumar Singh says

B. Tech from Lucknow

Saurabh singh Yadav says

Sir Maine bsc pcm group se ki ab mujhe ias k liye kya krna hoga or konsa subject
sahi rahega

ravikiran rathod says

plz sagestion english grammer book sir….. says

Dear Ravikiran,

English Grammar books as such are not needed for IAS exam, but for compulsory English paper
we suggest the book Compulsory English For UPSC Mains

deepak raj says

sir i went through the whole post. it is really a complete roadmap to follow. but how to prepare for
current affairs apart from hindu?IE? role of magazines? is chronicle sufficient?

deepak raj says

sorry, typo hindu/IE says

The Hindu or Indian Express newspaper should normally get you 75 percent or more marks
of all current affairs related questions. Latest editions of India Year Book and Manorama
Yearbook 2014 will also be a sure help. Go for magazine like Cronicle or Frontline if you
have ample time and need deeper analysis on selected topics. Suggested websites include
PRSindia, IDSA and of-course

amol says

Sir, i just have been started preparing upsc…. But i m confused from what to start…? says

Dear amol,
Start from UPSC syllabus and previous year question papers of UPSC Prelims and Mains. It’s
available in this website. Then go into detail some the easy topics. You may refer NCERT texts or
standard text books for IAS for that. After gaining confidence, you may shift to higher topics.

charan teja says

Hello Sir,
I was glad that i found this website and it is very useful to all aspirants. many of us, have doubts in
newspaper reading- what are topics we need to focus in a newspaper???, what are the important
news we need to look after?. I would be happy if you could answer my question.THANKS IN
ADVANCE:) says

Focus on news related to Foreign Policy of India, Social Issues, Parliament, Judiciary, Centrally
Sponsored Schemes, Governance, Recent Bills, Economy related news, Environment, Science
and Technology etc. Don’t miss editorials. Leave out news related to local politics, Bollywood,
cricket etc.

mohit says

sir i want to start prepration for ias and for that i want to buy books. so please tell me how i
stsrt my prep from base and also names of the books

gayathri says

hey sir !! mai i request u if someone sorry mostly not everybody has that kind of whole budjet to buy
such costly books or google dont provide those books to read but those r the important to get for
the dream !! are they r not available for download ???? the information u given was fantastic i
appreciate nad pls make those ebooks for everybody to download !!

mahesh says

I will attemt CSAT in 2014 & main also in marathi medium so plz sujest me best book for upsc pre.
in marathi language and for subject public administration & Geography

uday patil says

Thank you so much for giving the crucial information related upsc. Its very good for candidate.
(Uday patil . Belgaum).

sandeep kumar says

how can i prepare the ias examination

dhinesh says

sir i’m in tamil medium student.i will attempt for upsc exam in 2014.mains language selected for pls tamil useful tamil medium books on prelim and mains examination

Mahesh says

Did you find books for upsc in tamil?

Hima Bindu Jonnalagadda says



Hello sir I am a central government employee ageing 27, my wish is to become Civil servant, please
give the details of all the posts and their pay scales which comes under UPSC

joy bose says

Hi,right now I am in class 12th. What are your suggestions for me right now ?

vyomesh says

sir here are good information about upsc books. sir I have problem for choosing optional in optional
i’m interested in LAW subject then can I choose it and i’m complete my and now I want do
L.L.B so its a right decision. tell me sir pls

mani sandilya says

sir we proud for your guide line

SAGAR says

thanks sir for guiding us so much…

civilmentor says

Hello sir, I have sent a mail to the email id provided by you. please kindly check.
Waiting for your reply.

Bhanu Pratap says

Sir mai Hindi medium se hu. Mera dream ek IAS bannaa hai pr koi mujhe guidelines nhi de rha hai
please aap mujhe guide kre.

Harpreet singh says

Hello sir how to start for ias recommend books for begners

jiten sharma says

but some books like bipin chandra , ncert sumit sarkar ,modern history r.l.shukal etc not essaily
available in the market

vivek says

sir i want to start prepration for ias and for that i want to buy books. so please tell me how i stsrt my
prep from base and also names of the books…..????

Shital Apturkar says

ggd evening sir < i want to wish become a IAS officer plz sir suggest me which book useful for IAS
exam pri and main plz sir reply me i m waiting…….
manasa says

sir i am studying bsc 2nd year iam an ias aspirant i wanna start my preparation from this year i am
so confused how to begin my preparation so please guide me to start my preparation please sir
please help me pleassssssssssssssssse

sindhu says

hello sir..
i pursued my in computer sciences stream and planning to prepare for UPSC exam..i m bit
panic in choosing optional subject..initially i thought economics or psychology would b fine but later
i came to know that it should need some ground work as i am unaware of those basic
concepts..therefore i thought history is a better choice..pls justify..if not suggest a good subject
regards in advance

Nagendra prasad ias says

Please work hard instead of changing the subjects

Aman Raja says

recently i passed class 12th so please provide me guidance related to syllabus of ias
please sir gudie me

Barkha says

which subject will be better to choose as an optional? says

Dear Barkha,
Please read the post on optional subject selection in This is entirely a
personal choice and the priority should be for your interest/taste for the subject. All the best!

anas says

sir plz reply , the link u hv given for indian economy is of 4th edition but there is also a 5th edition
buk in the market of the same writer…… which buk should i rely upon????? says

Dear Anas, always go for the latest edition. We will be updating the link soon. Thanks.

anas says

thanx a lot for ur response sir……. sir one more question dat i want to ask is that are the new
NCERT buks of economics are according to UPSC syllabus n from which class buks should
i start and must i start to study regularly???????

zingki says

Hello sir,

For the very first step of preparation what books should i go for please do guide please……

shirish says

hi, i am working as asisstant manager IDBI bank. but i want tobecome civil servant…bank starts at
9.30 to 8pm.. how to manage study hours.. and self preparetion..

nirmal says

sir iam a bpharm student, i like u write upsc exams in tamil, so pls tell which tamil books are
suitable for prelims and main

Mahesh says

Did you find books in tamil?

Praveen says

excuse me sir,
What books should i read for electrical engg

sandeep singh says

i requested sir, i want conform that how much age for IAS. and medium Hindi or English.basickly I
am from uttar predesh…pls sir …..thankyou.

poonam sharma says

sir.plz tell me about best book to cross ias exam.

parvat singh says

Sir,i am in the first stage of preparation. please suggest me for starting preparation.thanks sir.

anup kumar says

I have done my graduation(b.b.a) and now i am planing to do upsc but How i can start it . Which
Book, exam Pateern And Choaching Center Plz Suggest Me Sir

shiyana says

I am confused which subject I will choose and which subjects are compulsory for IAS

rahul raj says

i want to know whether there will be parents back ground verification process in civil service
selection process?

my parents did second marriage initially i am an s.c but my father is b.c so in which caste should i
consider myself either S.C or B.C????
although i have S.c caste certificate give by…..
please reply me soon sir says

In certain cases there are background verification, but not a matter of worry in your case. All the

K.S.Ravikumar says

which is the best english grammar book for UPSC exams?

adarsha y says

Hi…. sir now I completed my engineering…. I wanna to become civil servant… But I hav
some economic problem… shall I go to job now or start to prepare for upsc?????

Narpath singh says

What is the best time slot..?? 10 hours of study or 8 hours of study.. n how to give time for each
sub.. suggestions needed..?

neelam says

i want books in marathi medium

garima says

I m a btech 3 rd year student..i desparately want to be an ias officer..but i need some suggestion
and advice regarding guidance..actually i m confused whether i should start my preparation from
now or i should wait for the completion af my course..and if i could start from now then from where
to start..what to start..should i focus on current affairs..or tell me the subjects amd biks that i could
refer for a successful and satisfactory start..j says

Please read UPSC Exam Guidance Post as a starting point.

pooja says

hello,Sir.I am a medical student and I am looking for what subjects I should consider in IAS .Please
suggest. says

You can select medical science as one of your optionals. Please read UPSC Exam Guidance
Post as a starting point.

rashmi says

Hi sir
I wanted to know the syllabus and authors of management for ias mains plz give me d guidence plz

ritesh hiwlae says

hi rashmi
i am btech student if you will have proper experience how to do study of upsc please give me
suggestion about that


Presently I am doing from computer science.
so, I’m confused which subject I should choose for optional in mains.
also suggest me the strategy to prepare for UPSC

Shefali says

Would you please tell me a page of yours for necessary information about UPSC exams??? I want to
clear IAS.. says

You can start from this page:




Motiram says

I have to become IAS officer.

So which should I prepare books in Marathi language.
Give me books list of Marathi medium.

jothilakshmi says

i did completed B.Tech , what is the syllabus of IAS

jothilakshmi says

difference between prelim exam and main exam in IAS

jothilakshmi says

what are the syllabus a will study for IAS

ruhi yadav says

sir, I have completed 12th, So, I want to knw that how? I starts my initial studies 4 ias. plz tell me & 4
guiding books.

vipul says

sir, I want to knw that how I will prepare ias studies.

Rahul Gupta says

I am apperaring with managament as my optional subject. Can anyone refer me two good books
which is covering almost the entire course or any books suggested for management ?

Akshata javral says

I m perceiving my TE of computer and i want to appear for IAS exam sooner after my BE
completion. Can you please provide me the guidance when should I start my studies and which
books should I refer.

kavita says

hello, i want become ips but i am very confuse ,because i dont no how to prepare ips study …can you
pleas provide mi guidance ….pleas help me…..i have no idea about it.

karthik says

kavita , civil service conducted UPSC mainly, I.A.S,I.P.S,, I.F.S. This three postings are All India
I.P.S., is technical job civil service exam u get a good rank Surely you become An I.P.S., officer
please take a study materials in this wabsite and choose your optional first of all can you watch
a syllabus….
all the best….,!

karthik says

Actually ,I Have Prepare to civil service ..currently i had completed in my 12th and during B.A.English
lit .., ,,
but, its doesn’t matre sir,, mains general studies paper 3 Reference Books please tel me and please
help me sir..,
and then , can you please given to an I.P.S. Training period syllabus sir please help me sir .


plz tell me Marathi medium books for ias exam

SNM Academy says

One of the best book for preparation is “CURRENT AFFAIRS & ISSUES, A 360 DEGREE ANALYSIS”,
UNIQUE PUBLISHERS” recently launched by SNM IAS Academy providing you all the required study
materials according to the requirements of the preparing candidates for IAS….!!

uday kumar says

hello dear friend …

i am also in same dilemma. please give ur mail id or mobile num to my no:9494171806.
i need some information pls help in this regard.

Damineti Gunasekhar says

I am studying btech 3rd year .I start the preparation for upsc civilservices….my optional subject is
mathematics so,pls provide standard books for mathematics optional subject….

Rohit says

Hey Guys apart from above mentioned books should i study from NCERT books too…or studying
from them is alone enough

Rathi sivaraj says

ofcoz….NCERT is the base so u must must study is better to study old ncert.if u got it

Rohit Thakur says

Can u provide a link from where i could download the pdf files..if u can.. says

ClearIAS study materials are available for download as PDF for FREE on the ClearIAS
Telegram Channel ( Join us now!
samrat says

I have purchased vajiram study material for both prel. And mains what are the books must I
purchase more?
the books mentioned by “clear IAS” are we supposed to read and learn complete book??

prabhat pandey says

Sir i am doing btech,then after i want to ias.

Plese suggest me how to start.

pallavi n s says

how to select optional , i am having a idea of selecting polity as optional but i am confused because
no one is guiding me properly some will tel its tough subject and some will tel no one had passed
taking polity as a optional i am totally confused my idea is to select any one subject that is already
there in gs paper,this is my problem and i am a commerce student so what to do

Aneri Vasani says

Hi! I’m a student of std 9th… and I want to become an IAS officer.. What type of preparations Do I
need from now..?? And plus what type of books do u suggest me to read and get best results in
UPSC.. Because I want to prepare myself from now only.. so sir/madam please help me.. says

Please go through the link :

swati malik says

I am mbbs student. .2nd proff..I wish to prepare for ias exam..but I don’t know where to start from.
.Please guide me so that I cn make it with my medical studies

bharath sbnc says

I’m a computer science of first year
Plz help me with books to refer regarding
General studies says

happy evening sir …iam interest to appear in UPSC exam but iam little
bit worry about my compulsory language paper(hindi)becus iam finished MCA i lost touch with hindi
language plz suggest me books to which i can handle it in exam plzzz….iam early waiting fr ur

rishabh maheshwari says

sir i am doing i want to prepare for UPSC. please suggest me.which bokks better
for me to preparation like agriculture…. i m waing for ur reply…..

maverick scholar says

was at this stage exactly one year back. i would like to share my personal experience. the book to
which i owe so much, THE UPSC INTERVIEW by Dr. Pranav Mahajan under Knowracle Publications.
in my words, this is something really good for all the UPSC aspirants. @rishabh maheshwari, , Aneri Vasani

manju says

I completed my graduation from delhi university in 2010, but i have never attempted any competitive
exams.. I an not so confident about it but can I appear for UPSC prelims 2015, if I start preparing
from now..?? says

Yes. There is enough time, prepare well.

arun says

I am hindi midum student…how i can clear IAS with my job…

prashant says


Vibha says

Hi sir ,

Could you please let me know the reference book for Malayalam mains for part A and Part B ?

Thanks and Regards,

Vibha MP says

Vibha, drop a mail to contactus[at]

Farhan khan says

mai apni education ko 12 k baad se chod chuka hun…waise b- tech ho hyi…degree h dimag
m kuch nai….10-12th ka syllabas b mostly bhool chuka hun….kya ab m ias 2016 ka exam
fight kr sakta hunn…and pls also tell me how should i forward my next step in the line of
study .and how to clear the ias exam pri nd main….

Anju.M.Venugopal says

wheather the books prefered by you is enough or more books are required? I am in confusion,so plz
help me.

Anju.M.Venugopal says

I want to appear for ias prelims in 2015.I am going to any coaching classes so plz provide me the
most important books required to crack this exam bcoz ias is my dream which should be done.
Anju.M.Venugopal says

Sry i am not going to the coaching classes for preparation of ias exam. so plz guide me.

Mayank Singh says

Dear can you tell me that if one have a varicocele surgery than can he apply for civil

prabhu says

hello sir i am prabhu, am a beginner to study for upsc. so please gave a tip, that how i need to start
my studies……

Akshay says

Sir i am in class 12 now will be applying for bcom and then i have a very keen desire to become an
ias officer what should be my first step for studyng for the upsc paper??


I wanna study B.Tech (agri). Whether it is better to study my 11th and 12th In CBSE or matric?
Waiting for ur reply…
Thanks and regards,

Ramandeepladda says

i am in 3rd year of b tech. (electronics and communication)in NIT .In august i will b in final year
when prelim is to b given .can i attempt the ias exam during my final year of btech so that as i leave
the college i will be in service plz send reply to

anubhvya says
Respected sir/mam

I have passed my 12th in state board syllabus i am aspiring to do IAS i have got MCGRAW HILL




Ramya R says

Dear anubhvya,
Civils is all about analysis , try to read hindu newspaper everyday (mother of GS), revise NCERT
books, I can’t say that those books will suffice, but for now they are ok. get addicted to hindu.

ranjeet singh solanki says

Dear sir,after 10 class i can complete my diploma from mechanical branch can i eligiable for ias

Nithya says

I m a beginner just started my preparation for ias..I Have been struggling while taking notes for such
a huge notes seems very clumsy..pls tell me any idea to prepare an effective to take an effective notes

saritabhati says

Thanks a lot for yr guidance here . Im doing english hons. from du but Im not too interested in it & I
hv a great interest in psychology so I want to know that what will be better for me to choose
optional ? should I readmit for psychology as it is my first year ?

vijay says

could you please suggest me the book/books on disaster management
civil services exam(IAS) and In what syllabus of the civil services this issue comes.
one more thing for which i’m confused ,i have order a book for ‘Civil
Services Examinations- India and the World by Rukmini Bhattacharjee’ by a link:
could i read such kind of books or we read only famous author books .

bhanu sekhar boddu says

Hi sir,
i am studying BSC(ag) 3rd year in Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural Univarsity. i want to write
agriculture as a optional in UPSC. Up to 10th class i was a telugu mediam student. Sir, i want to
write agriculture papers in english and remaining papers (GS and Eassy) in telugu, is it possible or
not sir.
plz help me sir.

Ramya R says

Please give information about books on Constitution of India, which have a-z information about

VenkatalakshmiS says

I want the list of the exact syllabus and the correct books to cover the entire syllabus of IAS so that
it’s easy to study that books only.Kindly help me Sir.

aman says

Sir please suggest the one and best book for each subject bcoz many option creates lots of

Ramandeepladda says

i want to know that what is the %age chances of clearing IAS for those having electrical eng as it dependent on no of candidates taking this as optional…is there any difference in
checking of elect. eng . paper coz if my numerical is complete n answer is right then full marks will
be given and from where the checker can cut the marks as in another subjects u have to write
mostly stories.paras. and chances of deducting marks are more.plz suggest some best books for
elect .eng optional.
Uday sateri patil says

Dear sir,
I have already filled upsc 2015 prelim form & i have taken LITERATURE OF MARATHI LANGUAGE as
mains optional subject. But my graduation is not with this subject. But i have studied this subject in
B.A -1. Is it ok or problematic. I did my graduation from
PLZ SIR tell me, i need your help.
Uday. says

Hi all, we have compiled the answers for frequently asked questions in the link Please

krishna singh says

Sir maine bihar Board se hindi medium men 12th exam pass kiya hun..
To mere liye ye kathin hoga ki mai eng. Medium men ias ka taiyari karun..mujhe hindi se hi karni
To kya sir maire liye kya better hoga ….

Amit Dehariya says

Hello sir,
i am from hindi medium student so what should i do for current affair the hindu news paper is also
on english i want to read hindi languge news paper so sir plzzz suggest me…

Pratik Panchbhai says

Hello Clear IAS,

Just want to know that:

Who runs this website?

How can you give us so much without charging a rupee from us? We might have wasted some
money for this guidance only.
Who are your experts? says

Happy to know that we are useful to aspirants like you. To know more about us, go through the
link: About Clear IAS

Pranay Jain Godha says

Dear Sir ,I am pursuing B.Tech 3rd year. I want to secure civil service examinations. But how to start
with. and how to get well planned. says

Almost every query of a fresher is answered in the article: Clear IAS FAQ. Please go through the
same in detail. All the best!

Monika dhingra says

I am very confuse….. Some aspirants advice read only old ncert books atleast of year 2000 or 1995 n
some advice we can read new ncert books.. Pls tell me what should i do ?

SAGAR says

hello sir, at now i completed engineering in computer engg. and started preparation for upsc civil
exam but there some confusion arised in selection for main exam subject, so SIR CAN U SUGGEST
please sir suggest to me for request.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

sanaulla says

sir i want know where i can buy urdu books for ias optional papers plz help me sir thank you.

Ankit Patel says

Hello, how much year approximately i take to clear IAS exam? I know no one can have perfect
answer this question but i am an average student.
anjali says

I applied for UPSC IAS & IFS Pre exam of 2015. I didnt aaplied earlier for upsc exams. As per age
criteria this is my first and last chance. (GEN cat)


Now only 50 days left to prepare
I m working with PSU. Prestly i hav only 5- 6 hours daily to read book.
I opted agriculture as main sub.
Now i m at very starting point to study for pre exam too.
Book available with me
Gs1& gs2 of arihant
Some periodicals like civil services
Front line, yojna etc from apr-15 to June-15.

What should my strategy to crack this exam.

Please rply

jaranail chaudhari says

Sir i am 2nd year student but i want prepare ias art subject please give me suggestion .

Sophia says

Hi sir. your recommendations are really good and helpful. what my query is, is that I’m in 12th
standard, that is i have just started my 12th. Then what are your recommendations for me? says

Start from NCERT texts. Read newspapers daily and follow the study materials and guidance
updated in this website.

Saroj Naagar says

A Complete Package To Score 130 + In Civil Services Preliminary Examination (Paper 1) :
umesh kumar says

dear sir , I had completed B. tech mechanical engineering, and 7 years exp. in prod area. can u tell
me plz for prepration for ias exam

saurabh says

plzz tell how to make notes from various books, write an article about it.

satyendra says

I am in class 11 means i just started my 11th tell me can i start study books for ias

ramyasree says

sir my i am too poor that i can’t even buy these books can u suggest me the better one pls says

Follow Clear IAS free online study materials, NCERT books in pdf form, newspapers in online
format, government reports, Yojana, Kuruskhsetra etc available online. Learn to write good
essays and learn hard your optional subject. You can overcome your financial difficulties to
Clear IAS. All the best!

ramyasree says

Thanku very much sir. n sir pls can u tell me that in which website is this available

Sophia says

Thank u sir, it helped me a lot, i was in a total dilemma

ramyasree says

sir till now u didn’t give me reply

shahista sultana says

sir, I have entered mbbs 1st year course this year and i wish to become an IAS officer…it was my
only dream….i request you to please suggest me how to and when to start my preparations?

Prakhar says

Hello To Clear IAS Team,

Wonderful Job for all the Aspirants and Web site Visitors..

I am planning to appear for UPSC exam for next to next year with all the best efforts required.

As the UPSC pattern has changes in 2015 , please guide me for the best books and topics in new
syllabus. I acquired all the details available at your web site about books , upsc web site for syllabus
and how to proceed as Beginner .
I am choosing Physics and Hindi as Optional, physics on interest basis and Hindi as I am not left
with any other language option. Need guidance on Hindi Subject.

I request you to guide me for other related aspects in the best possible way, if possible anyone can
mail me the things to keep in mind for preparations and

Prakhar Gupta
Tel : +91 9259073164
Email :
Skype : prakhar0555

Dayanand says

Is it mandatory to follow NCERT books? Or just main books will suffice. Kindly reply soon. says

NCERT books are recommended to read along with other books.

Sunny says

Sir , I just completed my Graduation in Mech Engineering . I further want to be a civil aspirant can u
give me suggestions and overview of the process of the selection and training . I think I need the
information from the basic standards . I want to attempt without coaching .

gajendra says

really helpful for the new aspirants….

Rashmi says

Dear Sir

I am doing and I am new in this field and I want to clear IAS…So sir plz tell me the basics of
IAS how I prepare for august Pre exams….Plz sir give me some hints…I will b very thankfull to you Sir

Dayanand says

Why do we require IGNOU Books? Whether IGNOU books are needed in preliminary or in Mains? If it
is needed in MAINS than what are those areas where we needed IGNOU books?

tulikarameshkumar says

Sir I want to appear in IAS exam 2016 plz tell me which all books should I read? I want to prepare
from my home,so plz help me.

Samadhan says

Dear Sir,
Maine civil engineering graduation tak ka study pune university se kiya hai…… Sir mera lakshya ahha
insaan banna hai or waisehi achha IAS officer banna hai.. Sir mai soch raha tha ki konsi train
pakadu kis direction me use ghumanu taki mai asaanise ias ban janyu lekin apane to directly hame
aeroplane mai bithadiya ab hamara rasta bhi asaan kar diya. Sir im really gonna thanks to say each
And every member of who built such anroid apps…. Its really amazing……..

amrutha says

i am amrutha who has just completed 12th std i want to study for ias . how shall i start
mayank says

any suggestions of books for management paper

suhail says

plz recommend books for preparation of IAS. which cover whole syllabus . says

In that case UPSC manuals like TMH or Pearson can be a choice, though bulky and heavy.

viran dogra says

sir is this all books is according to the new pertain 2015 says


shivani says

Hi sir I want to start my upsc studies from now and want to be a future ias officer .Will you please
tell to me from which thing i should start. also will you please tell me the overall books which i
should read and start from which books first of all , Are ncert books of physics , chem , bio usefull
for upsc studies , and we have to biheart these books .

Kumar Pankaj says

Plz suggest me strategy for maths optional

Mohanapriyaa Murugan says

Hi sir I dng my final IT.I want to become a civil tell me Hw to start my preparation from
the basic for my exam. says

@Mohan: To begin with, you may get some books for UPSC exams, read our online study
materials and take ClearIAS online mock tests for Prelims. Start from our post on UPSC exam

Robin Verma says

Respected Sir/Mam, I have been admitted in a renowned university for B-TECH engineering but in
the course of these four years, I want to prepare for IAS exam without coaching. So, please guide
me and provide me the best techniques so that I shall be capable of managing my B-TECH as well
as my preparation regarding IAS civil services exam.

Sreejith Sreedharan says

I am 27 year old graduate, now working as an engineer in saudi arabia. I would also like to start
preparing IAS like many. But i am not started preparation from childhood and also not updated with
current affairs or anything. But i have the will to clear the exam. Is it possible to start now from zero
and clear ias exam. If so please help me with your useful guidance to become an ias officer. please
see it as a serious request and let me know if you can help me.
Thank you says

27 is not a high age as far as UPSC exams are concerned. The will, as you said, is most
important. Please refer articles published in this website. Also download and install Clear IAS
app. That should give you a basic idea how to start.

Dr Singh says

Which books should be referred for management as mains subject??

Deepak says

Jitendra meena says

Dear sir,i need your valuable suggestions for reading a particular book.Is it required to cover every
line of a book for a particular subject? If your answer is no,then how would i know the important part
of that book. says

It may not be practical to read every line of each book. Selection of important topics from books
becomes easy by experience. UPSC syllabus and Previous year UPSC questions should be the
best source for guidance in the process.

takheng lamnio says

sir,ji i need law notes or books i did not find in your clear ias books list kindly guide plz…..thank

ayesha anass says

Hello clear ias..

its ayesha. Am an MBA, now preparing for ias 2016.. can you plz suggest the management books I
should read.. I cudnt find it in clear ias book list… so kindly guide me sire. .

ayesha siddiqha says

Hello clear ias team…

Sir I have pursued my MBA recently, am preparing for ias 2016. Can you please suggest me some
books to refer on management optional… and one more thing. . Am bit weak in maths, would that be
a problem for the civil services prelims… plz enrich me with proper guidance sire. …

Ganesh Prasad says

Hello sir,
This is Ganesh prasad.i have completed my Btech (MECH) this year.i am planning to prepare for IAS
for next year.I dont have any perfect guidence sir. help me with your useful guidance how to start.
apoorva d u says

hello sir …i have just joined in horticulture…how can i prepare for IAS at the early stage…?with
what books…?

Dayanand says

Mr. Ganesh Prasad, first of all start with NCERT books, after completion of reading NCERT books,
Go for one Standard books for each History, Geography etc.. mentioned in this websites. Regularly
read one standard National newspaper preferably The Hindu and to start with Refer to magazine
Competition Success Review. And most importantly follow this websites regularly. Best of Luck says

@Dayanand: Thanks for providing the right guidance to a fellow candidate. Help among
aspirants is much appreciated as we may not always get time to reply individually to all
comments/those questions already answered. Thanks.

Dayanand says


apoorva d u says

i request clear IAS or any of the aspirants to please answery above mentioned ques….

Akansha prasad says

sir i am at present in bsc 1st year so i wanna becom ips or ias officer so it would be better if u
inform me how would i may get ready and prepare from now itself for that says

@Akansha prasad: To begin with, you may get some books for UPSC exams, read our online
study materials and take ClearIAS online mock tests for Prelims. Start from our post on UPSC
exam guidance.
kajol garg says

sir, i am at present in bsc 2st year so i wanna become IAS

but meri age 17 hai
sath mai aiims ki coaching join kr rhi hu
sath mai muje doctor ke sath IAS bi bnna h
muje kis tarah se IAS ki prepation krni hoghi

Sanjay Gupta says

A Text Book of Geomorphology by P. Dayal is also very useful for this. MUST READ

Aarav Agrawal says

Very Nice. You have a complete list of the books that are needed to clear civil services exam. Great

Can you also give us some tips and tricks for the preparation. It would be of great help. Thanks says

@Aarav Agrawal: Thanks. You can find many of the tips and strategies under our
Prelims/Mains/Interview guidance sections.

subhash says

hello sir plz tell me how to download IAS book in hindi pdf plz sir i want link all book in download
hindi pdf

Nitesh Gawhande says

Hi guys. ..this is the best applications for everyone who want to crack civil services this
application everything is the helpful. ..believe me this is the best applications. ..i give five star. .. says

@Nitesh: Thanks for those nice words.

Navin kumar says

Sir I have just taken admission in BA . presently I am in AP so I can’t go through classroom coaching
programs which are being run by various institutions in Delhi . plse suggest me how to start
preparation says

Please go through our ‘FAQ’ section and ‘guidance’ posts.

Akshay says

Is it necessary of knowing another language apart from English

Arun Rajan says


I’m planning to appear for Civil services examination of 2016. The above said list of books seems to
be good along with NCERT platform. Currently I’m working for an MNC in Kerala, so suggest me a
plan for how and where to start the preparations to crack the examination. Also how much hours of
daily preparation needed if I’m starting preparation from October on wards…

Pranjal says

Really helpful. Thanks

Akash verma says

I am in btech final year from civil engineering, I want to start preparation for ias exam, which books I
should consider for starting preparation for pre exams
Nisha says

Soo good & helpfull for every asparants of IAS……can you suggest me any other authors books plz?

Mangial Bishnoi says

Sir i request you . me hindi madhayam se ias ki tayari kr raha hun . Sir jo NCERT ki book jo link pr de
rakhi h to sir wo dawnload nahi ho rahi sir help me.

Rohit says

What is the IAS pattern for 2016??

anonymous says

I want geography study material in hindi… For mains….what should i do


Sir, I am Bengali medium student. Please give me some Bengali medium books name for UPSC !

meena Dewda says

Please sir suggest me Hindi medium books for this exam.

vijay shampe says

sir, i am Which books should be referred for management as prelims examination ??

Suraj dhasmana says

How to start preparations for Civil services? Why you should become a civil servant? How to select
optional subject? How to read newspapers? When to join coaching? What are the books required to
be followed? Elaborate strategy for GS. What to do when you are already doing a job? Mistakes that
are usually done at the time of interview. Subject-wise analysis of CSAT and mains. Are there hints
thrown by UPSC in the notification? Is coaching really required for becoming IAS? How far are the
websites and other electronic media useful in the studies?
All these questions and many more are explained in a very lucid manner in an amazing book by
Divey Sethi.

kowsalya says

sir,my ambition is to become a ias officer .But i dont know how to prepare for that.I just want to
know about important books to prepare ias

sai prasad says

sir,i am studying btech civil engineering so can u please tell me which books should i preffer from

Anitha says

Anyone interested to buy UPSC text books and ncert all recommended, GS vajiram sriram
handwritten and printed notes, Optional -geography alok ranjan , Psychology- Mukhul patak vajiram
handwritten and printed notes along with text books pls contact:8527575218(watsapp only)
9481248278 Bangalore

tejasvini ramdas karhe says

I want to know the best publication for books of upsc prelims exam preparation at home can u help
me plzzzzzzzzzz

Bimal Kr. Singh says

My daughter want to know the best publication books for upsc prelims exam preparation at
home. Right now she is in part-II Graduation (4th Semester ). Her subject is Geography &
Economics. we are not able to provide coaching for the same. Is is possible to get online notes
for prelims & main subject Geography. Please help me. says

@ Bimal Kr. Singh: Apart from the NCERT books for the same, you may buy the text books
given in this page for Geography and Economics.


vry nice information considering all student from each corner of india… alwys helpful to evry one says

It’s our pleasure!

Deepak Kumar says

i am student of computer science engineering 2nd year . i want to start my preparation for civil
services but confused about the syllabus i.e. from where to start so that i may clear my exam in first
attempt . plz help me in this regard

Vaibhav Dhumal says

Hello ClearIAS
I m a final year B.Tech student. I want to be IAS because its my dream but i m confused between
selection of medium. I want to attempt my upsc exams in marathi because its my mothertounge
and i am very compatible with it than english. So i want to ask whether the quality material for
preparation of Civil services is available in marathi?(if yes, please suggest some good books for
preparation)…Also can I choose history and geography as my elective for mains?..and i have a good
job offer from a multinational company so is it possible to prepare for civil services while doing job?
….please reply

shaikzainulabdin says

My name is zainulabdin
I am pursuing final bsc
My aim is to become an IAS officer .so plz give me ur guidelines about preparation

MY NO.:7093119811
Satish Kumar Boini says

Sir, this is Satish Kumar Boini, working as Sr. Clerk in Revenue Department, Odisha. I am 24 now. I
want to be a civil servant. Sir, I am to state that I have little time to prepare for the prestigious exam
and it is very difficult to read between 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. that I have to perform my office duties.
And I am unable to take leave or to resign my current job due to my poor financial condition. Sir, if I
will go through the books there will be very difficult to manage my time schedule. So, I want to
emphasize only the free online notes from CLEARIAS. Is this a right decision? Sir, please suggest
me how to study in this busy schedue and what to refer.
Kindly, suggest me my well wishers and I will be very thankful to them. says

@Satish: Appreciate your hardwork. We recommend a mix of online study materials from
ClearIAS along with standard text books and newspapers. Mock tests are also a must.

Harshitha says

I dint complete my engineering
I taken Biotechnology engineering
So pls suggest me for which subject to choose as main subject
Pls sir help me says

@Harshitha: Please search for our post on optional subject selection. For you, Zoology may be
a good choice. You can take traditional subjects like Sociology as well.

Anil ghete says

Sir can i crack exam only read that books without any class? so help me sir please guide me. i am
Marathi medium so how can i easily crack exam? & which books i have to reffer please tell me sir
Thanks says

@Anil: It depends on the potential of each student, but there are people who crack this exam
without attending classroom coaching. To begin, you may get some books for UPSC exams,
read our online study materials and take ClearIAS online mock tests for Prelims. Start from our
post on UPSC exam guidance.

roshan sharma says

roshan sharma

i want to ask that i m reading geography ncert from 6th to 12th for prelims and mains .is it enough
or else i have to read something from other books pllease guide me clear ias

Joydeb Das says

Plz give me upsc civil services for chemistry book list

kunal kumar says

Sir main ias karna chahta hu.main avhi ba part first ka student hu.plz plz reply me all essential book
name with writer name.jay Hind plz reply me sie

abhishek says

what is the best resource/book for last 15 years UPSE papers prelims and model papers topicwise
to boost every section at par …
kindly refer URGENT !!

Nitesh says

sir,plz tell me marathi medium books for civil service exam

Gitanjali says

Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot for this treasure of books. You have provided me solution to all the
problems by making this list of books with all the links. Though I had got the study material from my
IAS coaching center Vajiram, I was still looking for some other useful books and now I have found
this treasure. Eagerly waiting for the next update says

@Gitanjali: Happy to know that you benefited from this post on IAS books. Stay tuned for more

nandhini says

I am from Tamil medium, i from small age to my dream IAS ,pls however I got my ambition and then
I love to do social work ,I have no dad ,so I can help to poor people ,I have so many of feel from poor
,so no one can come to that feelings ,so i honestly my job to do ,not only job ,definitely I can do my
best , says

@Nandhini: Great vision. All the best!

Kuru says

Madam, I have a doubt. Please do clear it. I want to write civil services exam…am I able to
write the xam of.mains in my regional.language that is Telugu and optional in English
becoz my btech is in mechnstream

Sidra says

Hello sir
I want study material for english lit mains
Sir plz help me by providing me list of book for the subject and if u are aware of any classes for
mains english lit in delhi or mumbai
Sir is it necessary that one should have background of the subject for optional
Plz reply

Ajay says

hello sir aaj mujhe is site ka link mila i am so happy sir main handicap hu maine B.A ki hai mera
subject public admistration tha sir main I.A.S banna chahta hu to samaj ni aari kaha se shuru kru sir
please provide best book in hindi plleaaseee sir
makhan singh says

hello all of you my name is makhan singh

i crack all this exam , when life with me ,

i am poor man, but not

god give me great mind , this world not enter good habits in this mid.
because society not responsible for a child,

a man is strongest non achievable in the word can do ever thing any time.

Manjunatha says

hi sir,
I am manjunath, i have applied UPSC 2016 in KANNADA, i need KANNADA study materials, could
you please suggest me.

ashish says

hi, may i know the overall cost of all these books mentioned above for preliminary section

Yashpal says

Sir please recommend a book for English Language mains

Sidra says

Hey yashpal
I m also planning for english lit .If u have any info for which book to refer do inform me also
My id

vineet raj singh says

sir i am 26 year old n i have done BE in Information Technolgy…please guide me how to prepare for
upsc exam from beginning….
kishor says

Plz suggest UPSC Books in marathi Language

Tejen says

I want to purchase books for IAS prelims exam . please help says

@Tejan: You just have to click on the links provided in

That will take you to Amazon/Flipkart website. Just pay online or go for cash on delivery option.
Most of the books have discounts.

gautam poddar says

sir i want to know which type of question asked by upsc exam objective or subjective send some
que bank

Rutuja Manvatkar says

really very very helpful ……………thanks

Md Mokammal Hossain says

Sir I am a student of geography (1st year). Actually my dream is to be a IAS officer but I don’t know
what should be done from today beside my honours study …reply please

Aadithiya says

Send me a detailed mail in ! i l help you out dude!


GS 1-64
GS 2-51
GS 3-89


Dear sir
now i am student of and i am preparing for iim but my main target is ias so how we should
do prepair
pls guide me

lalithambigai says


I have just 2 years to clear my upsc exam.So to prepare in short and gain knowledge please let me
know the books tor preparation. I know its high time but my family situation dint let me do it.i need
ur guidance.


Sir I want to preparation of I.A.S exam how to start basic level this preparation it’s a problem please
give me a absolutely career way on future

mahesh r s says

Sir my optional subject is political science and international relations …which book ‘ll refer to study..

Anjan says

Dear Sir, Please recommend me Bengali Medium books list for UPSC preparation…

Amit Kumar says

Sir presently I am doing engineering 2nd year….I want to start preparation for CSE ….I want to know

arun pandian says

Iam 2 year student I want to prepare for IAS exam please give me some suggestions & books
for preparing IAS exam please send it to my mail

nibal sarma says

sir, i am interested in upsc and i am very inspired for upsc but do not have any idea.please help me i
want to know about this for long time.

Manjit says

good job

Shatakshi Sharma says

hi all,

I am working as a Software Engineer. I need the guidance for IAS exam preparation . I have to work
9-10 hours daily . I do not want to leave my job and also i want to prepare for this exam. I am totally
confused. Please some one guide me.
And also help me with how to prepare?

Bharatahitachintaka says

Here are some help tools for tackling Marathi in the UPSC exams, ranging from the syllabus to
reading list and other tips. These resources on Marathi also includes IAS Question Papers of
Marathi. We wish you to adopt the best strategy and become successful. We try our best to provide
as many resources for your prepration as possible, but if you can add to this list please feel free to
send us links or matter.

Mains Syllabus of Marathi

Question Papers of Marathi
Suggested Strategy for Marathi
Civil Service Exam Book for Marathi
Sidra says

Sir plz inform me which books to refer for eng lit

Sir plz reply as this is 6th req

Harman Saini says

Please guide regarding Mains optional subjects.

Vishal Roy says

Hi sir
I am vishal Roy i want most study of an ias and i make an ias officer sir please tell me advice and
best study

Tapas says

Hi , please tell about political science books, also for state PSC exams defence is one of the
optionals, let us know if books for this subject also.

mohd sameer says

Sir my name is sameer. I’m studying graduate. My aim is to become IAS I I have no idea no
guidence. please suggest me the books and how to prepare.

akash says

sir I am start upsc exam preparation in Marathi please suggest me best books in Marathi language
for prelims and main exam

Shubham says

I’m to much confusion for choosing optional subject

I have completed my graduation in civil engineering pls suggestions pls guide me.
Amitabh Kumar says

Hi sir my name is Amitabh kumar I want know that how become an IPS officer pls guide and
suggestion me

sushmita naidu rayanki says

Respected sir/madam
I have competed my 12th standard in science and i got govt seat in medical college.I want to clear
civil service examinationin first attempt in year 2021 and start my career as I.A.S in a
way to reach my goal.
thank you .

Gopalakrishna says

Sir , I am studying graduation.please tell me how to prepare civils?

gopalakrishna says

I am studying tell me how should I prepare civils

Vinusha says

Sir I’m vinusha I want appear in IAS exam 2017… but now I’m engineering final year and is
completing at June 2017… so will attend to IAS exam 2017??? Pls suggest me sir I dnt know
anything about ias and books… so pls give me suggestion sir.. can I eligible to prepare ias exam??
And how to prepare?? Which books u suggest to me…. pls reply sir I dnt know anything about ias pls
sir….and also suggest to me how to improve communication and English grammar… pls give
suggestion sir….

dhruvi says

I’m the student of BA. my subjects are pol science , geography and sociology. Then which subject I
should choose as my optional subject ? And how can I prepare for essay? Please sir,suggest me.
Gopi krishna arava says

Hi All,

This is krishna arava.

in india.which is institute is better for preparation for ias exam.any one please suggest me. how can
start preparation ias exam

Thanks & Regards

Krishna arava

Abhinav says

I have a small doubt in this post. The author have mentioned more than one book(s) of same
subject. Is it necessary to read all such books or we can read a single book.

Thanks says

Hi Abhinav, To master each subject as per the requirements of UPSC Prelims and Mains,
reading just one book for a subject may not be enough always. For example, for History – it’s
always better to read the authoritative books for Ancient India, Medieval India and Modern India
– each separate. This is the ideal case – if you have enough time. But for subjects like Polity,
you can stick to just one book – either Polity by Laxmikanth or Polity by D.D. Basu. But,
remember, UPSC may not stick with just one book. They will ask from very diverse topics
including the current affairs related to each subject. You can also refer toppers interview to
know from how diverse books/materials they studied each subject.


How can I choose subject for IAS all phases exam.

rupam pandey says

sir , main BA second mein hu or mera dream h ki main IAS officer bnu …so plz guide me sir
Lalit Verma says

Sir books mentioned above are enough for preparation or I have to buy NCERT books too. I’ve prefer
the books Mentioned in Pre section, are they useful in mains also? Please suggest

Sachin Vashisth says

Hello sir
Now I m student of final year .plz give me guidelines for preparing Ias exms.
plzzzz sir help me
My dream is ias officer bt I don’t know how to prepare ias exms.
.plz give me a guidelines.

Sachin Vashisth says

Hello sir
Plzz give me guidelines for preparing ias dreams is ias officer bt I don’t know how to
prepare exm.

Ragul says

I am studying B.A. lit. I want prepare for upsc,i not know anything about it,i want to start preparing
for it, what should i do

Akash yadav says

i am very small i am studing in sunbeam school but i want to become a i.a.s officer

suresh bm says

Dear friends I am suresh i am poor person but am writing IPS exam but many problems

Ganesh says

Hello sir, my name is ganesh iam so much interested in IAS exam. Now iam 3rd year engineering
student. Idont no what to do and how to prepare for ias. And which type of books i have to reffer.
Please help me and please give me the complete discription of IAS. How to become succed in it

chaithra says

Sir can a BBM graduate is eligible for appearing to civil services pls reply..

Abhisek thapa says

Hi….I have graduated this year and I am still in a confusion for a selection and reference of will you please inform or refer me about the best books for a preparation of IAS…or u can
send it in my mail..I am counting on u n I will be grateful of u…tq

Snigdha says

Can you please confirm if the syllabus mentioned above is still valid for the UPSC exam that would
be held in 2017. Also, can you please suggest books and study material to directly cover the
subjects in detail. Thanks for your help.

chetna kumari says

Kindly..send me syllabus for an IAS exam..please…my email

md sameer says

How to prepare for broad syllabus please reply me


Please suggest a best Psychology book publications for upsc mains

kunal bagul says

hello sir,

my wife giving IAS exam first time in life she decided to become IAS,,so please suggest a books to
prepare IAS exam syllabus
reply as soon as possible …

Divakar says

Plzz if u have any pdf books r question paper send to my mail id

sandeep says

Clear IAS app is great one this app is far better than any IAS institutions running all over India

gichik says

any whatsapp group for helping me to clear upsc exam…..

add me -8257991980

mofizul khan says

Respected sir,
I m mofizul khan and now i m almost completed big hope to become a IAS officer
so humble sir i request a lot that how i can prepare myself to achieve the biggest hope in my
life.Now i m too small in comprehension above this.I requisite enough of wisdom from you.With me
now have not also any book for face of ias exam.I crucially spread request infront of u that help me
to gain my dream.

thank you sir

Mofizul khan,assam

m.khyathieswar says

hello sir,im pursuing btech now and I’m interested in ias can u give any tips or suggestions in
preparation for this exam please a lot and my mail id
ankur sharma says

Hello sir ,I’m ankur sharma sir Please suggest a best philosophy (optional) book in Hindi medium for
upsc mains

Reeba says

I’ll finish my mains preparation by Jan first week …thx:)


Hello Ser. I am sunil me IAS bana shata hu please ser halp me .oll matiriyal .or book IAS ke liye.
Thank you.

manish yadav says

hello sir how to become a ips officer

Harshey says

Hello sir,
I am studying in 10 th std. My aim is to become an IAS officer and serve the nation. I would like to
start my preparations right from now. Can u plzz guide me and suggest some books for my


Namste sir/madam mera is sal b.a. final ho jayega to mai IAS banana chahta hu to sir aap mujhe
gaidness kraiye thanks


sir /madam IAS ki tayari ke liye konsi books padhani chahiye me abhi se tayari karnee suru kru says

Please go through the below links, to get right guidance.

1. IAS books (

2. Guidance (
3. Mock Exams (
4. ClearIAS App (
5. UPSC Exam syllabus (
6. Free Study Materials (
7. Free downloads (

Thanks and regards, ClearIAS Team

Pankaj Kumar says

For giving us information about preparation of IAS.
Sir please suggest me to purchase a best book for study…

Som says

Hi, I haven’t cleared class 12th in first attempt. Will it make an negative impact over my selection in
case I reach till interview?
Please tell


Hello sir ,
I am completed by M.SC.CS ( pg)
my Background is only Computer sci. Field. not any special subject for ias exam preparation.
.1- Plz how to start basic preparation?
2- which choose for optional sub. For mains.?
..plz reply me sir……

Vishal says

hi Sir,
i have to clear IAS please Suggest
Amit Kumar says

Hii. Sir I am hotel management graduate from Ihm NCHMCTministry of tourism . Govt of india ..sir
please suggest me is I am eligible to attend the civil service exam

Motiram says

I have to become IAS officer.

So which should I be prepare books in Marathi medium.
Pls give me book list of IAS in Marathi medium.

bhat muzafer says

Hi!!! How much chances are to crack this exam without coaching. I belong to a very poor family I
wouldn’t manage to attend coaching classes, how much chances i possess to crack this prestigious
examination….. I am reading in b.a 2nd year, when I would start preparing mysel, if I possess some
chances without coaching. Believe me sir my conditions are not such to join coaching but I am more
dedicated and motivated to become a cival servant by cracking this exam… Pls suggest me

Anjali Dahiya says

Sr , presently I am doing bsc (hons) nursing from Aiims Bhopal .But I want to appear in IAS exam
after graduation .this is 4 year course But Sr I am not able to manage time properly .plzz Sr give me
guidance how can I manage the time table.


Sr , presently I am doing bsc physics from a college .But I want to appear in IAS exam after
graduation .this is 5 year course But Sr I am not able to manage time properly .plzz Sr give me
guidance how can I manage the time table.

Prince Sharma says


ajay says

Aaopko hindi mai mil jaayengi

Iker_King.Star....! says

I have just passed 10th,
Plz give me some suggestions for clearing IAS exam

Yogitha says

Sir,am Yogitha
Now am studying in final year diploma after 4 months i will join to engineering so please give me
suggestions to start for clearing IAS ,Even i dont konw how to start & what books can i read, & what
books i have to read for prilms so plzzzz replay me some guidance & also time management for
both my ias preparation & my studies soo plzzzz gide me sir my mail ID

rajeshwari says

im 3rd year be student, and what is the area i have to concentrate now, to crak IAS in 1 year.

Deepal says

It’s too helpful and really informative.

alok says

buy mukesh maheshwari books for civil services, ias

Pranjal says

Realy hlpfull…
Navneet says

Sir I did bsc. In physics Hons can I take physics as optional paper. I have deep interest in
physics.. so will it be beneficial for me I am confused..please reply

shail says

please tell me books for prelims in Hindi.

Mayur. Saibane says

I want to know about exam cycle for ias examination

And qualification required for ias post

ajay says

I am in 12th i dont know which kind of books to be preferred.

please give me solution which book should i purchase which book should i read

Ooviya says

Now, I’m doing my bscmath and I’m a 1st year student. so how should I start the preparations ?
what kind of books I should start studying .

Kotkar santosh says

Hello. ..sir i am kotkar santosh somnath. I have study in civil Engineering in 3rd year. . So my
question is ..which book is helpful to me in IAS exam related to civil engineering sight. ??? Please
guide me…

Subha says

Sir I’m cleared M. Sc, Biotechnology recently. I have become IAS officer.but ,now I’m married girl. so,
plzzz give a guidance for balance my family life and my IAS exam in one or two attempts.what kind
of books I should starting my study.
Ranjith says

Nce Information sir

Athirasathyan says

Sir I am 17 years old I completed my plus two this year. I am confused how can I start my
preparation for ias with my graduation

Annamaiah says

Sir Iam in graduation 2nd year sir

Suggest me to prepare from now onwards​
What material should I study study sir please me response sir my mail id

Ayushi gupta says

Sir , I have completed my 12 clss n ,Iwan to know that which books are required for clearing IAS
exam n in how many yrs . Plz reply.

IAS Mains Books says

Thanks for such detailed post on Books for IAS

J.Raja Kumar says

Sir, I am studying intermediate2nd year in IIIT college. what are I have to for prelims preparation?

Manjugowda M R says

Hi brother,

My self manjugowda from Karnataka I have completed M. Pharmacy on 2014-15 batch and
currently working in Accenture.
But I am fed up with this corporate job Hence I am trying for government jobs mainly I am interested
in IAS.
So, please anybody let me know the procedure for this exams

NeerajNaidu says

Hello sir.. I completed my BE and I aim studing UPSC. I’ve got list of books to study but i dont know
how to prepare would u please help me …,!!!!!!!

Hopon rabha says

Sir, i want to start preparing for the civil services so can you give guidance on how to begin

Subash says

Sir,I have completed MCA

How I start to study for IAS
Please share some links

Subash says

My what’s app number 9600622805

My email id

Pranjal Saikia says

I have some problems in speaking.. Sometimes I couldn’t speak throughlly. So I am becoming fear
about in interview time. Plz sir advice me anything.. And another problem is that I am weak in
English language. Keep such advice for me..

sakshi shukla says

very useful stuff is provided here

Ritika Aggarwal says

Hello sir

You can also download the PDF of the books here

Can you please link to us?

Jigar says

Hello ….i have a one que. Prelim exam paper hindi me hota hey ya state language ma bhi hota hey

Sushmita says

I want help regarding English lit. optional. I am unable to find any topic , so that I can prepare about
the subject. I am a beginner,I need an immense help from you sir. Please help and also where can I
get the books for the particular subject.

vijay bodkhe says

hii sir tumhi sangitlya pramane mi ias prelim anni mains che pustak ghetle ahet te tumhi dilele
purese ahet ka ?

shraddha says

Sir, I am a paramedical student which is a 3 year course. I am hugely interested in CSE. I want to
know that Is the degree in paramedics eligible for UPSC exam?

Nahal Saleem says

Sure , The minimum eligibility to write CS Exam was to hold a degree Certificate in any course
from Recognised University

Lavanya says


I am now studying 2nd yr bsc-biotechnology….. My dream to became an IAS. But. Now I don’t have
any idea how to start to prepare for UPSC examination pls tell me how to start preparing and what I
want to study first….

Nahal Saleem says

I have a doubt , whether Going to Coaching classes better for Taking part in the CSE exam ?? says

You may refer the post – IAS coaching.

We are closing this comment thread, as we have released a new ebook to clarify most of your
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