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“WILD WEST [5 iy "HERE IN FORCE. Employes Pass Sunday Enjoying | Ball Game and Theatre | ee) Performance. 51101 HAS GOOD YEAR! : Buys Buffalo Bill’s Best Bucking! Horse and Praises His ark - rte eOmOd ert yWNat fue? PPririerKlO BAO MHA KUIDOEHRSOHPN IR mi Pre AHONnNnne ra f a eS EE TS LL LLLBLLLLL LL LLL LLLLDLBLLDLL LLL LLL LLL LL LL A A A LN CS CG TES 1- Rival. h B 2] oO} f Sntertained with ball game, theatre airactions and other forms of amuse- ments, Miller Bros, & Arlington’s fam- | tj ily of wild west performers, 600 in | tj number, spent Sunday in Decatur en- ja, joying a needed rest before resuming } a, their week’s travels, which open with | h E|the 101 Wild West sho wat the race |)" a track park this afternoon and evening. ee It was a hot day, and at the show jp; grounds the sun had parched every- | a! thing almost to the scorching point. | © The show arrived at 3:30 from La Salle over the Illinois Central,” and, | fv after unloading, few of the employes |S! made any further effort for the day, | 8' except to watch the ball game and read | 2! their mail and Sunday newspapers. fu The canvas men took their time in|@ erecting the big tents, and it was well |} m along in the afternoon before the big | &€ »¢ | Canvas around the arena had been set pl in place. Me Have Big Production. The i101 Ranch show is ahead of the | “ Hagenbeck-Wallace attraction in size | P° of tents, number of parade wagons, etc and they carry, of caurse, the added attractions of buffalo, special western horses, and tribes of Indians Thousands of people visited the show grounds during the day. It was worth the visit, and gave them an op- portunity to see the attraction really fa at rest. Joe Miller, the head of the show, and Arlington, its manager, are both ba with the attraction, Miller haying only its recently returned from Denver, where : he added several performers and some BS of the experts and horses to his at- sh traction from the defunct Buffalo Bill show. One of the biggest acquisitions was the famous bucking horse, High Tower, who, it is said, gave the boys more trouble than any other horse in ex- istence. Scarback is the main per- former in the Ranch outlay, and it was as much to compare the two as to add High Tower to the list that Miller se- cured him. Now, however, the 101 Ranch cowboys declare that Scarback had Buffalo Bill’s star bucker beaten. F A boss canvasman, some cowboys and a few oi the best offerings of the Buffalo Bill sale have joined the 101 Ranch production, “We are having the best season we have ever known,” s6aid Joe Miller. And strangely enough Buffalo Bill went to the wall the same season. Buf- falo Bill was a big man and an admir- | di able character in his field. I was sorry | w. to see his show come to an end, He | ¢, is now with the Sells-Floto shows as 4 side attractions.” Has 85,000 Saddle. cl Many, perhaps, have read of the won- j /7 derful trappings which cowboys spend | P¢ their hard-earned money upon, but few | §! have dreamed of a saddle of the rich- | ™ ness of Joe Miller's $5,000 one. Stud-j ™¥ ded with diamonds and rubies, with his name in diamonds and rubies, and | B' the words “101 Ranch” in diamonds | © and rubies. Joe Miller has a keen pride I] in the richest saddle property ever ey Ti known. It is beautifully designed, to, Fe yet is none too good for Miller’s ev- Te ery-day use and he may be seen on the Fi back of his $5,000 horse every day in pr parade and perofrmance. “IT should think you would have to put a guard over it,’ said some one to the showman from Ranchland. “Oh, no,” he replied, “I just tell that darky John Jackson to Watch it. Jack- son has been with me for 16° years, and he has been in my employ so long that he doesn’t.think of stealing any- thing that belongs to me, he just takes Tien It is Jackson's pride to carefully re- move the miscellaneous trapping which cover the saddle in its trunk, U and display it before eager eyes. It might be difficult to steal that saddle, more so than one would think, ‘but it is the small trappings that are easily picked up about which Jackson is even more careful than the saddle. Draft Horses Big Ones. Miler takes a keen pride in his draft horses. There are more than 200 of i them, all raised on his ranch, and the | ™ finest that could be offered. He has | ™ an Arabian stud which has sired some = of the Vanderbilt polo ponies and is a considered one of the best sires of this class of horses in the United States. a The buffalo problem with the own- ers is a big one. They cannot be train- |] ¢, ed into zood behavior after they nave tr reached their growth and Iully 40 of them were killed off in five years with | ¢j the show in the effort. Now they are] a; taken as calves on the Oklahoma | py, ranch, and trained to lead, so that] q when they reach the show they are] tt accustomed to behaving properly. The | I¢ old buffalo are a bad tempered lot. ec Indians in Tepees, D The Indian village was to be inspect- } b ed only from the outside, Sunday. The] H Indians are very secretive and keep] b the shades in front of their tepees | ti down whether they are within or with- out. Many cowgirls are with the attrac- I AeYoeadi anwar Veet KO o earns i oe tion; they are a hardy looking race of women, but morally not a whit benind the average circus Women who are known generally as _ resSpectable—in fact their occupation makes any other class of women out of the question. Today's parade comes at 10:30, after- noon show at 2:15, and evening per- formance at 8:15. P -*- enn aanEEEEEE-aERaeneeeer nee