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Update - 12-30-2017

- Added post link event command line execution after link is completed (set in
project link option)
- Fixed assembling DOS programs in debug mode

Update - 10-03-2017
- Fixed dialog controls Y dialog unit (DLU) calculations
- Added manifest and resource script files for Win32 and Win64 projects to give
common controls look and feel.
You can still manually delete the manifest.xml and resource.rc files if you want
to reduce the file size
and preserve the old style look.
- Enforcing export functions before assembling DLLs
- Fixed file content if file is not open in editor

Update - 10-01-2017
- Added new Manifest.xml file type to Win32 and Win64 projects. This enables common
control look and feel of the
current Windows theme. To add a manifest manually, go to project options and add
a new file Other...
The manifest will be included during the resource script compilation if it is
present in the project.

Update - 09-30-2017
- Minor visual improvements
- Improved visual form designer to correctly calculate dialog units from pixels
when producing .RC
(resource script) files. Now forms and controls are correctly layed out.

Update - 09-18-2017
- Updated 32-bit Windows Dialog Project with visual designer

Update - 09-15-2017
- Fixed assembler error process detection and subsequent syntax highlighting in
- Updated errors panel to use black forecolor highlighting

Update - 09-14-2017
- Improved detection of precedures in assembly files
- Fixed AV creating new group and exiting Visual MASM

Update - 09-13-2017
- Fixed 32-bit Windows DLL project linking process error: "LNK1181: cannot open
input file"

Update - 09-12-2017
- Fixed detecting correct assembly source file by its internal id after creating
new dialog projects. This caused
the assembly process to fail.
- Added additional checks when assemblying source files
Update - 09-11-2017
- Fixed issue when creating dialog projects with assembly file being empty.

Update - 09-10-2017
- Added new Errors window (View -> Errors) to display assembly errors. Double-click
to jump to line in source file.

Update - 09-09-2017
- Fixed loading an assembly file from command line in Windows Explorer to enable
all Visual MASM features
- Enforcing 100% successful assemble file and assemble project results before
continuing with link process

Update - 09-08-2017
- Fixed "Export Functions" pop-up menu not displaying when right clicking on
inactive project is not a DLL
- Adjusted hex editor colors based in bright or dark themes
- Added more videos in menu Help -> Visual MASM Video Tutorials

Update - 09-05-2017
- Fixed build-order access violation exception

Update - 09-04-2017
- Added missing template file Win32HelloWorldDialog.asm to setup project
- Fixed creating and assembling projects for first time but not saved, yet.
- Added videos "Setup Visual MASM" and "Your first Hello World program" under menu
Help -> Visual MASM Video Tutorials
- Cosmetic UI changes to improve overall readability

Update - 09-02-2017
- Added cleanup code when assembling, linking, and compiling (resources)
- Added Increase (Ctrl+Shift+=) and Decreae (Ctrl+Shift+-) font size options in
Edit main menu. You can also
increase or decrease the font size of the editor by using Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Up or
- Fixed 32-bit Windows Dialog Application project file creations
- Cosmetic UI changes to improve overall readability

Update - 08-31-2017
- Fixed dlgproc procedure when first creating dialog project
- Added MASM directives .8086, .8087, .186, .286, and .286P
- Fixed Win32 API syntax highlighting in editor (was supposed to be yellow)
- Added 16-bit Windows EXE support
- Fixed gutter border color in editor

Update - 08-28-2017
- Adding module-definition files for 16-bit and 64-bit DLL projects
- Fixed updating module-definition file after exporting functions
Update - 08-27-2017
- Added support for 16-bit, 32-bit, and 64-bit DLL Projects.
- Added new DLL project menu "Export Functions" to allow to manage exported
functions for DLL projects.
To access the Export Functions window, right click on a DLL Project in the
Project Manager and
select "Export Functions:.
- Added new module definition type file to support DLL projects
- Changed all default sizes in all windows to 10 points for easier reading

Update - 08-21-2017
- Fixed sort order and build selection for "Change Project Build Order..."

Update - 08-20-2017
- Added build order column in project manager
- Added new "Change Project Build Order" to allow ordering the build process for a
group. In the project
manager, right click the group and select "Change Project Build Order..."
- Fixed project file type extension detection for .DLG files when saving dialog

Update - 08-13-2017
- Fixed F9 (Run Release) short-cut, was not detecting active project

Update - 08-12-2017
- Added new project type Library. Go to File -> New -> Other and select Assembly
Projects and then Library or
right click on the Project Group in the project manager and select Add new
project... and then Library. You
can add assembly files, .obj, and .lib files to manage your libraries.

Update - 08-10-2017
- Fixed "Go to line number" dialog to operate properly (Search -> Go to line

Update - 08-09-2017
- Windows Explorer integration to allow double clicking .asm, .inc, .rc files and
open them in Visual MASM
- Project options now allows file extensions to be associated with Visual MASM
(.asm, .inc, .rc)
- Setup wizard now allows file extensions to be associated with Visual MASM
(.asm, .inc, .rc)
- Added hex editor for binary files (Undo and Save works, not all commands work,
- Allow opening any file including binary files (.exe, .dll, .obj, etc.) in File ->
Open menu

Update - 08-05-2017
- Updated 64-bit assembly template
- Fixed 64-bit debug linking
- Fixed "build project" to check if project was saved for the first time after
project was created
- When adding an existing .INC file, fixed file type detection
- Updated .asm and .inc file icons

Update - 08-03-2017
- Fixed "DOS Prompt Here" when file is on different drive
- Improved file type dynamic menu option detection in Project Manager (right click
on file)
- Fixed "Open" in Project Manager's file pop-up menu
- All .RC resource files to be compiled individually from Project Explorer
- Adjusted .BAT file color syntax highlighting according to what theme is active

Update - 08-02-2017
- Adjusted .BAT file color syntax highlighting according to what theme is active

Update - 08-01-2017
- Fixed access violation error when removing project and focusing on code editor

Update - 07-31-2017
- Saving file locations after setup wizard is closed
- Fixed access violation error when switching themes and focusing on code editor

Update - 07-30-2017
- Fixed Run -> Run (Release) and Run -> (Debug) menu option (was not enabled)
- Fixed access violation error when dialog was created and visible
- Fixed MS-DOS 16-bit assembling and linking

Update - 07-22-2017
- Preperation for Win32 EXE Dialog Applications
- Added new application type Win32 EXE Dialog Application
- Toggle last used tabs via Ctrl+Tab
- Now updating "Size in Bytes" column in project explorer when link was successful
- Updated project output folder when renaming a project
- Updated project output folder when saving a project into a different folder via
"Save Project As..."

Update - 07-20-2017
- Fixed Save As... for Files, Projects, Groups
- Fixed not being able to assemble files when adding files to a project via Add...

Update - 07-19-2017
- Fixed long path folders with spaces when assembling and linking
- Fixed file size calculations with files in long path folders

Update - 07-18-2017
- Added new external debugger option in Tools -> Options -> Debug to external
- Fixed assembling and building all projects from Group in Project Explorer
- Added main menu Project -> Add new... based on what project is currently active
- Added /Zd /Zf options when assembling
Update - 07-16-2017
- Fixed saving files for first time with common project folder directory
- Fixed saving group for first time with common project folder directory
- Updated About
- Added main menu toolbar buttons save and save all
- Adjusted colors based on theme for .RC (resource script) files
- Updated resource designer's images

Update - 07-14-2017
- More prep-work for user-mode debugger
- Added Debug and Release Run options for each project
- Added project output folder in Project -> Options -> General
- Added common projects folder in Tools -> Options -> General
- Fixed getting correct folder when prompting for folders
- Added library path option for Project Options

Update - 07-12-2017
- Prep work for upcoming Visual MASM user-mode debugger
- Removed AlphaSkins and replaced with Delphi's built-in VCL Style skinning
- Replaced older TSynEdit with TurboPack SynEdit, added MASM Assembly support
- Implemented full docking panel support with drag & drop of panels and tool
windows (similar to Visual Studio)
- Fixed loading group when documents are still open
- Fixed status bar when multiple projects are open
- Fixed closing dialog file should also close .asm and .rc files
- Added IDE layout saving and loading capability
- Added loading of Skins from main IDE window
- Added Windows Controls panel (when designing Windows Dialogs)
- Added Object Tree panel (when designing Windows Dialogs)
- Added toolbar for main IDE window

Update - 06-20-2017
- Implemented full docking panel support with drag & drop of panels and tool
windows (similar to Visual Studio)
- Fixed loading group when documents are still open

Update - 06-03-2017
- Added paramter tooltip for WinAPI functions, while cursor is over API function,
press Ctrl+Shift+Space to display
- Fixed code completion (Ctrl + Space) for EQU, WINAPI, and INCLUDE calls in editor

Update - 05-25-2017
- Added VisualMASMSetup.exe with generic installer

Update - 05-22-2017
- Added output window font options in Tools -> Options -> General
- When making a project an active project, highlighting and focusing first project
- Added 64-bit assembler file location check before assembling 64-bit files
Update - 05-21-2017
- Added new project type Windows 32-bit Console Application

Update - 05-13-2017
- Added context help font name and font size and visibility options (Tools ->
- Added initial context help (in editor, hover with mouse curser over key words to
display help)

Update - 05-03-2017
- Added Ctrl + Mouse wheel up / down to increase or decrease editor font size
- Added toggle short-cut F12 to toggle between dialog view and assembly source

Update - 05-02-2017
- Added assembly procedure generation in code behind assembly file for dialogs in
resource designer (OnClick e.g.)

Update - 04-29-2017
- Fixed empty dialog name during creation
- Added code behind assembly file for dialogs in resource designer
- Added MS Windows SDK Include path in Options (needed for compiling resources and
finding header files)
- Added all controls to resource script files parser (still missing control
specific styles)

Update - 04-22-2017
- Fixed removal of project from group and debugger support plugin
- Added first example project by Iczelion - Tutorial 10: Dialog Box as Main Window
- Changed default Visual MASM Modified property of a file to false
- Fixed access violation when deleting newly added file from debugger support
- Fixed Project Explorer current project tracking when adding new files
- Added verbose switch when compiling resources
- Added resource script (.RC) compiler and linker support

Update - 04-20-2017
- Added Include (INC) file type support
- Fixed synchronizations of dialog and rc files when multiple dialogs are created
- Several other bug fixes

Update - 04-09-2017
- Added resource definition script file support (*.rc files) with syntax
highlighting for New File Items
- Added design menu for dialog designer
- Bug fixes

Update - 04-08-2017
- Saving additional IDE UI positions and sizes
- Saving event handler declarations in dialogs in dialog designer
- Bug fixes

Update - 03-23-2017
- Added new visual form designer to create dialogs easily (Project > Add New >
Dialog File)
(Events handlers are not hooked up, yet nor is the creation of .RC files)

Update - 03-18-2017
- Added Win32 API context sensitive help on Win32 API keywords (press F1 to get
- Fixed Microsoft SDK download and setup for 64-bit development

Update - 03-16-2017
- Added upper, lower, camel case feature in edit menu
- Added new Highlight Words feature in Edit menu (highlights all words found at

Update - 03-12-2017
- Added new Blue code editor color
- Fixed color editor switching in Options menu

Update - 03-11-2017
- Added new Labels list view
- Added search selection highlight (double click to enable or disable a word in

Update - 03-04-2017
- Added new function list view
- Added project options
- Added Themes

Update - 02-28-2017
- Added Tools -> Options -> File Locations
- Added Setup wizard to download MASM32 package
- Added Assemble, Build, Run capabilities to projects and files

Update - 02-26-2017
- Fixes
- Added Search & Replace
- Added Bookmarks

Update - 02-25-2017
- Fine tuned creation of new projects
- Added File, Project, and Group functionality (Project Explorer)

Update - 02-20-2017
- Added tab support
- Added templates
- Added basic saving
- Added project type support
- Added project file type support

Update - 02-18-2017
- Added VisualMASMColors.json file which allows you to customize the editor's
colors, fonts, etc.
- Added simple copy & paste, comment line, etc. features
- Ctrl-N creates a new editor
- Implemented full Microsoft MASM code highlighting and tokenization