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Mark DePalma
Director of Communications
Office: 716.885-1600
Cell: 716.440-3595
May 22, 2019


Cemetery notifying families of their opportunity to express any concerns to the court.

(WEST SENECA, NY) – St. Matthew’s Cemetery is sending a letter to the next of kin of those whose
burials had to be immediately moved to safety as directed by professional geologists and engineers
in the midst of a recent emergency. The land in the original burial section gave way, began to
collapse into Cayuga Creek, and despite best efforts could not be stabilized.

The purpose of the letter is to keep these families informed about the next step in the process, in
which St. Matthew’s – which is a New York not-for-profit cemetery, and subject to regulations and
oversight by the New York State Division of Cemeteries – is seeking court approval of its actions
taken under the emergency situation to immediately protect the burials by moving them to safety.

The cemetery believes its actions were prudent, appropriate and warranted by the emergency
conditions. By seeking court approval, St. Matthew’s is seeking to invoke the procedures set forth in
New York State’s Not-For-Profit Corporation Law.

The letter provides the affected families with advance notice that they will soon receive information
regarding St. Matthew’s court petition and makes them aware of this process. It is expected that
they will have the opportunity to express to the court any concerns they may have, if they wish to do

It is important to note that in filing this petition the cemetery is not “taking anyone to court,” The
court petition must name all parties with an interest in the matter, which in this case includes the
next of kin of all those who were disinterred.