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The population of Senior Citizens takes up

Institutions and
only 8.02% of the total population of policies aimed at
caring for the elderly
Total Population of If you know or are related to a senior
Jamaica 2018 citizen(s) and you wish to give them a
better quality of life and health, you
should have knowledge of the
8% 0-14 yrs The National Policy for Senior Citizens
6% 27% 15-24 yrs aims at covering: Social Protection,
25-54 yrs Income Security and Employment,
38% 55-64 yrs Health and Wellness. For more
65 yrs and over information please contact:

National Council for Senior

Citizens (Aged)
Phone: (876) 906-9277
Some information about special Address: 11, W Kings House Rd, CARE AND CONCERN
needs issues and types of disabilities; Kingston FOR THE AGED AND
 According to Minister of Education, THOSE WITH SPECIAL
Youth and Information, Senator NEEDS
Ruel Reid, about 24% of the
population has a serious cognitive
 Physical issues: chronic asthma,
muscular dystrophy, epilepsy
 Speech or language impairment
 Visual impairment including
FOR THE AGED AND Social Studies Presentation
 Deafness
NEEDS by: Satu Davis
 Down syndrome, autism, dyslexia.
This document is an example of making brochures that contain information aimed at social development of some sort.
The topic covered was Care and Concern for the Aged and Those with Special Needs.
This example can be useful for CXC students as this topic is in the Caribbean Secondary Education Syllabus.