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Semester Spring 2019

Student Name & ID: _____________________________________ Date: 17th April, 2019

Code: MGT-431 Class: BBA-VI

Course: CCM Duration: 10 Minutes
Instructor: M. Faisal Marks: 2 Weeks

Question Number. 01: Please consider yourself as a HR manager of any company working in Pakistan due
to OBOR-CPEC linkage and develop the following requirement with respect to the HR function:

Required: (4.5 Marks)

1. HR policies for talent management and controlling etc
2. How you will conduction various HR functions (i.e. Recruitment, Selection, Training and
Development etc) in order to ensure proper employee churn and related obligations pertaining to
CPEC and Pakistan.

Requirement Criterion: Please develop systematically and indicate all the assumptions, linkage and
description. (Hint: You can take reference from internet although it must be supplemented with in text
citation as well as bibliographic reference)

Question Number. 02: On the basis of question 1 please indicate how the company will face various
challenges associated with cultural management when the company has to open branch in India due to India,
Myanmar, and China corridor. Please indicate challenges and highlight how these are the challenge.
(03 Marks)

Question Number. 03: Please select any two process theories of motivation and indicate how these two
theories will affect the cross cultural context and motivation in different cultures. Please provide proper
grounds due to which you assume that the theory is providing motivation in different cultures. (2.5 Marks)

Instruction to Follow:

This is a group assignment and must be formulated in the group of at most two (2) students of same

1. Develop assignment with the format i.e. Times New Roman/ Arial justified 12 points with single
line spacing
2. Check for all types of spelling and grammatical errors
3. Provide your assignment in the form of business document
4. Mention your name and student id properly on the front
5. Use diagram, explanations, examples and justifications for all the requirements.
6. Mention any/ all assumptions for solving any/all questions.
7. Submit this assignment on time. Late submission is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

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