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1. Character is better than capital.
2. Wrong is never inevitable.

3. When two persons agree on everything one does not stand for
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... 4. We must rest but never run.

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5. Where there is a will there is a way; but there is not always a
will where there is a way .
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6. We may be honest and not be a Christian, but we can't be a
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Christian and not be honest.
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7. He that throws mud loses ground.

..o 8. The possession of money has kept many people small .
o 9. Give until you are rich or keep until you are poor.
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10. Some say they are still saved, but they are too still.
11. Most everything around the home is controlled by switches
except the children.
12. Don't worry'; it may never happen.
13. There is no food value in wild oats .

14. There are two bad paymasters; one pays in advance the other
never pays.
15. No system of crop rotation can restore what wild oats take
16. Whiskey has many defenders, but no defense.
17. Many times a checkered career ends in stripes.

d 18. We must not only be good, but do good.

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q 19. The blood makes us safe; the Word makes us sure.

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20. We must not only be separated from things; we must be
H separated to something.
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21. Drink has killed more men than war.
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~ 22. He that getteth a wife getteth a good thing; he that getteth

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I~ i ~e~ - ) I f not a good wife getteth a thing.

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23. Man did not come from a monkey, but some are going to the
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, I I -J dogs.
24. If Satan cannot make you think you are the best preacher he 4'7. Some l~dies look for a man in their future. Others look for a
will try to make you think you are the worst one. future In their man.

25. If you throw yourself away you won't like the place you land. 48. Spare time is a test of your character.

"'~26)JSome say that tongues are the least of all gifts, but they 49. Let's not try to get ahead of each other, but get ahead with
should at least have the least of the gifts. each other.

27. You may spend money to make character, but never spend 50. We can't leave footprints on the sands of time by sitting
character to make money. down.

28. I am an American by race and a Christian by grace. 51. Our success comes in cans; failure in can'ts.

29. A switch in times saves crime. 52. Why drive sixty miles per hour to beat a freight train across
the track and then stop and watch it go by?
30. Preach to the people and never at them.
53. It is all right to say what you think if you think what you say.
31. It is better to try and fail than to fail to try.
54. $ucce$$ does not spell success.
32. The night time shows the stars.
55. You can sell what you are sold on.
33. It is easier to be critical than correct.
56. You may have works without fruits, but never fruit without
34. It takes the furnace the gold to brighten. works.
35. We will either have an apostolic church or an apostate church. 57. If we have no more than natural possessions we are no more
than brutes.
36. God's wisdom takes the place of my .ignorance.
58. If you become too serious go to the looking glass.
37. It is better to say a good thing about a bad fellow than to say
a bad thing about a good fellow. 59. A rich man must be God's partner or lose his soul.

3a.' Following the line of least resistance makes a river crooked; 60. Fear is self centered ~faith is God centered.
the same is true with men. 61. Fear tries •
to hold your world together; faith holds you
39. I stop hunting for something when I find it; I stop praying together.
when I believe.
62. Fear is more painful than pain.
40. It is possible to break down working for God.
63. He that has nothing but money is a poor man.
41. One counterfeit puts all under suspicion.
64. There is a difference in money and wealth.
42. Instead of my defending the Bible the Bible defends me.
65. Think of yourself and your troubles will grow' think of God
43. There is a difference in a prosecuting attorney and a per- and your troubles will go. '
secuting attorney.
66. Location is more important than direction.
44. Many people aim at nothing and hit it.
67. I feel good when I feel bad 'because I think of how good I'll
45. Life assurance is better than life insurance. feel when I feel good.

46. Is it okay? It depends on who okays it. 68,. The devil can't chase you as long as you are chasing the devil.

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69. It is not so important what we have, but it is important what 92. We should be more interested in character than clothes.
we do with what we have.
93. It is a.s hard for an atheist to find the Lord, as a robber to find
70. Most of promotion is motion. a policeman.
71. It is better to be good for something than just be good. 94. ~f you can't change the past don't ruin the present by worry-
Ing about the future .
. 72. A salvation we cannot share we can't keep.
95. Natural things can't give real happiness, nor subtract from it.
73. Never drag a praise service or rush an offering.
96. ~ ou are not made happy by your position, but your disposi-
74. The location of I makes the difference, whether a man and tion,
woman is untied or united. •
9'7. Faith and foresight can't be separated.
75. Cut H off of habit and you have "a-bit" left. Cut off "A";
you still have a "bit." Cut off B and you still have "it." 98. The teakettle sings, though it is up to its neck in hot water.
76. Some children disturb in church because a limb fell on their 99. We should build our lives by the day.
head. Some disturb because they have not had a limb on their
back. 100. No one can tell what we are worth by the size of our salary.
77. If your children disturb in service give them what they want. 101. You may de the right thing in a wrong way but you can't do
If that won't do give them what they need. the wrong .thing in a right way. '
78. If you trust you don't worry; if you worry you don't trust. 102. Some only think of the Lord when they pass a grave yard.
79. The sign of greatness is service. 103. The widow's mite is the widow's might.
80. We used to have preachers of stone and church houses of 104. Sometimes silence is golden; sometimes it is yellow.
wood; now we have church houses of stone and preachers of
wood. 105. There is little difference in bragging and braying.
81. If we shine we must burn. 106. Satan is never too busy to rock the craddle of a sleeping saint.
82. We must employ life as well as enjoy life. 107. You can quickly loose interest in the church if you have
nothing invested.
83. A preacher who won't fight the devil is afraid of the devil or
he is a friend of the devil. 108. Regardless of the position of your body your soul can be on
Its knees.
84. The soul of our improvement is the improvement of our soul.
10'9. Sometimes contentment is a brake to the wheels of progress.
85. You don't need leisure if you don't know how to spend it.
110. If we love much we will do much.
86. Many of us are not at home when God visits us.
111. The Sunday School pays more dividends than any other
87. Life should be a measure to be filled, not a cup to drain. investment.
88. We can't fight the devil with a chip on our shoulder. 112. No victories no battle.
89. It is better to take advice than be addicted to vice. 113. God looks at our willingness rather than our ability.
90. What we see teaches us to trust God for what we don't see. 114. God seldom speaks to us while we are talking.
91. Keeping up with the "Joneses" wrecks homes. 115. When the enemy comes near God is nearer.
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116. Failure can be written only after death. 143. We must pick our friends; but not pick them to pieces.

117. An ounce of help is worth more than a ton of argument. 144. We are given two ears and only one tongue.

118. The least resistance plus the least persistence equals failure. •
145. If we live Christ others will think about Christ .

119. Worry is faith in the devil. 146. God's heart is my habitation. My heart is God's habitation.

120. The first failure is often a blessing. 147. Some men don't like anything. They dislike somethings more
than others.
121. Church prayer means church progress.
148. Setbacks make it possible to come back.
122. Defeat is only bitter when we swallow it.
149. Safety first helps you; service first helps others.
123. Sorrow may make us or break us.
150. The man who boasts of his ancestors is like a potato· the
124. Sorrow may make us bitter or better. only good is under the ground.



125. Be game, but not everyone's game. 151. God can do more with a fool on fire than a scholar on ice.
126. If you brood over troubles they will hatch. 152. It is better to have signs follow your ministry than to follow

127. Worry and a rocking chair will keep you busy, but get you
nowhere. •
153. \Ve should be too busy to worry in daytime and too sleepy to
Worry at night. , -
128. Prayer will drive out sin, or sin will drive out prayer.
• 154. A Christian gives and forgives .
129. We will stand for something or fall for anything.
155. He that lendeth books hath no books.
130. We must have dependability with ability. .
156. As long as the devil is after you he does not have you .
131. American ends with I Can.
157. We can't have cannon ball testimonies on fire cracker lives.
132. God puts the church in the world. The devil puts the world in
the church. 158. Your tongue. is in a wet place; don't let it slip.
133. The church is too worldly and the world is too churchy. 159. After we receive peace with God we need the peace of God.
134. If we feel the storm we realize the worth of the anchor.
160. What is done for self dies; what is done for others and God
135. Some can and do; others can't and criticize. lives.

136. Hate criticism and you hate progress. 161. Sin is insanity.

137. If you want to reach the top start at the bottom and wake up. 162. A polly parrot which says "Kitty, Kitty" is asking for trouble.

138. Salvation may come quietly but we can't remain quiet about it. 163. When lust and reason meet one retreats.

139. It is all right to close your mind only for repairs. 164. If the world ever gets on its feet again the church must get
on her knees. .
140. Ignorance denounces what it does not understand.
165. God says "Study to show thyself approved unto God" and not
141. It is better never to be born than not to be born again. "Study to show thyself."

142. If we knock it proves we have carbon or envy. 167. Live carefully; the save may be your own.

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190. Some go to church on Sunday morning and go to the devil
168. Don't let your parents down; they brought you up. Sunday evening.
169. You think your mind is getting broader; it may be your con- 191. You can't live wrong and pray right, or live right and pra
science stretching. wrong.
170. Do what you should and you will not have time to do what 192. You cannot accept the Christ of the cross and reject the
you shouldn't. of the Christ.
171. Tolerance many times means a stretched conscience. 193. To be in touch with another world is to be a torch to thi
172. If you want to break a habit drop it. world.
194. The robe of righteousness is not altered to fit the man. We
173. Some people are so heavenly minded they are no earthly good. • altered to fit the robe of righteousness .
174. When your conscience whips you, you win the fight. 195. Moderate drinking is the cause of the drink problem, not
175. Power without judgment is dangerous. •

196. An evil thought is first a stranger, then a guest, then a master

176. Enter a church to worship, leave to serve.
197. Let's not re-write the Bible, but re-read it.
177. The way to serve God is to serve people.
198. Some people's religion is strong only when its owner is icl
178. To look around is to be distressed; look within and be de-
pressed; look up and be blessed. 199. Our light shines farthest when it shines brightest at
179. If you want to be in good standing with God, kneel. 200. The anvil of the church has worn out many hammers.

180. Blunt words have a sharp edge. 201. Scars on an apple tree show it has been bearing fruit.
181. A man who has a good command of English can refrain from 202. Some Christians grow up; others just change their
using it. things.
182. Think before you act; think twice before you speak. 203. If you want to keep from falling, grow.
183. Evil for evil is to be like the devil; evil for good is to be like 204. There is no danger of getting stamped to death on the
a beast. Good for good is to be like a man. Good for evil is road.
205. You can't get lost on a straight road.
184. The heart is the mainspring of the tongue.
206. Scraping will reduce nations to scraps.
185. A man's mouth is made to shut, not his ear.
207. The winner 'is loser in a war.
186. Juvenile delinquencies increased when men converted wood- 208. You save face by keeping it closed.
sheds into car sheds.
209. We must not have settled opinions on an unsettled subj
189. Many people who intend to repent at the eleventh hour die at
ten-thirty. 210. Getting mad will not get you anywhere.
188. Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot live 211. To be mad is to be mentally unbalanced.
in the clouds.
212. A single track mind is all right if the tract is in the righ
189. Many people who think a sermon is too long substitute a direction.
Sunday newspaper.
• 8
213. Whitewashing the pump does not purify the water.
• 238. Soft soap is about ninety per cent lye .
214. A small man is a great problem.
239. The only exercise some folk take is jumping at conclusions.
215. The narrow road does not have detours. .
240. A poor judge of human nature usually has a good opinion of
216. Praye~ does not mean anything to God if it does not mean himself.
anythIng to us.
241. It is better to get ahead of yourself than to get ahead of
217. Family altars cure altered families. others.
218. When we build a fence we fence out more than we fence In. 242. The gossiper's tongue is long enough to cut his throat.
219. The whole duty of the whole church is to preach the whole 243. It is awful to lose God and not even miss Him.
gospel to the whole world.
244. If many people were as weak in body as they are in soul they
220. If you wake up and find success you have not been asleep. couldn't walk.

221. Success is a journey rather than a goal. 245. Our worth is measured by what we give and not what we gain.
222. I ha~ ra~her be bent by hard work than to be crooked by 246. If you do not give according to your means you will give
dodging It. according to your meanness.
223. The war that ends war will not be fought with carnal weapons. 247. A widow's mite from the heart is better than riches for show.
224. One of the ingredients of success is patience. 248. The Epistles are not the wives of _the Apostles.
225. Man exists from Adam to atom. 249. An opened pocket book and a closed mouth is better than a
closed pocket book and an open mouth.
226. A rubber conscience and a concrete heart God does despise.
250. The Christian is not an imitation of Christ, but is Christ
227. A good habit is a good investment. within.
228. Some people who have "brass" are not polished. 251. Sometimes B sharp; never B flat. We can always be natural,
229. ~o.ney does not make a fool out of a man. It only shows what 252. If you stand high in your own estimation you are a long way
IS In man. from the top.
230. Style comes and goes j good sense goes on. 253. A stranger to prayer is a stranger to power.
231. Money is a poor master and a good servant. 254. Sincere prayer is a lock at night and a key at day.
232. Spat, Spit, and Spite are sisters. 255. Start with what you have where you are.
233. God gives food to birds, but He does not put it into their nest. 256. Daily prayers will diminish your daily cares.
234. The Lord loves a cheerful giver who does not brag. 257. A good laugh is sunshine.

235. The man who prays most brays least.

258. The gem is not polished without friction .

236. No man ever becomes lost seeking for the lost. 259. Deep waters will drown you, but cleanse you.

260. Manhood often grows in the soil of hardship.
237. A hundred mile journey begins with one step.
261. Every step you take toward Christ kills another doubt.
262. It may be the last key which opens the lock. 287. The liquor companies would destroy the church if they could.
The church could destroy the liquor companies if it would.
263. When God sends a hard trial it proves His confidence.
288. A good watch has an open face, busy hands, it is well regu-
264. We are rich according to what we are, not what we have. lated and full of good works. So is a good Christian.
265. Think of your present blessings rather than past failures. 289. It is better to fail in a cause that will win than to win in a
266. The resurrection is written on each leaf. cause that will fail.
290. You cannot give happiness to others without spilling some on
267. Many men would do most anything to get their boys in Sun- yourself.
day School except go themselves.
291. In private guard your heart; in company guard your tongue.
268. If you spend words beyond the income of ideas you produce
waste. 292. A lie is a handle that will fit any of the devil's tools.
269. Days are lost worrying over lost days. 293. Nothing is morally wrong and politically right.
270. An infidel builds a house without windows and blames God 294. You need not know much if you don't do what you know.
because he lives in darkness.
295. Education is to be wise; wisdom is to be good.
271. It is better to be disappointed in some things than to be sus-
picious in all things. 296. Many 'want to be a doctor's son so they can get their exami-
nations for nothing. Others want to be a preacher's son so
272. Prayer meetings get more results than peace conferences. they can be•• good for nothing.

273. Struggling for a Jiving is a good education. 297. We can blot out the shadow of the sword by the shadow of
274. Let's be content with what we have, not what we are. the cross.

275. One talent that should be buried is finding fault. 298. When good men do nothing, evil increases.
299. Most fools can find a greater fool to compliment them.
276. Let's talk to the Lord about sinners and talk to sinners about
the Lord. 300. If I have no reason for doing a thing, I have a reason for not
doing it.
277. When I lay down my faults before God I feel like I have wings.
301. Good thoughts are of little value unless there is good action.
278. We must not fool with a buzz saw or a buzz tongue.
302. It is easy to go to college, hard to get educated.
279. A loose tongue will get you into a tight place.
. 303. I would rather look ahead and prepare than to look back and
280. An unsatisfied life means an unsurrendered will. regret.
281. False witnesses cover a multitude of sins temporarily. 304. He is idle who might do better.
282. A tombstone will say good things about a man who is down. 305. I would rather do one thing well, than to dabble in a dozen.
283. Many things are opened by mistake for instance your mouth. 306. My hardest job is to live a simple life .

284. If you kill your prayer life you commit spiritual suicide. 307. It is better to be better than you once were than to be better
than your neighbor.
285. The time to pray the hardest is when it is hardest to pray.
308. The more a sunbeam is condensed the deeper it burns; so it
286. The lonely man should go to the only God. is with a sermon.
12 13
333. Ignorance of the law excuses none of us.
309. I must do unto you as if you were I.
334. History repeats itself because human nature remains the
310. I learn from my inistakes. Learned men learn from others' same.
mistakes. Fools never learn.
335. The hit dog barks.
311. The first step to knowing more, is to know how little we know.
336. The second mistake is not a mistake.
312. We pray not only to get what we want, but to get what God
wants. 337. Man should rule under God's rule.

313. The tree of God's promises will drop fruit if you shake it by 338. Not every laugh is a joyful laugh.
the hands of prayer. 339 Not all tears are' sorrowful tears.
314. If I spend time on my knees I have no trouble standing on my 340. You can't talk much without sinning.
341. We will be as much alive a million years from now as we are
315. The reason a parrot swears, he does not reason. now.
316. Great jobs are given men who outgrow small ones. 342. We stand by faith ~we fall by feelings.
317. When some folk open their mouth you can see through them. 343. ' Christians ripen under the Son-shine.
318. Why ask God to do things you can do? 344. The penalty is the same under law or grace.

319. A questioner is usually' a tattler. 345. Trials may make one soft or hard.
320. It is. bad for a motorist to run people down; it's worse for a 346. Is your company a curse or a blessing?
347. We have some babes with beard on their faces.
321. The Bible cheers the heart and clears the brain.
348. Everyone is an example.
322. T~e deeper a river is the less noise it makes so it is with the .
mind, 34'9.. I will reign over sin or sin will reign over me. ,

323. They say talk is cheap, but you pay dearly for it. 359. A marching church cannot be conquered.
324. The poor we always have with us also announcements in 351. If you are not happy it is because of something you have been
church. doing, saying or thinking, or something you haven't been
saying, doing, or thinking.
325. We live and learn and die and remember it all.
352. Use what faith you have and God will give you more.
326. The real faith is prayed down and not worked up.
353. It is not always right to stand up for our right.
327. Promises and pie crust are easily broken.
354. A dead man does not have any feelings.
328. Hate drives; but love leads.
- 355. The best way to settle disputes is to pray.
329. High speed cars and high speed humans land in the junk pile.
330. We do not enter heaven by accident. 356. If you want to know all about the trouble in the church just
ask someone who has not been there in six months.
331. If God forgives us we should forgive ourselves.
357. Hell has no elevators or fire escapes.
332. We should forgive our fellow man if God does.
358. Not all people who are sorry for sin repent. 384. If God be for us the devil is up against it.
359. People used to go to the picture shows; now picture shows 385. The Bible does not contain the Word of God; it is the Word
come to people. of God.
360. If you miss heaven you have not missed it all. 386. Take the Bible off the shelf and treat your neighbor as your-
361. If you want to see the end of a Christian race you will have
to backslide. 387. We know the Lord better if we let Him move in the house
with us.
362. Man complained after he ate angels' food.
388. Drift woods float with the stream.
363. We have no substitute for the truth.
389. God does not wonder about tomorrow.
364. A short, full life is better than a long empty one.
390. It is impossible for God to give unless we receive.
365. Idle words are heard by idle men.
391. A break-fence hog hits the weakest part of the fence so
366. Satan always gives hot checks. does Satan.
367. The Lord's bank does not close. 392. A one-day religion can't be sufficient for eternity.
368. If you give me fair words only, you feed me with an empty 393. The darker the corner the brighter the light shines.
spoon. .
394. For six thousand years man has explored what God did in
369. Many times the best singers do not have a song. seven days.
370. There is no earthly sorrow that heaven cannot heal. 395. Kindness is remembered after the face is forgotten.
371. When Y0:I force a laugh it is like a sounding brass. 396. Living in heaven is out of this world.
S72. Without the eyes of faith the soul is blind. 397. Hate cannot love and love cannot hate.
373. We will have no peace without the Prince of Peace. 398. I would rather have assurance than insurance.
374. The church should be a meeting house for you and God. 399. Many times Satan dresses in satin.
375. Your up look can change your out look. 400. Sinful nature is like a match when struck.
376. Murmuring Christians are spoiled children. 401. Religion is made. Salvation is given.
377. Sinners know of God; we know God. 402. The heathen lives in all nations.

378. God is greater than circumstances. 403. If I convince you against your will you are of the same
opinion still..
379. A disobedient man can't teach one obedience.
404. A. seeking sinner and a seeking Saviour must find each other.
380. Where there is no learning there is no teaching.
405. A small man is a big problem.
381. There is a blood tie between me and God. I 406. Prayer does not mean anything to God if it means nothing
382. Thieves can't steal my treasures. to us .

383. Everyone plans his own destination. 407. You can't be saved unless you know you are lost.

16 17
408. It is not altogether what you give up, but what you take up 429. Don't get your tongue wrapped around your eye tooth so you
that makes you a Christian. can't see what you are saying.

409. God has promised to forgive you~ sins. if you repent, but He 430. Jesus was nailed to the cross by four letters L-O-V-E.
has not promised you tomorrow In which to repent.
431. Anxiety is the end of faith; faith is the end of anxiety.
410. When you prepare to die you prepare to live. 432. He who moves the mountains begins by carrying pebbles.
411. We must pray to be stronger instead of praying for easj
trials. 433. More people are run down by gossip than by cars.
If you want to drive darkness out bring in some light. 434. A good listener is as important as a good speaker.
435. God said, "Where art thou?" before He said, "Where is thy
413. We can do without what God can't use.
brother?" (Gen. Chapters 3 and 4).
414. We cannot praise Jesus and keep OUI' eyes on ourselves.
436. One foot can't stand in two boots.
415. Open your mouth wide and He will fill it if your head is not
437. Think twice; then say nothing.
438. A poor man keeping company with a rich man will become
416. Drive carefully; the life you save may be that of an unsaved
A mistake is not a sin. 439. Sweep the snow from your door and forget about the frost
417. at the door of your neighbor.
418. Therefore 1 say unto thee that whatsoever you ask wavering
440. You will stick if you stand still in mud.
ye -shall not receive.
441. Instruction is wasted on a fool.
419. Pray more; worry less.
442. You may be great without pride or be proud without being
420. Pray more; talk less. great.
421. Tell others about the sunshine; tell Jesus about the rest.
443. We should believe in a bottomless hell and a topless heaven.
422. Buy groceries before Sunday; see your grocery man in Sun-
444. A drowning man is in no condition to save others who are
day School. drowning.
423. Your Sunday School must be as good as the best and better
than the rest. 445. Too many people sing "We shall come rejoicing bringing in
the sheaves" and then go out and 'do nothing.
424. Weare against all the devil is for and for all the devil is
against. 446. Faith alone saves; faith that saves is not alone.

425. Take D from the devil you still have evil. Add 0 to God and 447. Guess work is all right when it hits.
you still have good.
448. Satan will try to make you think a "dime-one" is a diamond.
426. Some go to a ball game and scream like a ~ild Indian; then o

they go to church and sit like a wooden Indian. 449. You hear the hiss of the serpent when you say the word sin.

427. If your church is wbrth defending it is worth attending. 450. You can go broke buying bargains.

428. We don't need mountain faith to move a mustard seed. 451. There is a difference in an excuse and a reason.

18 19
If you can tell the preacher's faults you are a thermometer; 477. Unless you climb the mountain you can't view the plain.
if you pray for him you are a thermostat. 478. We are judged by what we say away from home; at home
You should work eight hours and sleep eight hours but not by what we are.
453. •

at once. 479. If you speak you don't know; if you know you don't speak.
454. A bundle of filthy habits is a heavy load. 480. If I don't believe in people, people don't believe in me.
455. A man who faces the music can lead the band. 481. Forget favors you give; remembers favors received.
456. People will like us if we like them first. 482. Good natured people are calm and content.
457. Each man has his price. Some offer bargains. 483. Dig your wells before you become thirsty.
458. If you stop being better you cease being good. 484. A good laugh has more religion than a long face.
459. Idle talk and a merry-go-around go nowhere.
485. He that toots his own horn runs down his battery.
460. If you want to keep up with the "Joneses" just wait. You'll
meet them coming back. 486. Don't mistake my crudeness for rudeness.

461. All tomorrows must pass the Lord before coming to me. 487. There are times when God heals and the physician takes the
462. When you decide the kind of seed you sow you know the kind
of harvest you will reap. 488. If you are absent from church you vote to close the doors.
463. The brain never stops from the time you are born until you 489. Tell your convictions but not your doubts.
start to make a speech.
490. Say what you think unless you disagree.
46.-1. Mulberry leaves will make a silk garment; so will patience.
491. Inspiration can do more than perspiration.
465. It is not as hard to know how to do a job as it is to do it.
466. If you know that you are a fool you are not the greatest fool. 492. Everything seems out of tune when you are not in tune.
493. Your walk with God depends on your talk with God.
467. Of what use are faithless words?
468. He that makes great profits runs great risks. 494. Don't measure your success by what you possess.
469. If you ride a tiger you are afraid to get off. 495. You may have money but money must not have you.
470. If I injure others I injure myself. 496. I did not quit dancing when I was saved. I just changed
partners .
.471. Gold does not fear the fire.
472. Discontentment in riches is poverty. 497. Some of the churches that boast the largest number in Sunday
School can't get a baker's dozen out on Wednesday night.
473. Just as we cure hunger by food we cure ignorance by study.
498. The devil lost his chance; now he wants you to lose yours.
474. If you don't soar you don't fall.
499. You don't need to "grasp faith"; faith needs to grasp you.
475. A time to fish a time to dry our nets.
476. You cannot carve rotten wood. 500. When you walk from the light you walk in your own shadow.

20 21
501. When your children are small they trample on your feet. 522. I'll defe~d your right to speak your conviction even if I dis-
When they are large they tramble on your heart. agree WIth what you say.

502. What is a dime? A dollar with the tax out. 523. You can't be well informed if you are only half informed.

503. Standing in a barn does not make a mule out of you-going 524.
to the altar does not make a Christian of you. In se. you SIt on your seat you are in self.
504. It is better to see a sermon than to hear one. 525. Some say, "I seldom shout, but when I do they all shout" The
505. It is better to walk with a man than to show him the way. reason IS, you are the last one to shout. .
526. Weare not to understand God, but trust God.
506. Counsel is sometimes confusing; example is always clear.
507. The best preachers live their creeds. 527. A real enemy is a friend who does not oppose you when you
are wrong.
508. I may misunderstand you and the high advice you give; there
is no misunderstanding in how you act and live. 528. ~ mirror never calls attention to itself unless there are flaws
In It.
509. Why look for trouble; it's something you don't want to see.
529. Of all the things we wear our expressions are most important.
510. If a sparrow can't fall without God's notice we can't rise with-
out His help. 530. Refuse to open your purse and soon you can't open
sympathy. your
511. When you say, "I can forgive, but can't forget" you mean
you can't forgive. 531. A thorn of experience is worth a wilderness of warning.
512. I value my time-so highly that I don't waste it in wasting your 532. The "bit" that will briddle the tongue is a bit of love.
time. Life is too short to be little.
533. He stands best who kneels most.
513. We may recover a slip of the foot, but not a slip of the tongue.
514. If I do what is right I will please some 'and surprise some. 534. Pray, believe, and receive; or pray, doubt" and do without.

515. The wages of sin is not death if we quit the devil before we die. 535. There is not success out of God's will; not failure in His will.

516. Living epistles need no translation. 536. It .is better to do one thing for God than to promise Him forty
517. The sun is obscured only for a time so is the truth.
537. He who bears the cross has it for a shelter.
518. When sorrow cuts deep into our hearts we have a deeper
capacity for joy. 538. The way to dispose of your enemy is to make a friend of him.
519. When you can't see in any direction look up. 539. If you face is toward the sunrise the shadow is behind.
520. You measure the man by the size of the things that makes 540. Build bridges instead of walls.
him mad.
541. When you get the worst of it make the best of it.
521. Instead of signs following some folk they follow signs.

22 23
542. When we have to do without what our grandparents did not
have, we call that a depression. 563. ~eceived y~ the Spirit by the hearing of faith or by the work-
mg of the Jaw?
543. Some folk can't hear well; some hear too well.
564. The world's greatest wreck is a broken home.
544. Still water and still religion freeze quickest.
565. Some people on Sunday say "Our Father," and live like
545. If we are on the level we will not go down hill. orphans through the week.

546. God will accept broken hearts if we give Him all the pieces. 566. The fly that makes the most noise is swated first.

547. Power and purity are sisters. 567. God does not look us over for medals or degrees, but scars.

548. Say (in a harsh tone) to a dog, "Come get this bread." 568. Spin carefully, but leave the thread with God.
will run off.
569. Go where Christ is not and take Him along.
549. Say (in a soft tone), "Come, let me cut your throat." He'll

come running. 570. If you want to keep a circle of friends keep on the square with
550. Bring the Believer into a victorious life; the unbeliever

come In. 571. Two bad habits lying and going in debt.

551. Goliath was the man David rocked to sleep. 572. A wood peeker owes his success to using his head.
552. Go to sleep; God is a wake.
573. We can't climb the ladder of success with our hands in our
553. Without adversity we don't know if we are honest.

554. You live in a tent; it is either discontent or content. 574. To force your opinion is like pushing a needle on a compass.

555. A pretended friend may be worse than an open foe. 575. A guilty conscience needs no man to accuse.

556. Hardships make us bitter or better. 576. A child is better unborn than untaught.

557. We are known by the company we keep and avoid. 577. A flow of words is no proof of wisdom.

558. The temperamental man is more temper than mental. 578. A good garden may have weeds.

559. If our children are intelligent we believe in heredity. 579. A flatterer resembles a friend; a wolf resembles a dog.

560. When you tell your troubles to me ask yourself how 580. A friend that you can buy can be bought from you.
would like to listen to mine.
581. A constant guest is not welcome.
561. When you haven't a leg to stand on is when you kick the mo
582. "Comers and goers" are better than "comers and stayers."

562. There are two sides to everything the right and the
583. How can you fire me if you have not hired me?
584. The brook with no rocks has no song. 603. "They say" is a liar.

585. It is not so bad to be afraid of the dark as to be afraid of the 604. Tobacco has many defenders but no defense.'
605. After an ox falls many people will help kill him.
586. When a wheel runs off the wagon it makes you believe in
co-operation. 606. What can't be cured must be endured .

587. You are ripe for trouble when you are green with envy. 607. Some things bitter to endure are sweet to remember.

588. The less a man seeks praise the more he has. 608. To lengthen your life shorten your meals.

589. The kettle is up to its neck in hot water; still it sings. 609. A great force is in a sweet command.

590. You should be too busy to worry at day, too tired to stay 610. The wolf that lost his teeth has not lost his nature.
awake at night.
611. The mouth is not sweetened by saying "Honey."
591. The longer you carry bitterness the heavier it becomes.
612. Do you want to be cured of drunkenness? Watch a drunken
592. Dig your neighbor out of trouble and you find a place to bury •
man when you are sober .
613. The wildest colts sometimes make the best horses.
593. Keep trying in trying times.
614. Watch what you say by a wall.
594. It is always morning somewhere.
615. If you worship God only for fear you will worship the devi1
595. Some appreciate the fragrance of the rose; some complain should he appear.
about the thorns.
616. Let mud dry and it will fall off.
596. There are folk who are wise; there are others otherwise.
617:' It is not how much you put into the stomach that counts, but
597. A man who has money and does not use it is like an ass that how much it digests; so it is with the mind.
carries gold and eats briars.
618. You may lose the ring but you yet have the finger.
598. If you have never tasted the bitter you don't know what is
sweet. 619. Some churches have signs on the outside; some have signs on
59'9. If you have no peace with yourself why seek it somewhere
else? 620. Some men give of their means, others of their meanness.

600. Try lying down when you are mad. 621. Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you.

601. There is no repentance in the grave. 622. Onion tears touch not the heart.

602. The son that blames his father disgraces himself. 623. Don't point at my spots with a dirty finger.

26 27
624. Stones are thrown only at trees with fruit. 644. Some folks are like kittens, contented when petted.

625. The ant preaches without saying a word, 645. Some members are like trailers, they have to. be pulled.

626. I study the Bible to. be wise, practice it to. be holy, and believe 646. Some folk say what they think before they think.
it to. be safe.
647. When you loan, money you buy an enemy.
627. YQUwill not find rest in the Scriptures if yQUwrest them.
648. Your face betrays your race.
628. If yQUcriticize the Bible the Bible will criticize yQU.
649. If you don't pay a man enough he will pay himself.
629. These are joined to. never part, dust on the Bible and drought
in the heart.
650. Good masters usually have good servants.
630. The evidence of the value of the Bible is the character of those
people who. are against it. 651. To guard your speech is more important than to guard your
631. There are no. loaves to. the loafer.
652. Sweep before your own door first.
632. YQUcan make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks,
653. If you love to be loved, love.

633. Hats off to. the past; coats off to. the present.
654. Meekness is not weakness.
634. YQUcan't stop the clock to. save time or buy cheap merchan-
dise to. save money. 655. Many people come to bring their clothes to church.

635. Today is the tomorrow which yQUworried about yesterday. 656. Men make houses; women make homes.

636. Some people search for a treasure at the foot of the rainbow ; 657. Money is a good servant, but a bad master.
some find treasures at the foot of the cross,
658. Make excuses for others, not yourself.
63'7. Some members are like balloons, ready to. blow up.
65'9. If you deceive once you are suspected always.
638. Some churches are like an orchestra that takes in members
but never takes time to. tune them. 660. If you come late you must eat what is left.

639. We have so. many movements that we can hardly move. 661. If you seek to please all and yourself too, you try what you
can't do.
640. Some folk think in inches and talk in yards.
662. If you run in the light you stumble.
641. Some members are like canoes, they have to be paddled.
663. If you deceive me once shame on you; if you deceive me twice,
642. Some members are like wheelbarrows, they have to be pushed. shame on me.

643. Business men should not be more interested in deals than in 664. Weare bound to forgive our enemies but we are not bound to
Ideals. trust them.
28 29
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--1 --1 -1 --1 --1 --1 --1 0') C') 0') Q) 0')

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~:t. ~ <~~ ~ ....
,~. <

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lit .,

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:Eli " .s- " -
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