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Roo Notes on HARP - November 2 -2010 V.

November 4, 2010

see scalar - wholly a guess on my part - perhaps

Roo will offer an opinion of what his eye sees.
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Submit o

Roo Reindeer
Polo Macera ...but for me, this means
Tuesday at 6:19pm · Like I see activity in the ionosphere, natural or man
made is up for grabs.

My simplest explanation is based on the fact that

Submit no one seems to feel these motions in the actual
ground. The amplitude is well above the level of
Vincent Cataldi This could be data beyond scope what is normally a noticable shake. They last the
of equipment, it looks 'out of time/space' to me, I better part of an hour. But no one notices.
They are not random, as the well defined double
periodicity (two waves interleaved with about a 1
Roo Notes on HARP - November 2 -2010 V.1A
November 4, 2010

hour cycle offset from one another by about 20

min, if I recall) we saw at KONO extended for
several months. They occurred when the sky o
opposite KONO was in the night shadow of the
earth. In june the sun shines at KONO ~18 hours. Vincent Cataldi
The nights are 6 hours. Same on the opposite side
of the earth at the same latitude. HAARP would see Roo :
~18 hours day, 6 hours night. The KONO waves
were showing up near midday local time. Night could it be that the whistlers are negated by the
time at HAARP. EVERY day, same thing. HAARP day time solar effects and just not reaching an
and just about anything else connected with the atmosphere dense enough to 'transfer' the
ionosphere is usually night related as the sun alters electromagnetic concussion down to the surface
the nature of the ionosphere and reduces it's stations - always coming from an oscillating solar
reflectivity at most RF frequencies. Although source, but only effectively measured by electronics
HAARP could alter this. Ionospheric waves known - during 'bad' HAM durations of night ? F1 and F2
as whistlers which oscillate between the magnetic density - is this the HARP target, or its'
poles can have natural periods of about an hour. consequence? (ignore detail if F1 / F2 are not
Unlike the steady ones opposite HAARP at KONO precise please - concept only)
most of the others are not periodic. But they have
the same character. Since they don't propagate Note : this is not my hunch, looking to eliminate
from station to station in a way a seismic wave the apparent periods of an hour and 1/3 of an hour
"must" they are evidence of local disturbances in through destructive interference, rather than the
the equipment. conclusion of intelligent action - like it is planned.

Think of your model of water on a sphere with Could something in upper atmosphere be acting as
interacting waves. If you pulse at one point the a parasitic element of a beam antenna - and if yes,
waves go out and then reflect and reconverge at is that a single or multiple driven element model -
the same point. But if you pulse at several points at most likely ? Sun would act as a single driven
different times the waves will form a complex element, while one or more HARP stations
resultant which will reconverge at a point different could/would vector as a multiple driven element
from any of the original source points. You can array - and then F1/F2 can be seen as a reflector
"direct" the waves to reconverge where you want. and director type of parasitic elements - perhaps
I think this is happening. They could be tune up (although I am stretching to find a natural system
tests for HAARP or "pings" with a pattern that will here).
induce weather or EQ effects over a period of time.
Of course some may also be natural, solar driven. I need to see Ionic and satellite data - can you fling
It would be interesting to see if such pulses show me the url for these - else I can check the yahoo
up on seismos going back to the 19th century. Or if group to see if they are recorded in that archived
they are more recent only. data - likely they are.

The actual activity may be scalar waves of some I did find a web spider to snag above images in an
sort, but what the seismos are picking up is almost automated manner - and I have a lot of
certainly an electromagnetic "shadow or wake" in seismographic software loaded now for raw
the ionosphere above. Because the equipment is numeric data capture of same, but little time
electronic. setting them up or test runs using them. Satellite
and ionosphere data may come in using web spider
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also, if I remember back that far, well enough.

Roo - you are a Gift sir ... :)

Roo Notes on HARP - November 2 -2010 V.1A
November 4, 2010

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- a sympathetic harmonic energizing is what I am
thinking of, but I ask about the concept generally -
wrt this 'current' event ... :).
o enZo

Nellie Moore I second that Roo. You are amazing! 23 hours ago · Like

Thank you too Vincent!

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Roo Reindeer
Chris Burch wizards "Could it be..."
Yes, the whistlers (natural ones) are almost
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certainly influenced in their ground effects by day
and night ionosphere differences. But I don't know
the details.
Submit "F1/F2" density modulation is both the target and
o the consequence of HAARP. But what part of what
we see is natuarally modulated and what part is
Polo Macera genius the result of HAARP is a good question.
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"Note: this is..."
The 2 interleaved periods could well be the result
of mixing reflections from 2 points or layers. But
Submit the source of the original signal is localized
o somehow, because only KONO (pretty much
opposite HAARP in longitude) seemed to pick those
Vincenzo Cataldi up. If the original source was solar they should (it
would seem) be detectable with the same pattern
Roo : (at different times) from many stations. But I admit
the source can not be "proved" to be HAARP with
For 'Sport', the Russians used our buried ELF the evidence we have on those signals only. It just
submarine antenna built to communicate with craft looks like the most probable source to those of us
below the ocean surface, before we had a chance in the choir who already agree with the preachers
to use it : they 'powered' it, I was told, by using a contention that HARRP is messing with things
satellite to 'energize' (vectored somehow) the based on the whole picture.
antenna and sent messages to their subs.
"Could something..."
Why build another, if the one in upper Michigan OUTSTANDING, I LOVE IT!! What a concept!!
works well enough for all, hey? You get RCHs Bingo award for that one.
The sun-earth-ionosphere-HAARP system as one
Along this general concept, can someone possibly big beam antenna. (That should have been MY
be using the Russian KONO HARP facility from a idea, damn it :-) That is really not a stretch at all
space based platform (or scalar system anywhere) but a most natural way to look at it (in 20/20
- in a manner beyond their control hindsight). It clarifies one very easy way in which
HAARP could modulate natural solar energy influx
Roo Notes on HARP - November 2 -2010 V.1A
November 4, 2010

and manipulate it without the need to actually tending direction. This is perfect.
generate the power needed to bring about the
effects desired. As I postulated earlier, HAARP Whoa... got off the beam there (no pun intended)
could take advantage of solar events and "channel" on that brainstorm. Back to the reply...
that energy in the direction desired rather then
trying to do all the work itself (hard to explain if Are the URLs for the Ionic & sat data you are
multi gigawatt power levels are required to bring talking about these ones?
about global effects). The question of how to do
such a thing was an open one but your beam l
antenna concept fits the bill there. The devil is in
the details, but that is a most promising concept. index_ae.html

The key is PARAMETRIC AMPLIFICATION (google 21 hours ago · Like · 1 person

When the "parameters" of a dynamic system are
altered by the state of that system itself you get
nonliner feedback. Time it right and you get an o
amplifier. This is general to ALL dynamic systems
from a childs swing (thats how you can "pump" Roo Reindeer
yourself up) to microwave amplifiers to...
earth/ion/haarp/sun. The sun provides the main Reply to "For sport..."
power, tweeking the ionosphere "reflectors and Yes ot may be possible to hijack such a system. But
directors" (the parameters of the system) with if it were being used against you you can always
HAARP as the waves travel back and forth allows "break it". So I don't think there would be any
amplification. Multiple HAARP sources allow chance of long term use by "unauthorized"
geometric control of the point where the amplified personnel.
energy gets focused. It would pretty much be a one shot deal. You could
use it once for your own benefit but doing so and
WOW that looks EASY :-) reveiling your capability would tip off the enemy. If
In all seriousness. That concept WOULD allow we had actually been at war with Russia and found
direct modulation of impacting solar energy on a them using our system I would think we would
planet wide scale. have destroyed it rather then let them use it for
THIS NEEDS A PATENT! their advantage.
If you have a lawyer, get in touch with him. This
could be better then HAARP or if it turns out they 21 hours ago · Like · 1 person

have been doing so any litigation would bust them.

To deny the patent they would have to prove they
are already doing it, possibly with a secret patent.
Actually DOING it just reduces to 'time & money". o
these things go :-) Nellie Moore Wow Roo! I'm can't wait to hear
what is next with this.
I HAVE been asleep at the switch. I should have
been thinking "Parametric Amplification" all along. 21 hours ago · Like · 1 person

It is natures way of building shit up during many

natural processes. It's a very efficient way to do
things. Which is why it often occurs spontaneously Submit
in nature. Just give a system a "chance" to indulge o
in "PA" and it tends to do so. When you "force" it in
that direction you just help it go in a naturally
Roo Notes on HARP - November 2 -2010 V.1A
November 4, 2010

Roo Reindeer Nellie: sian-Mirrors-

What's next ? 0002?user=2366236&source=nl%3A29149
Perhaps, for me, a one way ticket to Gitmo.
Maybe I should be more discreet in my If the ionosphere was to have it's reflectivity
"speculations" :-D altered in a patterned manner, similar in concept to
these mirrors....!!
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With real time modification available... ??
Why does this stuff turn up at just the right time :-)

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Nellie Moore
I had not thought of that = ) However it did occur
to me that you might be getting a phone call Vincenzo Cataldi
because someone wants to hire you (and or
Vincent too) to either create this or be a part of the Roo :
team that is already working with it. . .
What a team we (all) make - my concepts come as
They do say discretion is the better part of valor foggy concepts discovered through dreams via all-
however in these times discretion could lead to the too-short Cat-naps - and honestly, without your
last one in is a rotten egg and we all need to be in encouragement and validation, and vocabulary - I
on what is going on. Thanks for you wisdom! might dismiss these as too far out there, pie in the
sky ... :)
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no wonder Tesla was 'naturally driven' to such

experimentation : modulation-match (HARP) the
systems' impedance to the load (ionosphere/sun) :
o unless that is stated in reverse (dyslexic gift) !

Roo Reindeer Well Vincent that's trouble makeing I am reading still for the more subtle implications,
point number 10. and next your gift from Santa, then other link you
To add to the nine I spoke about in the private provided, so: -----> Stay Tuned ... :)
email a while back
about our "friends" ST and PN :-) but I Again : Thank You Roo : most would gag on
BTW "Steve Allen" seems to be back. yagi humor :

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Yagi-Uda antenna
A Yagi-Uda Antenna, commonly known simply as a
Roo Reindeer Yagi antenna or Yagi, is a directional antenna
system[1] consisting of an array of a dipole and
Santa loves me. additional closely coupled parasitic elements
Look what I got in my email 10 minutes after these (usually a reflector and one or more directors). The
posts. dipole in the array is driven, and another element, typically 5% longer, effectively operates as a
Roo Notes on HARP - November 2 -2010 V.1A
November 4, 2010

reflector. Other parasitic elements shorter than the

dipole may be added in front of the dipole and are
referred to as directors. This arrangement o
increases antenna directionality and gain in the
preferred direction over a single dipole. Directional Roo Reindeer
antennas such as the Yagi-Uda are commonly
referred to as beam antennas or high-gain Vincent: As a further idea along the same lines:
antennas (particularly for transmitting). Yagi The basic idea of the parametric amplifier involves
antennas with added corner reflectors and/or UHF varying the reactance of the system at a
elements are commonly used for reception of subharmonic of the power source.
television broadcasts. Yagi-Uda antennas are also If periodic fluctuations in the solar wind (the power
widely used by amateur radio operators for source) were to impinge on the ionosphere with a
communication on frequencies from short wave, period of (for the sake of argument) 6 hours and
through VHF/UHF, and into microwave bands. you were to use HAARP to heat and alter the
Amateur radio operators (hams) often homebrew height (and subsequent capacitance with respect to
this type of antenna, and have published many ground) of the ionosphere, which EVERYONE
technical papers and software. associated with HAARP admits it can do, then the
--------------------------------------------------------------- power of the solar wind will couple to the
- ionosphere if the modulating period were set to 12
Dipole antenna hours. You don't need gigawatts from HAARP. That (actually terawatts probably) comes from the sun.
HARRP just facilitates the transfer to the
A dipole antenna, is a radio antenna that can be ionosphere in a controlled manner.
made by a simple wire, with a center-fed driven
element. These antennas are the simplest practical Treating the whole system as a "lumped
antennas from a theoretical point of view; the parameter" amplifier is of course a simplification. In
current amplitude on such an antenna decreases actuallity it is large with respect to the wavelengths
uniformly from maximum at the center to zero at involved so must be treated as a "distributed
the ends. Dipole antennas were created by Heinrich parameter" system. This is analogous to the
Rudolph Hertz around 1886 in his experiments on transition from "LC" (inductance-capacitance)
electromagnetic radiation. circuits to continuous transmission lines. But the
--------------------------------------------------------------- principles remain the same. With the added
- advantage that you can use the "continuous"
[ Atten: Chief, R U connected (silently) into this ? ] nature of the system to geometrically distribute the
amplification. In a spherical geometry the math
Roo stated : gets grand. If I had a year or two or so I might be
"WOW that looks EASY :-) able to come up with something realistic :-) in
In all seriousness. That concept WOULD allow terms of details. But someone who specializes in
direct modulation of impacting solar energy on a this sort of thing, with the right software, could do
planet wide scale. it in a couple of weeks. It really is NOT "difficult"...
THIS NEEDS A PATENT!" if you know what you are doing :-).

[ Atten: Patent Lawyer wanted for 'sky-high profits' Of course to utilize this process you have to be
] aware of the nature of the solar wind used as a
--------------------------------------------------------------- power source. You would have to either be able to
- predict the fluctuations in advance from first
principles or have satellites in orbit around the sun
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to measure it's flux and "radio ahead" so you will
know whats coming and can adjust your modulator
Roo Notes on HARP - November 2 -2010 V.1A
November 4, 2010

Depending on the nature of the actual waves your

Which is just what solar observing satellites do. milage may vary.
Give us a heads up on solar activity before it hits
us. So it would be nice if SOMEONE out there with
some SOLID info on the EXACT nature of Torsional
Also you must have knowledge of the physics of waves and their interaction with matter would give
the ionosphere so you can accurately predict the some hints about this :-D
nature of the variations that you will induce in it
with a HAARP signal of a given type. 15 hours ago · Like · 1 person

This is indeed the whole point of HAARP according

to public staements: IE study the physics of the
ionosphere and in particular it's response to o
electromagnetic stimulation.
Roo Reindeer
If you know what the sun is doing and you know
how to tweek the ionosphere to put it in sync with Thanks to you Vincent for the seminal idea.
the sun you have a system that will let you use the I just wrote this stuff out in the last few minutes
suns power to jack the ionosphere. without any real deep thinking about it. It is all
very basic to me from the standpoint of the
With multiple transmitters in a phased array around underlying principles. I spoke about using HAARP in
the globe you can arrange to distribute the results that manner (as a solar power modulator) before
of this solar energy coupling in a preset manner. but it was in the abstact without any real
Coupling the power of the solar wind in a directed consideration of how it might really work.
manner to the point of your choice.
But I never would have thought of the "parametric
Because the frequencies involved are so low the amplifier" concept being applicable in this situation
wavelengths are long and the whole earth is without your conceptualization of the system in
effectively transparent to them. Thus a point in the terms of the idea of an "active yagi".
interior of the earth can be a focal point as well as
a point on the surface. Now it seems trivially obvious! With government
money and decades of time it would seem unlikely
STIR & FRY. that it has NOT been done. These ideas were
bound to have occurred before to people who
Now I am thinking here in terms of good old spend their life working on this kind of stuff.
Maxwellian EM waves with no bells and whistles. I
naturally think in those terms as the result of many Then just a few minutes later that link about
years playing with electronics. However everthing patterned reflectors shows up in my email. That
here is based only on wave motion. It has would apply too as far as directing the energy.
NOTHING to do with the nature of the waves
themselve. It applies to sound, electromagnetism, Amazing syncronicity & serendipity!
torsional, or whatever. The basic idea is the same.
Sound waves couple to matter differently then EM 15 hours ago · Like · 1 person

waves so the FINAL RESULT will vary at the target

for example. Likewise "acoustic" waves on the sun
will not couple at all through the vacuum of space.
But the basic operating idea of coupling, parametric o
amplification and phased array targeting is
universal to all wave phenomenon. Roo Reindeer
Roo Notes on HARP - November 2 -2010 V.1A
November 4, 2010

One last tidbit for now. In many applications where
you have intersecting beams of various sorts
targeted to the interior of an object with the intent
of causing damage (ultrasonic for kidney stones, x-
rays for tumours etc in medicine) the individual
beams passing through the surface are weak and
cause no action. It is only where they all come
together at the common focus that they have
destructive capacity. So if large numbers of weak
beams were being sent through the surface of the
earth with the intent of exciting earthquakes or
volcanoes at a subsuface fault or magma chamber
the individual weak beams would not be noticeble
to a casual search.
Only the resultant effect.

BUT... could those damn weird slow waves be signs

of the weak beams? If so we know their location
and timing at the moment they are breaking the
surface and setting off the seismos!

THE question then is: can the focal point be

determined from this data?
Do EQs or volcanoes then follow shortly with an
epicenter near these points?

Finally a possible causal link that CAN be tracked!

What ya think?

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Roo Reindeer NOTE: To clarify

"Do EQs or volcanoes then follow shortly with an
epicenter near these points?"
By "...near these points" I meant the calculated
focal points.
Not the surface points where we see the slow

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