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| Te Komiti o Runa | | Phone: 07 312 9138 |

| Physical Address: 16 Mission Road, Rūātoki |

Te Komiti o Runa Tribal Authority

Position Description - General Manager Position

The Te Komiti o Runa Tribal Authority (TKOR) is one of four Tūhoe Tribal Authorities. The TKOR’s principle
responsibility is to raise the capability and wellbeing of our Tūhoe people in its Tribal, it will bring prosperity
and quality infrastructure to collectively lift our Tribal & hapū community. Tūhoe Taraipara have
consolidated priorities to bring change and vibrancy to its communities, Tūhoe is experiencing a new and
positive era of development.

The General Manager’s role must inspire confidence in the Tribal’s spatial plan, champion progress and be
an example of the practise of Te Mana Motuhake o Tūhoe. It is essential to the advancement of the
operational infrastructure that will bring life to priorities of the Blueprint within the spatial plan, provide
strategic operational direction and bring together a dynamic team. The General Manager will operate
within the following framework.



Reception - Financial
Kiripaepae Administrator


Based at the Rūātoki office and reporting to the Chair of the Tribal, this role will advance the operational
infrastructure for the delivery of the Rūātoki spatial plan; improve the operations of the Tribal office
including all financial systems and a communications strategy with all hapū, participate in coordination of
activities across the Iwi and assist the Chair to convene Tribal hui to progress Tribal decision making.



Planning • Proven ability to develop and administer the annual plan that provides
effective and efficient delivery and progress.
• Develop and administer processes and practice that respect hapū
development needs and stages, supporting the setting of tangible

• Collaborate with TUT and other Tribal’s planning processes to enable

an optimal planning environment for TKOR.
• Proven facilitation and presentation skills.
• Advocate the uptake of sustainable solutions for whanau and wharua.
• Some understanding of the building design and concept development
Fiscal Management • Prudent fiscal management including the utilisation of all Authority
resources, capital and expenditure to enhance and inform sound
business decisions and economic growth.
• Contribute to responsible resource allocation to bring about planned
• Maintain all transparent reporting needs, budget allocation and
financial delegation standards.
• Deliver a sound audit outcome.
Infrastructure • Develop key organisational policy with a priority on financial systems,
human resources and health and safety.
• Monitor adherence and application of TKOR organisational policies and
standards of excellence.
• Draft an external and internal communication strategy.
Relationships • Demonstrates and understanding of the Spatial Plan and the
aspirations of Rūatoki.
• Build and maintain relationships with appropriate representatives of
key stakeholders such as:
o Hapū delegates, Tūhoe Te Uru Taumatua, Government agencies, Kura
and Kōhanga Reo, Community groups & Neighbouring iwi
• Ensures that the roles and responsibilities that TKOR may owe to key
relationships are respected and promoted.
• Able to articulate and inspire people about the progress and journey of
development occurring within the TKOR rohe.
• Provide a transparent system of judgement to recommend which
relationships are key and therefore require ongoing monitoring to
Leadership • Advance the TKOR office as a haven of support, innovation and
• Enspirit a new workforce of change agents able to bring prosperity to
the whārua of TKOR.
• Ensure the team is disciplined, respectful, diligent, and effective and
above all cared for.
• Strong performance and development measures are active.
Special Projects • Contribute to organisational projects as and when required.

Qualification • A relevant business degree and or, • Tertiary education
demonstrated Governance and preferred
Management/Leadership experience
Technical • Financial, reporting and operational
competencies competency at management level
• Business and strategic planning
• Effective verbal and written communication
• Competent communicator in Te Reo, or
prepared to develop
Experience • Demonstrated successful experience in • Working with Tribal
management role Komiti and Hapū
• Proven ability to bring a vision to operational • Working with
success community based
• Planning and project management organisations
• Understand the power structures of Tūhoe
and TKOR
Systems • Competency in Microsoft applications (Word,
Office, Outlook
Personal attributes • Understanding of Tūhoetana • Knowledge of history
• Creative and innovative thinker of Tūhoe, Settlement,
• A high degree of integrity, trust and Blue Print, Structure,
professionalism SMP
• Ability to build and maintain positive working

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