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Convolvulus duartinus (Morning Glory)

(Group: Drug-like Massimo)

Convolvulaceae family
Escaping to another dimension
Convert the world to something very basic

(see case)
the most self reverent
the most Autistic
most reluctant to be in contact with rest of
planet -
very difficult
a sense of withdrawing
escaping to another dimension
known for dreams of flying
they always fly over night - it's easier
if you fly during the day so many distractions, and this world is full of to many things that they
relate to them at all
at night - you fly from high distance, the lights are far away and the lights are giving you a few
Conv needs to watch the world thru a window
needs to convert the world to something very basic
Mostly in painting - very colorful way
painting of something real but translated in their way - childish representation
very colorful
Anh - is more psychedelic paintings
can be good for autism, can help you to open the case
MIND. ► Moral weakness (in two provers). ► Discouragement. ► Hypochondria. ► Reveries in the
daytime. ► Mental languor.
HEAD. ► Vertigo, with fainting. ► Dizziness (in three provers). ► Pain all over the head, especially on
the median line. ► Pain in the whole head, from morning till 5 o'clock in the evening. [10.] ► Two small
spots on the forehead, disappearing in a few minutes. ► Heaviness and dizziness in the frontal region, two days
in succession. ► Burning in the frontal region, ceasing after a cold bath. ► Pain in the frontal region. ► Pain
in the frontal region, with heat at the root of the nose (in three provers). ► Pressure at the frontal region. ►
Pain in the temples. ► Pain in the left temporal region, corresponding to the eye. ► Acute pain in the morning,
in the left temporal region, two days in succession (in two provers). ► Slight pain at the vertex. [20.] ► Violent
pain at the vertex, in the morning. ► Violent pain at the vertex, in the evening. ► Headache, sometimes in the
vertex, sometimes in the occiput. ► Headache on the left side.
EYE. ► Inflammation of the left eye.
FACE. ► Dark redness of the face. ► Red spot on the right cheek when rising from bed; it disappears in
the course of the day. ► Pain in the right cheek.
MOUTH. ► Toothache. ► Swelling of the gums. [30.] ► The tongue feels swollen. ► Spitting of mucus. ►
Bad taste in the mouth.
THROAT. ► Slight pain on each side of the thyroid cartilage. ► Sore throat for more than eight days. ►
Slight heat in the upper part of the oesophagus. ► Heat and dryness at the anterior and superior part of
the oesophagus (in three provers).
Convolvulus duartinus (Morning Glory)

STOMACH. ► Appetite on getting up in the morning (in two provers). ► Pain in the stomach for three
days. ► Diminished appetite.
ABDOMEN. [40.] ► Pain in the abdomen with internal heat. ► Violent colic, with drawing (in two provers).
STOOL. ► Constipation the first days (in eight provers).
URINARY ORGANS. ► Red urine. ► Yellow sediment in the urine.
CHEST. ► Deepseated pain under the right
NECK AND BACK. ► Small red spot on the
right side of the neck. ► Numbness in the left
scapular region.
both arms. ► Numbness of the arm, worse
when hanging down. [50.] ► Pain at the left
shoulder. ► Deepseated pain in the left forearm.
► Pain in the left wrist-joint. ► Numbness of the
right index and middle fingers.
of the legs and thighs for several days. ► Pain
in the right knee. ► Deepseated pain, first in the
left, then in the right thigh. ► Lancinating pain
in right knee. ► Numbness of left leg and heel.
► Pain at the forepart of the left leg, for four days. [60.] ► Deepseated pain in the calves.
SLEEP AND DREAMS. ► Drowsiness in daytime (in two provers). ► Drowsiness in the evening (in
three provers). ► Dreams about quarrelling. ► Dreams about dead persons, and the falling out of his
front teeth. ► Dreams of flying along a lighted street; appearance of a ghost; wakes with a start.
FEVER. ► Shivering several times in the course of the day. ► Heat and burning of the skin all over,
with prickings like the bites of ants. ► Profuse sweat in bed, several nights in succession.
CONDITIONS. ► Aggravation. ► (Morning), Pain in temporal region; pain at vertex; when rising from bed, spot
cheek. ► (Night), In bed, profuse sweat. ► (When lying down), Numbness in arm. ► Amelioration. ► (Morning),
getting up, appetite. ► (After cold bath), Burning in frontal region ceases