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ARTS & CRAFTS| FURNITURE! leaP KK O J E C T $=) | OW Tob EVLLORS OF POPULAR WOODWORKING | ™ Over 20 step-by-step projects ™ Complete cutting lists ™@ ™ Detailed diagrams ™ Hardware sources ™ Finishing instructions ™ READ THIS IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE ‘Toprevent accidents, Keep safety in mind while you work. Use the sa ty guards installed on power equipment; they are for your protection ‘When working on power equipment, keep fingers avay ftom saw blades, ‘wear safety goggles to prevent injuries fom fying wood chips and exw ‘ust, wear headphones to protect your hearing, and consider installing. a ‘ust vacuum to reduce the amount of aibome sawdust in your wood shop, Dont wear loose clothing, such as neckties or shits with Toose sleeves, of Jewelry, such as rings, necklaces or bracelets, when working ‘on power equipment, Te back long hai to prevent it fom getting caught In your equipment. People who ave sensitive to certain chemicals shoald ‘heck the chemical content of any product before using it. The authors ‘and editors who compiled this ook have tried to make the contents as seeurate and correct at porsible, Plan, ilustratons, photographs ancl text have been carefully checked, All instructions, plans and projects should be carefully ead, sted and understood before beginning con struction, Due ta the variability of local eonlitons, construction materi ‘As, skl levels, te, nether the author nor Popular Woodworking Books sssumes any responsibilty for any accidents injuries, damages or other losses incurred rerutng from the material presented inthis book. “Authentic Arts & Crafts Furniture. Copyigit © 2000 by Popular Wood ‘working Books. Manufactured in Cina llrightsreserved. No pat of this book may be reprodvced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means ‘ncludng information storage and retrieval systems without permission in wri ing rom the publisher, excopt by a reviewer, who may quote brief passages in ‘review, Published by Popular Woodworking Books, an imprint of PAW Pub ‘ations I, 4700 Bat Gabralth Road, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45238, Pest ection, Visit our We ste at ww: popnlarwood fr information on more resource for woodworkers, Other fine Popular Woodworking Books are avalible fom your local bookstore co dre from the publisher 8 mH BT Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Authentic arts & crafts furiture /by the etrs of Popular Woodworking Books pcm. ISBN 1-58870-568-6 (ak. paper) 1. BurituremakingArateurs' manuals 2. Furniture, Mission-United ‘States-Amateure mara, 3 Arts ad rats movement-Unied States~Ama- ‘wus’ manuals, Title: Authentie att and crafts furitwe I, Popular Wood- ‘working Books (Pl) "Tr .As 2000 654,"0-ac2 00.039688 ite by Jenifer Churetll, Page layout by Donna Gozateny Designed by’ Brian Roeth Cover designed ly Lou Beckmayer (Cover photograpy by Robert M. Hale Production coordinated by Ely Gross Baitorial assistance by Clara Eero (Copyedited by Lisa M. Coins Proafread by Kenya MeCuilamn Indexed by Bian Feil Photography by Al Pacis METRIC CONVERSION CHART 0 convert to smuliply by inches Centimeters 264 Centimeters Inches 04 Feet Centimeters 305 Centimeters ect 0.08 ards Meters 09 Meters Yards 1 5. Inches 54, Centimeters 45, 84, Centimeters 84. Inches 016 8a. Foot Sq, Meters 0.00 4, Meters Sq. Feet 108 Sq, Yards Sa, Meters os Sq, Meters Sq, Yards 12 Pounds ilograras 045, Kilogram Pounds 22 Ounces Grams 284 Grams Ounces 0.04 PROIECT AUTHORS ‘christopher Sehwars, Senior Bltor, Popular Woodworking magazine: ‘Mores Chir, Limbert TWwo-Door Bockrase, Garon Storage Ren, Byd- fe Wall Cabinet, Claret, Limbert Wastepaper Box Jim Stack, Associate Pair, Popular Woodworking Books: amber nid Rocker Bruce Stoker, contributor: Heirloom Cradle Jim Seaard, Associate Beitr, Popular Woodworking magazine: Greene & Greene Entry Bench, Groene & Greene Garden Bench, Greene & Greene Patio Tbe Davi Thiet, Senior Eaitor, Popular Woodworking magazine: Box Spindle (Chair, Spindle Sie Table, Sticky Side Tab, Royeroft Magazine Stand, ‘Knoekaown Bookcase, Bungalow Mallvox, Sideboard, Mantel Cock, Wright Hall Tree (Christopher Schwarz and David Tie: Octagonal Taboret, Two Frames