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The Lord's Day Announcements/Matangazo

SUNDAY, 26 TH MAY 2019

1. Those worshipping with us for the first time Youth Corner
are requested to spare a few minutes and meet
1 ST CORIN THIANS 6 : 12 - 20 in the "Visitor's room" next to Church office after
Service Leader
Youth Service - 9.00 - 10.45 a.m.
: Joan Mwende
the service to kindly sign our visitors book. THE NARROWING NARROW ROAD
Deac o n I nc h arg e : Peter Mbugua Our annual theme is to become a Christ-Centered
In ter cessory Prayer
Sc rip ture Readi ng
Peter Mbugua
Caleb Kirathe 2. All are welcome to Weekly Prayer sessions on church. As one reflects upon this goal, it becomes apparent
Main U shers : Hurry Mabetter / Samuel Njoroge Mondays from 5.30 pm onwards. Please also that on a personal level, this is perhaps a call for each believer
P reac her : Pst. Joel I njai ru to have a Christ-Centered heart. This would mean ensuring
English Service - 9. 00 - 10. 45 a .m. note that the prayer room at the top most floor of
that the cross is the foundation of every aspect of one's life.
Service Leader
Deac o n I nc h arg e
Ann Njoroge
Charity Maina
the KBA School multipurpose block is open for Unfortunately, it might appear that many do not realize
In ter cessory Prayer : Charity Maina prayers at any time of the day. how demanding this can, and should, be the moment they
Sc rip ture Readi ng : El iz abeth N g’ en d o
Main U shers : Carol Mulama / Emily Moraa
are accepting Christ as Lord over their lives.
P reac her : Rev. Daniel Kinu thia 3. Love Sunday will be next Sunday 2nd June The demands become apparent as one begins to mature
Kisw ahili Servic e - 11 .00 - 12.45 p.m.
2019. A second offering will be collected that in both spirit and knowledge of God's word. You realize
Ki o n g o zi : Isaac Kalasia that having a Christ-centered heart means everything about
Shemas i Msi ma mizi : Francis Kamau goes towards helping the needy among us. Dry you should be influenced by the cross. This is easier said
Maombi : Francis Kamau
Kusoma Neno : John Wambua foods and clothes can be dropped at the church than fulfilled, especially for those called to enter the Faith
Wahud umu waku u : Samuel Waweru / Trevor Mwangi
Mhubiri : Dr. Moses Mw an gi
office. early in life. The complexities of life begin to reveal them-
(Teens) CBN Ser vice - 11.00 - 12.45 p.m selves. New-found freedom, dreams and ambitions,
Service Leader : Cecilia Wanjiru
4. Children Dedication is today Sunday, 26th May financial responsibilities, platonic and romantic relation-
Deac o n I nc h arg e : Phaustine Khaoya ship… are some of the demands of life that young people
In ter cessory Prayer : Phaustine Khaoya 2019. Please ensure you pick your child's inevitably have to embrace as they step into legitimate
Sc rip ture Readi ng : Vivky Hannah
P reac her : Rev. Daniel Kinu thia dedication certificate at the church office adulthood. At this point, a believer who seeks to genuinely
immediately after the service. exercise his or her faith realizes that, indeed, it is easier said
than done.
1S T CO RI NT HI ANS 7 : 1 - 16 5. Men: All KWBC Men's Welfare members are (Matt 7:13-14). Many know that the road to God's
kingdom is narrow. It is equally important, however, to
Service Leader
Youth Service - 9.00 - 10.45 a.m.
: Doreen Sasaka
notified of their Annual General Meeting (AGM) to realize that fitting in this narrow road requires that you
Deac o n I nc h arg e : Charity Maina be held Today at 1.30 p.m. in the KBA continue to ensure every single aspect of your life is centered
In ter cessory Prayer : Charity Maina
Sc rip ture Readi ng : Ann Injairu multipurpose hall. Please plan to attend. on Christ. Failing to do so might make your faith a victim
Main U shers : Ann Makeba / Ruth Wanjiku of the worries, troubles and sufferings of this life. That
P reac her : Pst Silas Otieno faith, which you once eagerly desired to exercise, might be
English Service - 9. 00 - 10. 45 a .m. 6. Ladies
choked by the false promises of having or, not having,
Service Leader
Deac o n I nc h arg e
Jacob Mwenda
Eunice Muchai
i.Young ladies fellowship is today Sunday 26th wealth. Your heart will gradually and intensely begin to long
In ter cessory Prayer : Eunice Muchai May 2019. It is a visit to one of us. Please note for other things; things that your maturity in spirit and
Sc rip ture Readi ng : Ibrah im Ka ron ji
Main U shers : Irene Mbugua / Lucy Kihanya we will be leaving immediately after the service. knowledge of God's word should urge you to deny.
P reac her : Pst. Jo el Injai ru Perhaps it is wise to consider whether having a Christ-
Kisw ahili Servic e - 11 .00 - 12.45 p.m. centered heart and belonging to a Christ-centered church
Ki o n g o zi : Samuel Njenga ii. Baptist Women of Kenya (BWOK) week of
includes being aware of the narrowing narrow path.
Shemas i Msi ma mizi : Dr. Hillary Mulama
Maombi : Dr. Hillary Mulama
prayer will be held from Monday 3rd June to 9th
Kusoma Neno : Josephine As amba June. All ladies are requested to prepare, Compiled by Mike Aseka
Wahud umu waku u : Carol Njeri / Ernest Mithamo
Mhubiri : Pst Joel Injairu
participate and attend fellowships on Monday 3rd
(Teens) CBN Ser vice - 11.00 - 12.45 p.m and Wednesday 5th from 6pm to 7pm. On Friday
Service Leader : Claire Sarah
Deac o n I nc h arg e : Clement Miano 7th June we shall have an overnight prayer
In ter cessory Prayer : Clement Miano
Sc rip ture Readi ng : Eric Muchina
meeting (Kesha) from 10pm up to 5am. The
P reac her : Pst. Silas Otieno Ladies Annual fellowship will be on Sunday 9th
PASTORAL STAFF: June. Ladies are requested to take time to pray.
Joel Injairu Stanley Migwi Host: Leader: Speaker:
Pastoral Care & Leadership Children Minister Hillary Mulama
Francis Kamau A. Mwangi P. Mbugua C. Miano J. Muhu J. Donge C. Maina E. Muchai P. Khaoya
Dept Minister - 0721 - 417799 0712422642 Church Council Chairman
0722-381073 0722-211804 0721-265431 0738-574272 0722-398065 0722-814475 0795-602502 0720-367225 0722-814477 0721-547789
…connecting with fellow Christ Followers in a Small Fellowship
To Become Rivers Of Living Waters
Group Deacon in Coordinator’s Meeting Meets on Activity/
Charge Name Place Preacher Flowing To The Nations (John 7:38).
Kiwanja/ Dr. B. Lilian Wambugu Lilian Wednesdays @ Bible Study Kahawa West Estate • Off Kamiti Road • P.O. Box 65102 - 00618 • Ruaraka, Nairobi
Membley/ Kinjanjui (0723106108) Wambugu - 6:00- 7: 30 pm Tel: 0729 - 79 17 37 • •
OJ Kiwanja
Maziwa/ F. Kamau Lucy Mwaura Maziwa Fridays
Jacaranda (0722467207) Campus 1ST CORINTHIANS 2:2
Message of the Week Sun 26 th May 2019
Kongo/ J. Muhu Silvester Musyoki Wednesdays
Soweto (0702317709)
Kiamumbi/ J. Donge Kigochi J KBA- Sundays GLORIFY GOD IN YOUR BODIES 1 COR 6 : 12 - 20
KiuKenda (0722589349) Maziwa As morals continue to be eroded in all fronts of our society, definitions
Jane G. Campus
(0722668914) and standards continue to be lowered to accommodate the apostacy.
Today sex is used as one of the most powerful tools in advertisement.
Kamiti A. Mwangi Naman Mugambi
Wednesdays : @
5:45- 6:45
Movies from a whole spectrum of themes will always sneak in a
Church sexual theme in order to sell more. There is also demand of the same
Prison in the masses. The church is not spared from this onslaught. Today
Juakali East C. Maina Stella Wairimu Wednesdays: @
(0723707970) 7:00 -8:30 pm
teenagers, youth, both men and women heave under the heavy burden
Juakali West H. Mulama Mrs. Kisala Wednesdays: @ of guilt in this area. Pornography has enslaved many. The most
(0722625509) 7:00 -8:30 pm unfortunate thing is in the attitude reflected by the question 'how far
Kamae E. Muchai Veronicah Njoki Thursdays: @
(0723329743) 5:00 - 6:00 pm
is too far?' Common especially among the youth. When we think of
Lower P. Khaoya Lucy Ayoyi Tuesdays: @ lowering standards believers need to remember one fundamental
Estate/ PNU (0725415470) 7:00 – 8:30 pm fact; God is immutable, he does not change and his standards will
Cornerstone P. Mbugua Jane Thirikwa Tuesdays: @ Millicent
/ Quarry (0722850395) 7:00 – 8:30 (0727393438) never be lowered to accommodate those of man. In the text in focus
Ruai/ H. Mulama Lucy Misigo Sundays: @ we see 3 things addressed:
Embakassi (0722849213) 3pm i) The need for a correct understanding of Christian liberty.
SALT Jacob Mwenda Fridays@ 7 p.m
(Young (072658111) ii) Understanding that our bodies belong to Christ and therefore;
Adults) iii) In light of this understanding how should we live as Christians?
Paul begins by quoting probably a saying or slogan of the Corinthians
which may have been a prevailing philosophy that the libertines had
used to propagate their lasciviousness. The quote may also have been
one of Paul himself which had been misunderstood and therefore
wrongly applied. (see Gal. 5:1; Rom. 8:1-2.)
In the opening statement of the passage he addresses the
misunderstanding, that his message is not about individual or communal
BIBLE STUDIES license. Our freedom which is purchased by Christ is meant to set us
Department Time venue free in order to attend to the course of God's glory. We are therefore
Men After 1st service KBA Complex cautioned to be careful how we exercise our freedom lest the things
Ladies. After 1st service 2nd floor(std 3 knowledge) KBA building we choose freely become our masters. We are not to use our liberty
SALT After 1st service KBA building, 2nd Floor(std 2 understanding) to gratify sinful desires of the flesh.
Intaphase After 1st service KBA building, 2nd floor(std 3 wisdom) Many religions teach that the body is not important but the spirit is.
CBN KBA building, ground floor(middle wisdom) Our understanding that our bodies are the temple of the holy spirit
should completely revolutionize how we live. We are to abhor and
hate sin. We are not to indulge in sexual immorality. The loud statement
USHERS TO COLLECT OFFERINGS ON 26TH MAY 2019 from the apostle is that having understood that our bodies belong to
Youth English Kiswahili Christ We should live to honor God with our bodies. One mark of
Hurry Mabetter Mary Wairimu Joseph Kamande our lives should be a pursuit of righteousness.
Samuel Njoroge Jacob Mwenda Josephine Wambua In the conclusion of this chapter we see that although all sin leads to
Ann Kimathi Mirriam Kariuki death, some sins affect us differently from others. In particular sexual
Mercy Wachira sin affects the body above all other sins. we should flee from sexual
Carol Maina immorality.
This section can be well summarized in the words of Frank L. Crouch
"Christ does not set us free so that we can do whatever we want to
USHERS TO COLLECT OFFERINGS ON 2ND JUNE 2019 do; Christ sets us free so that we can do whatever God wants us to
Youth English Kiswahili do"
Ann Makeba Lillian Njuguna MaryAnn Wambui May we live to glorify God with our bodies.
Ruth Wanjiku Sarah Kamau Liz Mwaura Pastor Joel Injairu Lubamo
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