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Welcome back! We hope you had a fantastic break and are looking forward to another action IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER
packed term in Pre Primary, our final term for the year! Monday 8th October: School Development Day
Tuesday 9th October: First Day of Term 4
This term we will begin transitions to support the students with their move to year 1 in 2019. Thursday 18th October: EDU-Dance
We will begin eating our own piece of fruit in place of shared fruit, and later in the term we will commences
go up to the year 1 classrooms for a visit. More detailed information to come. Friday 30th November: Pre Primary Assembly
(more information to come)
A few reminders: Monday 10th December: Reports go home
• Students should be at school no later than 8.50am. Wednesday 12th December: End of year
• Sun Smart! All students are required to wear a hat in Term 4 and encouraged to wear celebration (TBC)
sunscreen at school. We have a limited number of spare hats available. Thursday 12th December: EDU-Dance
• We are a nut free classroom. Please refrain from sending food containing nuts for your Concert 2-3pm (TBC)
child’s lunch, this includes spreads such as Peanut Butter and Nutella. Thursday 12th December: Last day of school
• The canteen is open on Wednesdays and Fridays.
• We
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thenot bring things to school that they treasure or are of value.
Parent Help Roster
- Establish and maintain respectful collaborative relationships
If you have any other queries or regarding
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any time you are always welcome to come and We would love to see more mums, dads,
with parents/carers children’s learning and well-being.
speak to us! If you are unable to make it in to class, please contact the office or send us an aunties, uncles, and /or grandparents in for
My term newsletters, distributed at the beginning of each term, aim to
email. keep families informed about education programs and upcoming school parent help. You can find the roster on our
events for the Meghan
forthcoming term.
Morton andMy newsletter
Mahalia Formanhighlights an opportunity information board out the front. Please be
for parents to be involved in the classroom by offering a parent help ‘supporting your reminded that you now need to sign in and out at
roster. My newsletter generally includes a section on
child at home’.
Communication in the form of a newsletter to parents the office as you are staying on school grounds.
demonstrates respect and collaboration regarding the child’s learning
08 9242 2726 Thank you.
and wellbeing.

Things you can do to support your child at home: Assembly
• Encourage your child to discuss their learning over the dinner table. We will be performing our assembly in week 8,
• Read daily with your child and listen to them read. on Friday the 30th of November. Our
• Revise sounds of the alphabet. performance is based on this term’s theme, Fairy
• Encourage your child to find the punctuation in reading material. Tales. Further information (including what to
• Assist your child to find their ‘Sight Words’ in the books they read. wear) will be sent closer to the time.
• Encourage your child to spell the ‘Sight Words’ they can read.
• Continue to encourage your child’s independence and let them be responsible
for their belongings. Lets Celebrate!
• Provide opportunities for your child to write short recounts about special events We will celebrate the end of our first year of
to consolidate their writing skills. school with a Pre Primary party, stay tuned!

Each week we implement the Western Australian Curriculum for English, Maths, Science, Humanities & Social
Sciences and Health & Physical Education. The Pre Primary syllabus can be found at:

This term in Pre Primary we will be working within the theme of Fairy
Tales using this as an inspiration for our learning.

In our classroom we have a role play area to stimulate play and oral
language development.

In English we are exploring narratives, and working on our comprehension skills, continuing to practise retelling
simple stories in sequence. We will read an assortment of classic Fairy Tales books such as The Three Little
Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk and many more. We will use these to continue to develop our phonics knowledge
and concepts of print, as well as to inspire some beautiful artistic creations.

The main focus in Mathematics will be the enhancement of number sense skills through a variety of hands-on
teaching and learning experiences. The children will review addition, subtraction, sharing, mass, length, and will
begin to explore patterns, location & transformations, volume and capacity.

In Humanities and Social Sciences, our focus is on Geography; learning about the places people live in and
belong to (e.g. neighbourhood, suburb, town), the familiar features in the local area and why places are important
to people (e.g. provides basic needs) and how to represent these familiar places on a pictorial map.

In Science, our focus is on Earth and Space Sciences; learning about daily and seasonal changes in our
environment that affect our everyday life. This involves linking the changes in the daily weather to the way we
modify our behaviour and dress for different conditions and investigating how changes in the weather might
affect animals such as pets, animals that hibernate, or migratory animals. We will also look at the Indigenous
Seasons Calendar.

In Health we are focusing on becoming aware of our personal strengths and developing persistence when faced
with challenges. We are also looking at how we have ‘grown up’ since birth.

Home Readers & Sight Words
Last term we began sending tasks home, including: home readers, sight words and some single sounds practice.
If you have any queries about the process of borrowing home readers, please come and see us. We appreciate
your support with encouraging your child to engage with their learning at home. Young childrens’ attitude toward
reading reflects their exposure to reading at home and at school. Please make the most of these experiences
until we ask for all home readers to be returned in week 7.

Yokine Primary School Woodrow Avenue, Yokine WA 6060 T: (08) 9242 2726 F: (08) 9242 4142 ABN: 34 541 089 163