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SPLM 2012 Product Tag List

Updated: 06 November 2018

All the SPLM tags listed here can be used with SPLM 2010 (v11.00.17.00) and SPLM 2012 (,, 12.00.8x.00
and as well.

Tag Description
2D1 PDS 2D
4D ISOGEN - Batch
5D ISOGEN - Interactive
APS Assembly Planning & Simulation Solutionware
C2A CAESAR II AISC (structural unity check module)
C2B CAESAR II c2_mat (material database editor)
C2C CAESAR II c2isogen (ISOGEN export module)
C2D CAESAR II c2u (buried pipe modeler)
C2E CAESAR II dynout1 (dynamic force/stress computation engine)
C2F CAESAR II dynout2 (dynamic output module)
C2G CAESAR II iecho (neutral file import/export module)
C2H CAESAR II misc (auxiliary computation module)
C2I CAESAR II outp01 (static force/stress computation engine)
C2J CAESAR II outp02 (static output module)
C2K CAESAR II prepip (piping input module)
C2L CAESAR II rot (rotating equipment module)
C2M CAESAR II run107 (WRC computation module)
C2N Caesar II - Nuclear (NQA)
CW3 CloudWorx for Smart3D (Combo of S3D, PDS, SPR and CADWorx)
CWC CloudWorx for CADWorx
CWI CloudWorx for SmartPlant Isometrics
CWP CloudWorx for PDS
CWR CloudWorx for SmartPlant Review
E3S Intergraph Reserved
EIE SmartPlant Engineering Integrity for Electrical
EII SmartPlant Engineering Integrity for Instrumentation
EIP SmartPlant Engineering Integrity for PDS
EPO Smart Enterprise Portal
FBI SmartPlant Foundation Basic Integrator
FDY SmartPlant Foundation - Daily Keys
FPP SmartPlant Foundation
FST SmartPlant Foundation – Site License
FSU SmartPlant Foundation – Single User
FTL SmartPlant Foundation Tools
FWB SmartPlant Foundation Web Portal
FWP FrameWorks Plus
IDE I-Data Estimator
IEP CADWorx E&I Professional
IEX I-Export
INK SmartPlant Instrumentation (INtools) Import Utility
INM SmartPlant Instrumentation (INtools) Maintenance
INS SmartPlant Instrumentation (INtools) Standard
INV SmartPlant Instrumentation (INtools) View Only / API
IRC ISOGEN Solo Edition
IRU I-Run (Batch Isogen)
IS SmartMarine 3D, SmartMarine 3D Hull
IS and ISO SmartMarine 3D Outfitting
IS and IST SmartMarine 3D Tribon
IS and SLA SmartMarine 3D Layout
ISD Intergraph Reserved
ISK SmartPlant Isometrics
ISM SmartPlant Isometrics Modules
ISP Isogen Publisher
ISV I-Serve (no longer exists)
LDE Smart Laser Data Engineering
LDM Smart Laser Data Manager
LPM LPM Publisher Solutionware
LPB LPM Base (For Fabrication Solutionware)
SmartPlant Materials
MAT Note:
Old Name: Marians
MBI SmartPlant Materials Business Intelligence Reporting
MCD SP Interop Publisher MCAD Module
MEP SmartPlant Materials Engineering and Procurement Integration Module
MHE SmartPlant 3D Materials Handling Edition
MIM SmartPlant Materials Integrator Module
MLC SmartPlant Materials Material Life Cycle Library
MSC SmartPlant Materials Material Supply Chain Management Module
MSM SmartPlant Materials Site Management Module
MSU SmartPlant Materials Supplier Module
PDE SmartPlant P&ID Engineering
PEI Engineering Integrity
PES SmartPlant Plant Engineering Solution bundle
PIA CADWorx P&ID Professional
PIB CADWorx P&ID (non Professional)
PLA CADWorx Plant Professional Main Module
PLB CADWorx Plant (non Professional)
PLC CADWorx Design Create
PLE CADWorx Plant Professional Equipment Module
PLF CADWorx field Pipe
PLI CADWorx Plant Professional ISOGEN Module
PLR CADWorx Design Review
PLS CADWorx Plant Steel
PMD SupportModeler for PDS
PMN SupportManager for PDS
PO1 OrthoGen for CADWorx #1
PO2 OrthoGen for CADWorx #2
PO3 OrthoGen for CADWorx #3
PO4 OrthoGen for CADWorx - Site License
PO5 OrthoGen for CADWorx View Manager Module
PRN Paulin Research Group (PRG) NozzlePro
PRP Paulin Research Group (PRG) PCL Gold
PRT Paulin Research Group (PRG) FEA Tools
PSF Process Safety
PSO Action Management – Maximum of 100 Actions
PSU Action Management –Unlimited Actions
PVA PV Elite Vessel Analysis Module
PVB PV Elite Component Analysis Module
PVE PV Elite
PVF PV Fabricator
PWC S3D Panel Welding & Cutting
RD SmartPlant Reference Data
RMA SmartPlant Review API Module
RMC SmartPlant Review Construction Module
RMO SmartPlant Review On-Site Drawing Generation Module
RMP SmartPlant Review Point Cloud Integrator Module
RMR SmartPlant Review Photo-Realism Module
RMS SmartPlant Review Simulation & Visual Effects Module
S3B Smart 3D Bundle (Support bundle licensing in SP3D, SM3D and MHE)
S3D SmartPlant 3D
S3G Smart 3D to GeniE Export
S3N Export S3D Structural Data to Neutral XML
S3P Exporting S3D Designs to PDS
S3X Smart3D to PDMS Export Utilities
SBE sigraph.CAE - Basic Engineering
SBD Smart 3D Basic Design Edition
SBI Smart 3D Bocad Interface
SCO Smart Construction OnSite
SDB Standard Database for Smart Reference Data
SDM sigraph.CAE - CDM
SDV SmartPlant P&ID Design Validation Tool
SEI SmartPlant Electrical Import Manager
SEL SmartPlant Electrical
SEP sigraph.CAE - Explorer
SES SmartPlant Electrical SAP Module (Replaces SEB, Bit 1)
SFU Intergraph Reserved
SFX Smart Fabrication Planning and Execution Suite
SGC SmartPlant Spoolgen Counting
SHS SDB for Hangers and Support
SIG SmartPlant Electrical - Detailed Engineering (sigragph.CAE) v9.
SIM SmartPlant 3D PDS Model and Data Translators
SIP SmartPlant Interop Publisher Adaptor to SPF
SLA SmartPlant Layout
SPC SmartPlant Construction
SPE SmartPlant Process Engineering
SPG SmartPlant Spoolgen
SPM SmartPlant Spoolgen Modules
SPPD SmartPlant P&ID
SPR SmartPlant Review
SRM SmartPlant Review Modules
Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher
SRP Note:
Old Names: SmartPlant Interop Publisher, SmartPlant Review Publisher
SSK SmartSketch, SmartSketch Drawing Editor (Standalone)
SVW sigraph.CAE - View
SWP sigraph.CAE - Detail Wiring & Panel Design
TK Tank
TKA TANK apisolv (computation engine)
TKB TANK apiout (output generation)
TKC TANK output (output review module)
TPE Top Down Planning & Estimating Solutionware
VIP Intergraph Reserved
VVD Visual Vessel Design