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It is a very good learning experience working with the company during this
period. During initial 10-12 days period I had studied various products of the
company. I had also been given a brief idea about the technical parameters of
the product. After studying the company products I was given a brief idea about
the sales process of the company, target market of the product etc.

After studying the company products and the sales process I visited few client
companies so as to get a clear idea of actual field work. This was continued
about 15 days.

After 15 days my actual work started. My responsibility was to increase sales of

the paints and related materials like thinners, metallic paints to the general
industry customers by taking feedback of existing customers and through new
marketing techniques included in digital marketing.

I collected database consisting of the list of the companies in above mentioned

industrial areas which would probably require the industrial paints. I obtained
the data from various sources like yellow pages, industrial directory, internet
and BSNL directory, LinkedIn. Also company sales people suggested me some
companies to visit where I went and asked them the basic questions. After that I
classified the list of the companies according to their territory. During first 20
days of the actual field work I tried to cover the companies in the industrial area
of Vapi, Umbergaon and Valsad. I used to call production manager,
maintenance manager to take an appointment to meet them and if needed, to
introduce them our products.

At the meeting I would first introduce the company that I was representing.
Then tell the concerned person about the domain expertise in which the
company operates & industrial paints that are being offered by the company.
Along with this conversation I ask the concerned person some questions about
the currently used paints and job done at their plants. If they are our existing
customers then I ask for drawback which they faced due to our company, After
understanding their applications I tell him the effectiveness of our product and
how these paints will be more beneficial in their applications. . Wherever
needed I used to give a samples of the paints(as suggested to me by my

1|Project Report
I also tell the customer about the delivery time and after sales service of the
company. This routine lasted throughout my project. After generating a
requirement to the customer, final negotiation of pricing and other objectives
was handled by my senior people as it was too sensitive issue to tackle. On few
occasions I went for cold walk-ins in some companies which were not in my
list. Response during cold walk-ins was not so good as people prefer
appointments for presentations. So I fix up the appointments. While giving a
call one has to be very accurate. Communication must be so effective to
convince the other person with no time delay. Within a short time of period I
got familiar with the important areas and locations which were desired to be
known. I was successful in generating some sales on my own in last few days.

2|Project Report
 To be a part of competitive market today, each industry needs to go
digital for their marketing. As digital spends of the company from 1% in
2004 has reached almost to 20% in 2018.
 So my company has started applying online marketing and promotions as
a strategy. Firstly a website was made by a partner company Softyoug
 I learnt what is domain, keywords, SEO, SMO, SMM etc which are the
related terms to digital marketing.
 Then started with making reports of On and Off Page SEO on the
website. I was given a task to find unique keywords related to paint
industry. Keywords are of types broad, exact, phrase, short tail, long tail,
business and traffic.(This report will be used by the company after
completion of website making to promote the products on line)
 Then started studying the written blogs. As I closely followed the blog of
asian paints “Blog Nilaya” which generates more traffic on asian paint
 Learnt how google auto suggest can be used for title of the blogs and
learnt the use of small SEO tools website for the same.
 Then started with studying how to provide Outbound links to big names
like asian paints etc, and how to Generate backlink at such early stage
that can become very difficult.
 Then had an experience with Off Page Optimization, the important
contents are backlink, linkjuice, No follow and Follow tags, linking root
domain, anchor text, directory submission(I for now did free listing only
on and others like
 Article submission on places like tumblr, github, scribd etc.
 Social bookmarking is done on just dial. It’s a place where according to
locality website is displayed.
 Created profiles on Instagram, facebook page, linkedin page etc.
 Other things like image submission and document sharing was studied.
 Studied how uber suggest and databox works.
 Now started with creating Ad campaign using google adwords and google
keywords planner so to get estimated traffic on the website. As soon as
new content is updated more visitors are recorded. Till now only basic
thing about google adwords is studied.

Other Off-line things include contacting people on telephone to ask reviews on sales
and service of our company and also contacting new people so that they get aware

3|Project Report
about the product. Also I found many people on linkedIn from various chemical
industries who require paints on regular basis. Just main target is to increase the

During the stint of this project few facts I observed particularly and which are of
important nature in regard of Corporate Marketing are consolidated as the
findings of the project. These facts are mentioned as following,

4|Project Report
1. The market for industrial paints has huge potential and many industries
coming up in our region brings many opportunities for company.

2. Some companies are using very general products for their requirement
because they are unaware about the options available.

3. Some industries are not ready to use our products because they don’t
know about us.

4. The main USP of the product is scope for customization of the product so
company should cash on this competence to acquire more market share.

5. Response from the corporate was mixed sort of. Few of those who
actually evaluated product found it useful. Also few organizations
approved the utility but did not have any immediate requirement. And
there were few those totally disagreed with product as they were not
interested in changing their suppliers.

6. During selling and marketing of the paints I realized that industrial selling
is way different from personal selling and has to be dealt in different way



1. Company should target the general industry consumers who are very
price conscious by providing them products at competitive rates

5|Project Report
2. Company should target on the industries which have very specific needs
and serve them with customized products to suit their needs

3. Company should improve its delivery system to speed up the process.

4. As company is doing totally off line marketing, they should work on

promotion and marketing online to establish itself as a brand.

5. Company should concentrate on promotion of their products and try to

enhance the target market.


I came to the conclusion that there is a lot of market potential for Industrial
Paints. Many companies are ready to try new products only after becoming fully
assured about the quality and standard of the product.

6|Project Report
There is very wide gap in demand and supply of these paints because of
various reasons like delay in supply of raw materials, lack of continuous power
supply, etc. and it is very essential for our company to undertake extensive
marketing and promotion campaign to establish itself as a brand

7|Project Report