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Direct Drive Installalation Instructions

Thank you for your purchase of my Direct Drive upgrade kit for the Ender 3. Lets
get started!

The contents of your package should have every shown below PLUS a section of
cable wrap.

A. New X Carriage G. M3 x 50mm x 3

B. Extruder Spacer H. M3 x 25mm x 2
C. Wire Holders x 2 I. M3 x 20mm x 2
D. Wire Holder J. Zip Ties x 5
E. Motor Spacer K. Bowden Tube
F. Hotend Spacer L. Push To Connect Fitting

M. Wire Harness Extension

If your machine isn’t assembled some of the instructions will not apply to you.

1. Remove top cross member and spool holder.

2. Unplug E wire ribbon from Extruder motor

3. Remove X Gantry by turning Z lead screw. Set X Gantry on build plate.

4. Remove Bowden Tube and connectors from the extruder and Hot End
5. Disassemble extruder from current position by removing tension arm and 3
remaining M3 bolts.
6. Remove belt tensioner and Z guide from right side of X Gantry in picture
7. Remove 2 M3 bolts holding cooling housing from X Carriage. Remove 2 M3
bolts from hotend. Set assembly to the back of the machine for now.

8. Remove belts from X Carriage. Remove X Carriage from X gantry.

9. Remove roller wheels from X Carriage and install in same direction on
upgrade X Carriage (A) in same orientation.
10.Time to put the extruder together, here are the pieces.
11. Set Extruder motor on build plate with wire connection to your left. Place
Extruder Spacer (B) on face of motor. Place extruder main body so that the
threaded output is facing away from you. Install pan screw in left corner
nearest you. Use one of the bolts removed from assembly to line up spacer.
Tighten pan head bolt. Remove alignment bolt.
12. Install tension arm and spring. Do not over tighten. Should move easily.
13. Place Motor Spacer (E) on bottom of extruder plate. Insert supplied M3x
25mm bolts through X carriage (A) into stepper motor and tighten. Your
assembly should look like picture below. Make sure the wire connection is
as shown.
14.Hotend assembly. Use supplied Push To Connect (K) and short Bowden
tube(L). Screw connector into hotend leaving approximately 2 turns loose.
Insert Bowden tube till fully seated in hotend. Tighten connector. This will
cause the connector to “bite” into the tube and force the tube hard against
the nozzle.
15. Remove 2 lock washers from M3 bolts removed from hotend and put on
supplied M3 x 20mm bolts. Use Hotend Spacer (F) and attach to X
Carriage(A). Tube should fit into exit port of extruder.
16. Fasten cooling housing to X Carriage with original bolts.
17. Remove top left bolt from stepper motor. Using Wire Holder (D) and M3 x
50mm bolt attach wire holder to stepper motor as shown below.
18.Extruder is now assembled. Slide back onto X Gantry, attach belts and re-
assemble X Gantry.
19. Re-assemble X gantry onto printer. Wires for the hot end should run
around the left upright and across the front of the machine.
20. Install Wire Holder (C) onto Z axis stepper. Use the 2 M3 bolts removed
from hotend to fasten it. The bolts will NOT tighten all the way, this is only
to hold the wires in place.
21. Gather wires and ziptie to wire holder. Make sure all slack between
controller case and holder are tight but do not over pull. Ensure Hotend
wires are not wrapped in heatbed wires.
22. If Wire Harness Extension (M) was ordered, plug into E wire ribbon
connector. If not, this is time to cut and extend wires approximately
23. Remove QR code sticker from X Stepper motor. Remove left side bolts.
With supplied M3x 50 bolts install Wire Holder (C) to left side of X Motor as
shown. Make sure gantry is to top position. Attach wires to wire holder
with zipties.
24. Plug E motor back in. Run hot end wires under E motor. Attach E motor
wires and hotend wires to Wire Holder (D) mounted on E motor.
25. Wrap all wires with supplied cable wrap.
26. Install the spool holder on the back of the machine.

We are all done. Done forget to re-level your bed since the Z height will
have changed some. Happy Printing!!