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Water Molecule Unit Homework Name:

Please provide examples of ways human use water in the boxes

Warning! 4 part question, check diamond when accomplished.

◊ Complete a pie graph below showing the locations of earth’s
◊ Make sure that your graph includes all the places water is located
on earth.
◊ Include % in the margin and
◊ provide a brief statement about whether humans can use it for
drinking and agriculture.

What does the photo on the right mean

to you now that you have studied
drought and famine in Somalia?










Use the boxes below to describe some ways at home you can
conserve water. Visit the internet if you are struggling.

Please use your knowledge of groundwater and groundwater

depletion to discuss the photos taken above. Why is this concerning?
Please draw two ways that groundwater can become polluted

Please draw and label the most accurate molecule of H2O possible in
the box on the right. Please include two atoms of hydrogen, and one
of oxygen. A strong answer will also include both + and – charge.

Please describe the property of water on the

right? A strong answer will focus on polarity.





Oil and water don’t mix. Describe the difficulties associated with
trying to clean up after an oil spill at sea?

Please describe the property of water shown

below. Why does the water form these droplets?





Caution! This is a three part question. ◊What is this, ◊what property of

water does it demonstrate, ◊and how do you measure the amount of
water in this cylinder?

Please draw arrows showing where the water in this picture will go?
#1) What is the name of this type of phenomenon?
#2) What property of water causes it?
#3) What do know about plant biology? Ph_t_ _y_ _ h_s_s

The leaf below used to be green but is now changing colors. How
could you separate a leaf into all of its different colors?
Think chromatography.

What property of water can be seen in the photograph below?

Please draw another example of this property in the space
Why does this property occur?
Please number the order that the following will likely freeze in the
winter 1-4

Which pool of water will require the most energy to boil, the least,
and in the middle?

At what temperature does water boil and freeze in degrees Celsius?

Boils - ___________ Celsius
Freezes - _________ Celsius

Why is it important that water is a liquid at room temperature?

In the space below, please label the hydrologic (water) cycle. A
strong answer will contain most of the word bank below.
•Condensation •Evaporation •Precipitation •Percolation
•Transpiration •Infiltration •Ocean Storage •Ground Water
Storage •Freshwater discharge •Surface run-off.
Please demonstrate your knowledge of lake-turnover in the space
Summer Stagnation Early Fall

Late Fall Winter (please include an

example of the lower density of

Please fill in the pH scale below with information regarding acids and
bases. Please name a few common acids and bases as well as color
code the box below.
What is an acid and can you name some things that are acidic?

You are a biologist, and you are asked to

investigate a pond that is void of most pond
life? What is one thing you should test?

Why is it so important to life that most things dissolve in water? Think


Please use these shapes below to represent the mixtures. ◊ □ ◦×

Homogeneous Heterogeneous

Please use the jar below to create a heterogeneous mixture. Please

describe which ingredient is a solvent and which is the solute. Please
describe solubility and make a reference to when a mixture becomes

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Water Molecule Unit
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5 6

7 8

10 11 12 13 14 15

16 17 18

19 20


22 23


Possible Answers:
Adhesion, Boils, Capillary, Chromatography, Cohesion, Condensation, Density, Depletion, Evaporation, Heat,
Heterogeneous, Icecaps, Meniscus, Neutral, Non-polar, Oceans, One, Polar, Precipitation, Properties, Rivers,
Solubility, Solution, Solvent, Water, Zero

Across: Down:
1 - Hydrogen bonds hold water molecules 1 - A method used to separate complex
together to each other. mixtures
5 - Water ________ at 100 degrees Celsius 2 - High Specific ______ : Hydrogen bonds
7 - Water that is so heavy it falls as liquid / absorb heat when they break, and release heat
solid. when they form.
9 - A mixture of two or more compounds. 3 - How much solute can dissolve in a
10 - Water freezes at ______ degrees Celsius substance before it becomes saturated.
11 - The drying up of wells is one effect of 4 - Water weighs ____ gram per cubic
groundwater ____________? centimeter
14 - These molecules tend to have like charges 6 - The substance that does the dissolving
(+ +) (- -) (usually larger amount)
16 - The curved surface at the top of a column 8 - Water vapor (gas) turns back to a liquid.
of liquid (energy required / cold) -cloud formation.
19 - The _______ Cycle: The continuous 11 - Lower ________ of Ice: Molecules are
movement of water on, above, and below the spaced far apart. Ice floats
surface of the earth. 12 - Substance changes from a liquid state to
21 - Inland Lakes, Groundwater, and gas state (requires energy).
___________ are available freshwater sources? 13 - Water in a pure state has a _______ pH.
22 - Most of the freshwater is locked away in As a result, pure water is neither acidic nor
the __________? basic.
24 - property that holds water to a surface 15 - Most of earths water can found in the
17 - ___________ Action. Name for when
water moves up plants by adhesion.
18 - Water is the Universal ___________.
20 - Water has unique _____________
because of its lopsided + and – ends.
23 - These molecules tend to have a positive
charge and negative charge.

Bonus* In the following square, please create a one square cartoon that
teaches something about water and it's properties.
Pretend the teacher is an editor for a magazine, the cartoon below needs to be well done and in black ink to
get any credit.