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INITIAL CERTIFICATE OF CALIBRATION CALIBRATION REPORT PART NO. 3036 Cl PASSIVATION TESTER MODEL NUMBER, 3036 [ORIGINAL FACTORY SERIAL NUMBER 4340 DATE OF CALIBRATION: July 20,2017, (CALIBRATION PERFORMED FOR INVOICE NUMBER: 56834 [STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE, 2827 (CALIBRATION SUPERVISED BY: WK. [YEARLY CALIBRATION DATE: ‘July, 2048 11. OBSERVE CORROSION POTENTIAL OF PASSIVATION 'STANDARD USING KIT FLASH-PROBE NECESSARY NIBS AND #00 to -200 iv PASS |SOLUTIONS. '2. VERIFICATION OF PROCESSOR ELECTRONICS, UTILIZING 30025 mv Pass. NST. TRACEASLE STANDARD, '3. MEASURE REDOX POTENTIAL, FROM KIT FLASH-PROBE ELECTRODE VS. SATURATED CALOMEL REFERENCE eae Led ELECTRODE (SCE). '4. OBSERVE CORROSION POTENTIAL OF PASSIVATION -400 to -200 mv PASS [STANDARD tested. The elstronic processor pat ofthe instrument i put ite a cru with 2 very stable regulated laboratory voltage supely tobe used a reference. if need be, @ secondary reference; The Weston Cell may aso e implemented. The Weston is @ wet chemical ce tat produces highly Stable votage suitable as a laboratory standard for calaton of voimetrs, was adopted as the Intemational Standard for EMF. Serial No. 881135R- EME. 1 0184y, (+) () 0.000, accra to (+) () 0.1% NIST. test umber 256073 wih resus compared to an N.S. traceable meter. Ths ceries thatthe vlimeter meets or exceeds all specications as stated inthe calration procedure. The ealbration of mulimeters are performed in compliance ‘The Flash-Prove wes messured agsne a laboratory reference saturated calomel electrode(SCE); an electrode which is stable and wel-known ceectede potential The high tailty ofthe electrode potential is usualy reached by employing a redox sysiem wih consiant saturated concentrations of ‘8ch participants ofthe redox reacton. Al standard ambient temperature condlons 25" Centigrade, the potential ofthe saturated calomel eecrode Shou be +0 24 1 0.248 V. versus the Standard Hydrogen Electrode (SHE) (E=0.000V) also known as "normal hysrogen electrode” (NHE)* Wh the ‘SCE as ou standard te listed Fash-Probe ac ts prs are noted as compared accepted its according to Koslow Scien “Te instruction mancal st the procedure fortes ing ofthe Passivation Standard metal couron. The rages of passive metals is sed as well asthe techriques of operating the apparatus in entety. Te calibration fab technician might supply testing soliton. ‘Annual calbrations are recommended by manufacturer. The nia calraton certicate difers fom a feldcalraton ceifcate by proving before and ‘ater epar data. The intructon manual ists the custome:’s procedure for daly testing ofthe passwvaton standard. The resdings reported fom tis ‘Standar ar publahed as wel as he techniques of operating tne apparatus. The calorton lab technician might use a et adjustnt of microprocessor it needed. The ndings In ts report represent Koslow Sclnific Companys observations We are not an accredited test lab, and make no claims othe future performance ofthis equipment outside of our facity "Davi G bes and George J. ane (198%) Azacemie Pass. 180 kosiow SCIENTIFIC TESTING INSTRUMENTS 172 Walkers Lane, Englewood, NJ, 07631 USA ‘Tel 201.541.9100 « Fax 201.541.9330 + Ernail KOSLOW.COM