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1. What is one of the main threats in the engines?

a. Fire
b. water
c. Humidity
2. multi-engine aircraft have a?
a. Multi system
b. Fixed fire protection system
c, any
3. What is a fire zone?
a. Designed to require detection
b. zone for there to be fire
c. Any
4. What does the term "fixed" mean?
a. describes the area of the fire
b. describes many systems
c. describes a permanent installation system
5. what material are portable fire extinguishers
a. Halon or water
b. CO2
c any
6. The wells areas of the wheel Purge air ducts have a:
a. fixed fire detection
b. multi systems
c. any
7. These detection systemsOverheating detectors Carbon monoxide detectors are
used in aircraft?
a. reciprocal engines
b. turbine engines
c. any