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Kathryn Cisneros

Professor Holly Batty

English 101

May 2019

Reflective Essay

At the beginning of my spring semester, I signed up for English 101 because it was a

requirement for my generals; however, I didn’t register to professor Battys’ class. Upon entering

the class, I didn’t know what to expect. I soon realized the class would be focusing on criteria

thinking, reading, and writing, and most of all doing essays. Immediately I was unhappy about it.

I always felt I was a strong reader and writer, I soon realized that I was far from that and I had a

lot to learn.

There were many activities throughout the semester that focused on critical thinking and

writing. One of the first assignments given in class had a video titled, “How to Get the Most out

of Studying: Part 1 of 5, Beliefs That Make You Fail or Succeed”, in this video I learned a lot

about myself as a student, ultimately it showed me that I think too high of myself as a student.

As the semester went on, I felt that the assignments given prior to the first essay were a waste of

time and I didn’t do them. That only hurt me as a student. The tips given in class and the

assignments were so helpful when I did my second essay. Many times, I went back to the module

“Study Plan: Writing Success”, to get ideas on how I can begin my essay, and when I finished,

how to improve it. One tip I used the most was beginning the essay as a free write. I would

always struggle commending my essays, because I would focus on making a good strong thesis,

but by starting my essay as a free write the ideas and words would just flow so easily and

naturally I would end up writing a whole page and half of my thoughts down, which I would
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then break down into paragraphs and/or take bits of it and used it in my final draft. This made

critical thinking and writing so much easier!

What I learned in this class is also fundamental for the field of my major (Child

Development Early Childhood), as a student who plans on getting my Bachelors and my

Masters, I’ve only begun writing essays. What I learned in this class is only the beginning, but

it’s given a head start in improving myself as a student. I’ve learned that it’s not a race, it’s okay

to take time and take the extra time to do bubble maps, or organize my thought and words before

I put them on paper. It’s okay to write many things and erase big chunks of it and start from the

very begging. It’s okay to have an idea of what you wanted to write and then change your mind

because there wasn’t enough evidence to supports your thoughts. As a proceed in my college

career I’m going to take what I’ve learned in this class until I graduate and beyond that into my

teaching career.

The critical thinking, writing, and reading tips I learned in this class has made me realize

I wasn’t at writing essays, as much as I thought I was. Even though, I considered dropping this

class at the beginning of the semester because I wasn't sure I could handle it, I'm glad I didn’t.

Even though I’m still not good at writing, that takes time, I have fundamental tips to improve my

writing, tips I can look back at to ensure my writing, whether that be essays, stories, or the poems

I write, it can be writing I can be proud of to present and/or let strangers read, without fearing I'll

sound ignorant.