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ME 483 ME Elective 2

Strictly no erasures. Preserve your integrity; if you are caught cheating during the exam, you will
automatically get a failing grade.

9. A set of regulation adapted by an administrative

1. Storm water is? agency that has jurisdiction over materials and
design specification in plumbing?
a. Waste water
b. Sea water a. Plumbing Code
c. Rain water b. Code of ethics
d. Potable water c. Building code
d. Civil code
2. Refers to an individual who worked in the
sanitary field of ancient Rome. 10. Refers to the resistance produced by flowing
water with fittings and interior surface of the
a. Plumbum pipe?
b. Plumber a. Force
c. Plumbarius b. Friction
d. Plum c. Pressure
d. velocity
3. Is a drain from two or three fixtures connected
to a single trap? 11. An electrically or mechanically operated device
used to elevate sewage and liquid waste from a lower
a. Circuit vent level to a point of discharge into a sewer or other
b. Branch vent disposal system.
c. Common vent
d. Continuous vent a. Ejector
b. Ram
4. Waste discharge by water closet is? c. Compressor
d. Hand pump
a. Liquid waste
b. Water waste 12. Combination of two chemical elements called
c. Solid waste hydrogen and oxygen?
d. Urine a. Ice
b. Water
5. Is a sewer line or system directly controlled by c. Liquid
public authority? d. fluid

a. Main sewer 13. Refers to the pressure range measured over a

b. Sanitary sewer period of 24 hours?
c. Private sewer
d. House sewer a. Static pressure
b. Pressure
6. Air pressure in drainage pipes greater than c. Normal pressure
atmospheric pressure? d. Critical pressure

a. Normal pressure 14. The minimum pressure that should be maintained

b. Standard pressure for fixtures containing flush tank supplies shall
c. Back pressure be?
d. Barometric pressure
a. 30 psi
7. Refers to the maximum water discharge of fixtures b. 8.0 psi
in terms of fixture units? c. 4.340 psi
d. 0.434 psi
a. Potable demand
b. Minimum demand 15. A device used to measure the amount of water
c. Total fixture units that passes through the water service?
d. Maximum demand
a. Water gauge
8. The minimum allowable size of any drain, b. Water tank
horizontal branch, vertical soil or waste stack c. Water stop
serving one or more water closets shall be? d. Water meter

a. 3 in 16. The valve for controlling two or more outlet in

b. 4 in a cold water supply line may be a?
c. 5 in a. Heavy duty gate valve
d. 2 in b. Full way gate valve
c. Ground key valve
d. Non-rising stem globe valve
17. A material not listed in the code for use in
water piping is? a. MWSS
b. Service pipe
a. Plastic c. Distribution pipe
b. Cast iron d. Water main distribution pipe
c. Aluminum 27. Actuated by stem screw, and hand wheel, suited
d. Asbestos cement on installation that calls for throttling?

18. The lowest piping system that receives the a. Foot valve
discharge from soil, waste and other drainage pipes b. Gate valve
is? c. Angle valve
d. Globe valve
a. Building sewer
b. Building drain 28. Minimum of number of water closet required at
c. Soil pipe office 20 persons?
d. Asbestos pipe
a. 1
19. A set of regulation adapted by an administrative b. 2
agency that has jurisdiction over material and c. 3
design specification in plumbing? d. 4

a. Building code 29. Minimum of number of water closet required at

b. Civil code elementary school for 35 females?
c. Code of ethics
d. Plumbing code 30. A vertical pipe usually used for the storage of
water, frequently under pressure?
20. It is inserted into the water main and it serves
as the control of the water service? a. Vent pipe
b. Vertical pipe
a. Curb stop c. Stand pipe
b. Corporation stop d. Waste pipe
c. Water stop
d. Meter stop 31. A bowl or basin used for washing face and hands?

21. A mechanical device used to circulate hit water a. Bathtub

to the plumbing system? b. Compartment sink
c. Lavatory
a. Overhead feed system d. Mixing bowl
b. Up feed system
c. Pump circuit system 32. Fire prevention month?
d. Hot water system
a. April
22. The waste test for drainage system shall be at b. May
least? c. March
d. July
a. 15 psi
b. 10 psi 33. Considers the building density in the locality
c. 15 ft head and flammability of the structures and its contents?
d. 10 ft head
a. Civil Code
23. Used on a smaller distribution system for b. Fire Protection
elevating water in wells or other sources? c. Fire Code
d. Fire Bureau
a. Piston pump
b. Centrifugal pump 34. Always located near the stairs for use by
c. Water pump firemen in case of fire?
d. Pumping station
a. Standpipe
24. The minimum quantity of water for flush urinals b. Hydro pneumatic pump
is? c. Fire hose
d. Fire tank
a. 4 gallons
b. 3 gallons 35. Refers to the piping installation where both the
c. 2 gallons mains and the distribution pipes are constantly
d. 1 gallons filled with water?

25. Located at the lower end of the pump used to a. Standpipe

prevent lost of priming the pump? b. Dry pipe
c. Wet pipe
a. Foot valve d. Water pipe
b. Gate valve
c. Angle valve 36. Used as a terminal of the soil branch in each
d. Globe valve floor?

26. A pipe from the street water main to the a. Aeration

building served is? b. Deaerator
c. Sovent system 46. Recommended size of waste water pipe for
d. Ventilation drinking fountain?
a. 32 mm
37. Installed at the bottom portion of the soil b. 38 mm
stack where the house drain is connected to receive c. 40 mm
the discharge from Aeration? d. 50 mm

a. Aeration 47. Number of fixture unit of floor drain for waste

b. Deaeration pipe?
c. Sovent system
d. Ventilation a. 1
b. 2
38. Recommended minimum size of p-trap for floor c. 3
drain is? d. 4

a. 2” 48. Number of fixture unit of lavatory for waste

b. 3” pipe?
c. 4”
d. 1 ½” a. 1
b. 2
39. The trap of the floor drain shall be placed not c. 3
more than _________ centimeters below the finished d. 4
floor line, to facilitate cleaning in case of line
trouble. 49. Number of fixture unit of water closet for waste
a. 30
b. 40 a. 2
c. 50 b. 4
d. 60 c. 5
d. 6
40. Recommended grade or slope of a house drain?
50. Number of fixture unit of urinal for waste pipe?
a. 3%
b. 2% a. 2
c. 1% b. 4
d. ½% c. 5
d. 6
41. One fixture unit represents how many liters of

a. 20 liters
b. 30 liters
c. 40 liters
d. 10 liters

42. No water closet shall discharge in to drain less

than ____inches diameter pipe

a. 2 inches
b. 3 inches
c. 4 inches
d. 2-1/2 inches

43. As per Plumbing Code on soil pipe, at least

_____of the vertical stacks in the plumbing system
must extended full size through the roof.

a. 4
b. 3
c. 2
d. 1

44. Recommended size of waste pipe for urinal?

a. 32 mm
b. 38 mm
c. 40 mm
d. 50 mm

45. Recommended size of waste pipe for bathtub?

a. 32-38 mm
b. 38-40 mm
c. 38-50 mm
d. 40-50 mm