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That I, of legal age, Filipino citizen, and a resident of and was a

tenant of the, a Philippine Corporation from the month of.
That the period and phase for which I leased a portion of the
Premises of the eneded last. For this reason, I voluntarily agreed to
sever, cease or end my contract with the on the said date;
That I hereby acknowledge the receipt of the amount of
______________________ pertaining to my cash bond for the use of the
space the in full payment and settlement of all fees due me and any
and all claims of whatever kind and nature, which I have or may have
against said corporation on account of or incident to my tenancy
herewith and the termination thereof.
In consideration of the said payment, I have released, and by
these presents do, for my heirs and successors, the said its trustees,
officers, successors and/or any of its Board of Directors or officers
from any and all manner of actions, damages, claims and demands
whatsoever which I ever had, now have, or which I or my heirs may
have whatsoever up to the time of this presents against the, its
trustees, officers, managers, successors and Board of Trustees, the
intention hereof being to completely, absolutely finally release said, its
trustees, officers, managers, successors and assigns and or any of its
Board of Trustees from all liabilities arising wholly or personally,
directly or indirectly, from my contract of service and /or the
termination thereof, with the said.
I hereby acknowledge that I have received the above
consideration as full and final satisfaction of my and all such claims. I
further manifest that the payment of the abovementioned amount
shall not be taken by me, my heirs or successors as a confession and
or admission of liability on the part of, for any matter, cause and
demand or damages I may have against the latter. This Waiver and
Quitclaim is not contrary to law, morals, and public policy;
I acknowledge that no representation, undertaking promise or
commitment of present or future fact, opinion, or event has been
made by the to me or by me to the to induce the execution of this
Waiver and Quitclaim. I have freely entered into this Waiver and
Quitclaim relying solely on my independent inquiries and evaluation
of all relevant facts, circumstances, laws and jurisprudence, with full
knowledge or full opportunity to obtain such knowledge of all facts,
circumstances, laws and jurisprudence relating to the execution of
this Waiver and Quitclaim;
I hereby declare that I have read this document before signing it
and the receipt and quitclaim hereby given is made willingly and
voluntarily and with full knowledge of my rights under the law.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have here unto set my hand this

_____________________________, in the Municipality of Palo, Leyte,

Service Contractor
Postal I.D. no.


________________________________ ___________________________

Republic of the Philippines)

Province of Leyte )S.S.
Municipality of Palo )
x - - - - - - - - - - - - -x)

SUBSCRIBED and SWORN to before me this

__________________ in the Municipality of Palo, Province of Leyte,
Philippines. The affiant personally known to me who is the same
person who personally signed before me the foregoing document and
acknowledged that he/she executed the same.

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