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Peek at the Week
November 2010

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

8 9 10 11 12
Day 2 - Gym Day 3 – Music Day 1 – Spanish Day 2 – Gym

5th Grade Homework Packet due!

Drumming NO SCHOOL!
Spelling Test
First Grade Buddies


Delivery of Innisbrook items is scheduled  11/8 – Drumming Exchange The Black team took over duties on
for Monday, November 22nd from 3:30  11/9- MIPTO meeting@6:30 Monday, November 1. They will be on
until 6:00 in the school gym. Watch for  11/12 – NO SCHOOL duty two weeks, until November 12.
more information regarding delivery  11/19 – Hat Day Please check the schedule posted in the
details in your child’s backpack and in the  11/22 – Innisbrook pick-up fifth grade classrooms or on the team
Buzz Sheet as delivery day approaches.  11/25 – NO SCHOOL website.
 11/26 – NO SCHOOL

We have set up a website for all the 5th grade classes this year. Please check it out!
WHAT HAVE WE BEEN UP TO? Our classroom collected 22 cans
for the food drive. Way to go
This week in math we continued fifth graders!!
working in Unit 3 which focuses on addition
and subtraction of whole numbers and
decimals. We learned strategies to add and
subtract decimals. We took a quiz on Friday to
see how we are doing.
This week we began working on our
new Unit of Inquiry, titled Civil Struggles. We
had Principal John is as we discussed different
struggles we know about and the varying DRUMMING EXCHANGE
perspectives that result in change. We also 5th graders will be participating in a
worked with our Social Studies curriculum to drumming exchange with 5th graders
learn about the causes of the Civil War. Next We love Dominos! from Sheridan Elementary School on
week, we will find out more about what Monday. Students will be coming
happened during the Civil War. together to perform World
Our spelling list this week focused on Drumming pieces that they have
words with the /oo/ sound. We will have the been working on in the music
test next week on Thursday as there is no classroom. Students will spend half a
school on Friday. day at each other’s school working
The class was very off task this week together to perform previously
with the buzz about who was going out with learned and new material.
whom. Both 4th and 5th grades seem to be Please provide your child with a
experiencing this issue. It has taken away bag lunch and a bottle of water on
much of our class academic time. I discussed Monday, November 8th.
the situation with Principal John and as a class
we reviewed Friendship rights and CONTACT INFORMATION:
responsibilities as it pertains to school.
Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to Lori Felton
turn back your clocks on Sunday!! 
Pointillism Art Lesson Room 113
(651) 407-7600 x1608