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Jobs done

1. Siba 1 and Siba 4 scale inhibitor choke removed.

2. Siba 1 and Siba 4 scale inhibitor tanks drained completely, rinsed with very low conductivity (25
micro siemens per cm2).
3. Siba1 and Siba 4 scale inhibitor tank level made up with 27cm of amekeel chemical and 27cm of
DM water.
4. Now Siba 1 & Siba 4 both SI and CI injection in progress.
5. Dry gas metering and Condensate metering PCV s are in auto. LPG in manual.
6. HUB 1 pig launcher PG (0-300 bar g) removed and placed in Siba 6 choke downside.
7. Siba 4 flow line PG (0-400 Bar g) removed and placed in Siba 6 choke Upside.
8. Siba 6 X mas tree valve leak test done by Cameron.
9. Siba 6 slickline activities carried out by oil serv.
10. Siba 6 N2 rack mobilized tubing connected and tested. Now it is operational for SSV.
11. Siba 6 control oil tubing provided, control oil filled, through enerpac tested for SSSV operation.
Now it is operational for SSSV.
12. Hub 1 XV oil filled and opened by Enerpac. Now XV in forced open condition.
13. Air condition provided in CCR superintendent building.

Issues and follow up

1. LPG metering station PCV responding well in manual but feedback not able to receive in DCS.
2. Dry gas metering SDV 0023 oil leak observed in tube joint. Due to this pump starts every 2 min.
Attended but need spare parts. Please follow up with Nima.
3. Dry gas metering NRV bypass (KEIL made during commissioning time) already in PRC. But as per
UEG management we need to confirm no valve passing in DBB or in globe valve so that we can
remove spool or spectacle blind to be reversed.
4. Raw water intake we agreed to send one operator for water pumping activities. On demand
basis we are calling electrical team.
5. Raw water intake chemical dosing pump strokes not good. Today 12-04-2019 I send a team to
6. Transportation on Friday is issue no private drivers available. Issue discussed with James and he
will follow up and may allot more vehicles with more drivers all 7 days. Please follow up.
7. Siab 8(Big) and Siba 9(Small) visited for operators shelter. We need both shelters or at least
bigger one in Siba 8 needed. Please follow up with James.
8. Work on operators (Expatriates and nationals) shift schedule and vacation plan so that we need
minimum manpower all the time.
9. Please follow up KEIL trainee documents. I didn`t do any progress on this due to tight schedule
of activities.
10. Follow up on Siba 4 SSV ruptured diaphragm with drilling team.
11. Samples from wellheads to be collected after wells lined up to MPFM. Immediate next day
sample to be collected.
12. SI in all the wellheads are not working. KEIL management planning to bring some corrosion
consultant to suggest best chemical for SI.
13. KEIL