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1. The relation between magnetic field and current is given by Biot-Savart law.
a) Illustrate Biot-Savart law with necessary figure. (Score: 2)

b) Compare Biot-Savart law with Coulomb’s law for electrostatic field. (Score: 2)

c) Give an expression for magnetic field on the axis of a circular current loop. (Score: ⁄ )
(Expression only)

d) What is the value of B at the centre of the loop? (Score: ⁄ )

[MARCH 2014]

2. Electric current can produce a magnetic field.

a) Name the law which explains the relation between current and the magnetic field produced by the
current. (Score: ⁄ )

b) Derive an equation showing the variation of this magnetic field with distance. (Score: 2 ⁄ )

c) Can you suggest any similarity between the magnetic field produced by electric
current and electric field produced by charges? (Score: ⁄ )

3. A current carrying conductor produces magnetic field in the surrounding space.

(a) Name the law which gives the Relation between current and the magnitude of the field it

(b) Using this law obtain the equation for the magnetic field on the axis of a circular current loop.
(Score: 1+4)

Multiple Choice Questions :

1. Biot Savart law in magnetism is analogous to which law in electricity?
a) Gauss law
b) Faraday law
c) Coulomb’s law
d) Ampere law
2. Which of the following cannot be computed using the Biot Savart law?

a) Magnetic field intensity

b) Magnetic flux density
c) Electric field intensity
d) Permeability

3. Calculate the magnetic field intensity (B) at a point on the centre of the circular conductor of
radius 2m with current 8A.
a) 6π x10-7T
b) 2π x10-7 T
c) 8π x10-7 T
d) None of the above

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4. Find the magnetic field atthe point P when a circular conductor of very high radius is subjected to
a current of 9A and the point P is at the centre of the conductor.
a) ∞
b) 1
d) 0

Answers with explanation for MCQ:

1. Answer :c
Biot Savart law states that the magnetic flux density H = μ0 I.dl sinθ/4πr2, which is analogous to the
electric field F = q1q2 /4πε0 r2, which is the Coulomb’s law.

2.Answer: c
The Biot Savart law is used to calculate magnetic field intensity. Using which we can calculate flux
density and permeability by the formula B = μH. We cannot find elecric field intensity using Biot-
Savart law

3. Answer : c
The magnetic field due to a point in the centre of the circular conductor is given by B = μ0 I/2R. Put
I = 8A and R= 2m, we get B= 8π x10-7 T

4. Answer : d
The magnetic field of a circular conductor with point on the centre is given by μ0 I/2R . If the radius
R is assumed to be infinite, then H = μ0 .12/2(∞) = 0.