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Daily Lesson Plan in 21st century literature from the Philippines and the world

School: Jagupit National High School Grade Level: 11

Name: Sherel A. Caday Learning Area: Academic
Subject: SHS- 21st century literature Date: June 19, 20, 21, 2018
From the Philippines and the world Quarter: First
Time: 10 to 11 am
11:00 to12:00 pm

A. Content Standard: The learners will be able to understand and appreciate the elements and the context
of 21st century Philippines history and literature.
B. Performance Standard: The learners will be able to demonstrate understanding and appreciation of 21st
century Philippines history and literature.
I. Objectives: At the end of the lesson the learners should be able to:
1. Define the historical life of Jose Rizal when people write about Noli Me Tangere in the history.
2. Explain how Andres Bonifacio was inspired to revolution that it was ideological fire that forced the
katipunan; and
3. Appreciate the importance of literature in the Philippines.

II. Subject Matter:

 Topic: The Revolution according to Raymundo Mata
 References:
o Kto12 book first edition 2016, 21st century literature from the Philippines and
the world
 Instructional Materials: Textbook pages: 21st CLPW Kto12 first edition book- Chapter 1,
pages 2- 5pg.

III. Procedure:

Checking Attendance

A. Reviewing previous lesson or presenting the new lesson:

 The teacher review the lesson last meeting by asking
 What are the two main parts of 21st century literature?

 Establishing a purpose for the lesson

B. Motivation: The teacher presents a topic about the reading and revolution?

C. Establishing a purpose for the lesson:

 Oral recitation: Ask the learners ideas on the topic to be discussed.
1. What do you know about the publication of Noli Me Tangere and how it affected the Philippines?
2. Do you think that novels in the Philippines are as important as they used to be when the Noli Me
Tangere was published 1887? Are people still inspired by Novels?
3. What is it about reading long texts, such as short stories or novels that makes it different from reading
tweets and Facebook status posts? What is the importance of literature for the Facebook generation?

D. Presentation of the lesson:

 Post your family tree on the walls of your classroom, and stroll around in order to see everyone else’s family
E. Discussion :
 In a short one page essay, imagine what the life of your ancestor would have been liked during the
Philippine Revolution. Judging from your family tree, create an educated guess.
F. Generalization:
 Based on your family tree would he/she have been from the upper class or the lower class?
VI. Assessment Evaluation:

A. Diagnostic ( assessment for learning)

 Write a short essay entitled readers and society today. Try to answer the following questions in your essay.
1. Is reading still an important activity today? Why or Why not?
2. Is the experience of reading literature more important than googling information on the internet? Why or
Why not?

B. Formative ( assessment as learning)

Playing with the form ( Metafiction )

 Imagine that you are Benigno in the story, and that you are a very religious Catholic who believes that the
Philippines should be under Spain. Write his imagined reaction to reading Noli Me Tangere, and show
whether or not there would be a shift in his perspective.
 Try writing it as a diary entry and make it seem as if it was written in ancient times, either through the use of
art or any other methods you can think of.
 Afterward, paste this diary entry on a piece of paper, and pretend that you are the historian who found it.
Write the observations and conclusions of the historian. Pass the False artifact to the teacher.

V. Assignment

Study in advance about the death of a hero.

Prepared By: Approved By:

Sherel A. Caday Jeho C. Ranin

SHS-Teacher 1 Principal 11