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Leading with Advanced April 15–19, 2019 // $9,800

Analytics and Artificial September 16–20, 2019 // $9,800

Your program fee includes accommodations, meals, course
materials and access to a fitness center. Dates and program
fees are subject to change.

Creating Business Value through Data Science


Leveraging big data, business analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to

deliver solutions to complex challenges is not solely the responsibility of
technology and data science specialists. Rather, it’s the responsibility of
organizational leadership to understand and direct these approaches to
achieve their business goals.

This program is designed to help senior leaders effectively manage

and seize opportunities in the new environment of advanced analytics. KEY BENEFITS
Participants will gain a working knowledge of data science, enabling leaders • Identify the business challenges that can
to identify the challenges that analytics, machine learning, and AI can solve. benefit from analytics and AI
It will also help them make the most effective investments in people, data, • Distinguish between good and bad analytics
systems, culture and organizational structure. Led by world-class Kellogg • Learn to ask the right questions and
faculty and former C-Suite practitioners experienced in working with challenge assumptions of analytics and AI
senior executives and organizations who have successfully scaled analytics • Utilize data, analytics and AI to drive
in their organizations, this cutting-edge program delivers sophisticated successful business outcomes
material in an accessible, easy-to-understand format that is immediately • Gain the leadership confidence to stay ahead
applicable to real-world practice. of a rapidly changing marketplace


* Program formerly known as Leading with Big Data and Analytics
• Leaders who want to scale analytics and
AI in their organization
• Senior leaders who want to build a culture
of data-driven decision making
• Functional leaders in areas such as marketing,
NEXT STEPS finance and other operational areas who
would benefit from a better understanding
Learn more and apply Consult with an
of how to leverage analytics and AI in
Executive Development Advisor decision-making
Leading with Advanced Analytics
and Artificial Intelligence
Creating Business Value through Data Science
Why Analytics Needs You Growth and Scaling with THE FACULTY
and Why You Need Analytics Artificial Intelligence Florian Zettelmeyer
• Understand why analytics is every • Understand the AI ecosystem Academic Director; Nancy L. Ertle
leader’s problem • Build AI teams Professor of Marketing; Faculty
Director, Program on Data Analytics
• Judge what good analytics looks like • Understand advanced predictive
at Kellogg (PDAK)
• Identify where analytics adds value analytics: machine learning and AI
• Lead with confidence Eric T. Anderson
How to Build Organizational Academic Director; Hartmarx Professor
The Kellogg Analytics Framework Muscle in Analytics of Marketing; Chair of Marketing
• Understand exploratory, predictive • Overcome barriers to scaling analytics Department; Director, Center for
and causal analytics • How to manage analytics talent Global Marketing Practice
• Learn to link analytics with strategy • Develop a customer-centric view that Steven Franconeri
and business objectives guides analytics throughout your Professor of Cognitive Psychology,
• Develop strategic versus reactive organization Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
analytics initiatives • Learn how leading organizations
create career development paths for Eric Leininger
How to Distinguish Good analytics talent Clinical Associate Professor of
From Bad Analytics Marketing; Associate Director, Center
• Gain insight into what can and cannot How to Apply Analytics for Market Leadership; Associate
be learned from the underlying data that to Your Business Director, Kellogg Markets &
is used to produce the analytics Customers Initiative
• Leverage action learning projects for
• Understand the data generation process greater insight Tom O’Toole
• Learn how to check for “junk science” • Discover how successful organizations Clinical Professor of Marketing,
• Study the four core questions of good utilize data and analytics Senior Fellow
data analytics Please note: Faculty is subject to change.

“ Although I have been immersed in analytics for some years now,

this program helped me take a step back and look at analytics SPECIAL FEATURE

from a leadership perspective. Great program and great delivery Each participant receives faculty and
by the faculty.” peer feedback on a current business
challenge related to leading analytics
Analytics Manager, Cargill, Inc.
and AI in their organization.

The program is held on the beautiful
lakefront campus of Northwestern
University at the James L. Allen Center,
minutes from downtown Chicago.

Learn more and apply Consult with an Executive Development Advisor
847.467.6018 BIGDATA2019R-SUM

Leading with Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Creating Business Value through Data Science
ACADEMIC DIRECTOR: Eric Anderson and Florian Zettelmeyer


The Power of
Visualization Avoiding Pitfalls 4. Applying
Practice Case: Customer Analytics and AI to
MORNING Causal Analytics
Churn Your Business
SESSIONS Practice Case: What
To Do When True Bridging Predictive and Action Learning Projects
Experiment Are Not Causal Analytics How Organizations
Possible Linking Analytics with Succeed Using Analytics
Causal Analytics Actions and AI
How to Distinguish
Good from Bad


1. Why Analytics is
Every Leader's Predictive Analytics
Problem The Power of Predictions
3. How To Build
Causal Analytics Organizational
Welcome & Motivation
The Power of Muscle in Analytics
AFTERNOON Experiments and AI
2. How A Working
SESSIONS Practice Case: Making Analytics and AI
Knowledge of Data Experimentation Work in Practice
Science Drives
Business Value What To Do When AI and Machine Learning from
True Experiment Are Practitioners
Not Possible Learning
Getting Started The AI Ecosystem Best Practices
The Analytics Framework Building AI Teams
Integrating Analytics and


EVENING Optional Tutorial:
Optional: Machine Presentation and
SESSION Visualization
Learning Deep Dive Faculty Office
Using Tableau Hours: Action
Learning Projects

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