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SEPPRO has developed a highly efficient CBD extraction

Extraction of cannabinol from flowers and leaves of industrial
cannabis using supercritical CO2 extraction and the cannabidiol
extract is further purified by macroporous adsorption resin and
rapid purification system.

Diphenol product content exceeds 98%. 2/4

Advantages of this process

1. The chemical organic solvent is not used in the extraction process,
which is environmentally friendly, low in toxicity and high in
2. The purification process reduces the loss of cannabidiol in the
adsorption and elution process.
3. Effectively removes impurities such as tetrahydrocannabinol
4. The use of organic reagents is reduced, the purification cost is
reduced, and environmental pollution is reduced.

CBD Extraction Technology

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CBD Extraction Technology

Step 1: Harvest the mosaic leaves of the hemp mature, remove the
water and smash it for use.
Step 2: using a supercritical CO2 extraction technique to extract
cannabinol at a certain temperature and pressure to obtain a
cannabidiol extract.
Dissolving the cannabidiol extract in anhydrous ethanol to obtain a
cannabidiol solution, centrifuging the cannabidiol solution and collecting
the supernatant.
Step 3: adding the supernatant to the macroporous adsorption resin,
and oscillating at a certain temperature to complete the adsorption.
The macroporous adsorption resin was separated by suction filtration,
and the filtrate was collected; the macroporous adsorption resin was
eluted with 60% ethanol, and the eluate was collected.
Regenerating the macroporous adsorption resin with absolute ethanol.
Combining and concentrating the filtrate and the eluate to obtain a
cannabidiol concentrate.
Step 4: further purifying the cannabidiol concentrate by using a rapid
purification system, using a silica gel packing separation column, using
a normal phase reagent petroleum ether and ethyl acetate as a mobile
phase for isocratic elution, using thin layer chromatography to monitor
fractions, collecting The cannabis diphenol fraction is concentrated
under reduced pressure to obtain a cannabidiol purification liquid.
Step 5: The cannabidiol purification liquid is dried to obtain a white solid
cannabidiol product.

Resin In the CBD Extraction Process

SEPPRO® CBD-1700:Resin technology for

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