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Experimental Design and Data Management in Agricultural Research using STAR

Propose Dates: Nov 3rd week

Table 1. Schedule of Activities and Course Outline

Day/Time Events
Day 1
Opening Program
Inspirational Message

Introduction of Participants
Rationale and Expectation
Introduction to SERDAC Dr. MEMOrden
Module 1: Introduction to STAR
Module 2: Data Management
Module 3. Test of hypothesis
Module 4: Review of Experimental Designs
 Complete Randomized Design
 Randomized Complete Block Design
Presentation of Outputs
Day 2
Module 5: Factorial Design under CRD
 Two-factor
 Three-factor
Module 6: Split Plot Design
Module 7: Strip Plot Design
Presentation of Outputs
Day 3
Module 8: Analysis of Combined Experiments
Module 9: Regression Analysis
Presentation of Outputs
Response from the participants
Awarding of Certificates
Closing Remarks