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Private Examination - 2019 Admit Card
Roll No: 0805811 Enrollment No. : CSJMA17002306469 Gender: Male Examination: BA-II



Registration No .: 2324023379 Signature of


Address: 232 / A, GUPTA COLONY, Subject (s) / Paper (s): 1 - ENGLISH LANGUAGE, 2 - SOCIOLOGY, 3 - EDUCATION,

Pre-year: Pre RollNo: Pre marks: Controller of

2018 0109283 126
Necessary instructions -

1. The above details are based on the information provided by the college, if they have any 8. The test takers are alerted that they should not bring any questionable material to the
kind of error. examination room in any case and nor will they keep in their desk nor they are strictly the
2. The first day will be allowed to go to the Examination Room of Examination, 15 hours rules according to the punished.
before and after fifteen minutes before every exam. Every candidate will not get admission 9. The test takers are warned that they will not go to the recommendation to the examiner,
in the Examination Room after half an hour after the start of the examination. otherwise strict punishment will be given, the examiner has ordered that such test takers
3. Every candidate has a fixed place in the examination room. The candidate will have to sit should be given to the test controller immediately given necessary action.
at his nominated place, not elsewhere 10. Ensure your exam dates from the examination program displayed on the website of the
4. Candidates' seating map is placed in the College in the Examination Room. If any University otherwise the university has no responsibility for the exemption of examination.
candidate answers that he is another candidate, then both the test takers will be punished. 11. No candidate will be allowed to join the examination without admission.
5. Examinees will have to sign their signature once in the inquiry form on each day. 12. In the answer sheet, the candidate should not make his name, serial number or any
6. It is forbidden to bring mobile phones in the examination hall. particular mark in or outside the place. Such action will be calculated under unfair means
7. Prior to the end of the examination, the test taker is not ordered to leave his seat or go out and such answer sheets will not be evaluated.
of the examination room without the answer booklet to the observer. 13. Study the guidelines sent to the concerned college

Note: - If the photo / signature of the candidate is not appearing in the above mentioned places or is incorrect, then the examination will be done before the
examination and send the concerned examination center.
Instructions for using answer booklet -

1. The candidate has given only one answer papers in the examination hall. The 7. The candidate will be interacting with the other candidate in the examination
answer to the examinee should be clear only on the regular pages and in the room, misbehaving, smoking cigarette, keeping the weapon, copying or making
holistic style in the evangelicals. the process etc. will be treated as improper use and according to the University
2. On the cover page of the answer sheet, the candidate is required to make his rules, it will be punished.
serial number, nomination number, subject and question paper etc. vigilant on 8. There is no page for answer booklet separately or separated from the candidate.
each answer book In addition to the cover page, it is forbidden to write serial Evaluation test will not be done by cut-off (X) answers.
numbers at any location and it will be processed as an inappropriate instrument 9. The examiner will leave the examination room after giving answer to the cell
experiment. instructor.
3. In the answer sheet, the candidate will not have his name or any mark in the 10. Persons, Assistant Central Heads, Central Heads and any person appointed by
place or any place, the calculation of this work will be canceled as per the the University has the right to seek a candidate for a search. In the event of
inappropriate instrument experiment. hindrance, the candidate will be punished.
4. The sequence number on the question paper When the answer to one question 11. It is compulsory for the candidates to follow the instructions of the Central
ends, the answer will be the same page, starting from the next page. Head of Examination Center.
5. It is compulsory to write a Q & A on both sides of the answer sheet, rough, 12. When the question papers are distributed, boycott of examination or
multiplication, part etc. can be done But let's cut this candidate (X) The examiner excitement for boycott of others or strict action will be taken by the test takers
will not evaluate it Do not leave any questions If a page has been written and obstructing the successful operation of the examination. The question of exclusion
written, it is more likely that the examiner should not be evaluated. There will be will not be re-examined in any case.
no action on such a case. 13. Answers to the candidate questions will be answer in the answer sheet in the
6. It is strictly prohibited to take books, notes, plain paper and any electronic sequence in which questions are asked in the question papers. If any question has
equipment mobile, calculator and Bluetooth device in the examination room, if the been asked in sub questions, then they should also be given the order of the
search of the material at the time of the illegal material, then the candidate will be question paper so that there is no inconvenience in the assessment work.
punished accordingly. the University rules. The use of a scientific calculator by the
University can be permissible in complex mathematical calculations.

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