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Internship Interview

Lotje Momberg & Denise de Kort

Main question:
Why is the organisation attractive to the target group/customers and relevant for the society?
Target group include customers (Large corporate, Small and Medium Enterprise,
Architecture, Hotel), parents and students (School),

Write a few lines about the preparation of the interview:

We are going for a whole day to PAMM on the 12th of March for an internship. What we
would like to see if this is something for our future. Because this is one of the jobs you can do
with the Nature and Health profile. Also, we are both very interested in biology and this
company works on medical microbiology.

The interview:
1. The workplace. Describe the work location, the working conditions, the pattern of
working hours, the lunch, safety measures.
I work at the laboratory, I have my own computer space on a table that I share with three
different people. I start every day that I work at 8:30 A.M. and my day ends at 6 P.M. I have a
total of two breaks: one at 10 o’clock that one takes 30 minutes and the second one is at
12:30, that one takes 30 minutes. Here we have a lot of safety measure because this is a
laboratory and a lot could go wrong. We have showers, eyewashes, gloves, lab coats and a
chain for when you work alone. You can push the button on the chain when something
happens to you and then the security guard comes to safe you.

2. The Organization. When and where did it start and who is the current owner?
The organisation was founded in 1947 for the area of Eindhoven and Veldhoven. The current
owner of PAMM is Peter de Zwart

3. What does the organization produce? What services are offered?

The organisation does research with samples for bacteria and diseases. With this they provide
information to the client.

4. Who are the main customers? What is done to get more customers?
The main costumers are hospitals and in case of PAMM Veldhoven those are: The Caterina-
Hospital in Eindhoven, The Máxima Medical Centre in Veldhoven, The St. Anna Hospital,
The Elkerliek Hospital and The SJG hospital in Weert. The company does not advertise but
gets new customers via their network.

5. How to recruit new employees? What competences are required? Is there any Training
We place job offers at our website for the people who want to work here. The competences
are being stress resistant/precise and be able to analyse. PAMM has no Training Department.

6. Does the organisation offer internships to young people? What are the regulations?
Yes, but for short term internships are only for the upper classes in high school. And for the
real internships you need an education with biology or chemistry.

7. PR-website-advertisements? Use of social media?

PAMM does not advertise but we do have our own website. We also have a communication
8. Policy to make the organisation sustainable?
No, PAMM is not sustainable at all. We use way too much plastic.

9. Competences of the employer/head of the organisation?

I think to work here you should be able to handle pressure and communicative. Also the need
able studies.

10. Relevance of the organisation/job for the society?

The work we do is very important for the people’s health.

11. What does attract young people to apply for a job in this organization?
Just being interested in doing research and laboratory. Also PAMM is very close to our
Own questions:
1. What is the difference in the company now PAMM is an independent laboratory?
Since we are independent the hospital gets way less to decide. We can make more decisions
by ourselves.
2. What kind of education or study did you do?
I did HLO. That stands for high laboratory education. I chose to do applied sciences.

3. How did you get to PAMM?

I was looking for work at this moment. And I wanted something close to my home. I knew
someone who worked at PAMM and, I was very interested in what they offered me.

4. Why did you choose to work for PAMM?

I was very interested in laboratories and PAMM had good working conditions.

5. Is working here versatile? Or are you doing the same every day repeatedly?
Working here is not very versatile. Sometimes I do some administration but most often I work
at samples.

6. Have you always known what you wanted to do as a job? Or did it take some time?
Well I already knew what I wanted to be very early. In the second/third year from high school
I knew I wanted to do HLO.

7. If you work here, do you work alone or together with other people?
I am not specifically working with them but we do work on the same samples, so I do depend
on them. We work also all together in one room.
8. Are you always working in the laboratory or do you also work in an office?
My office is in the laboratory.
9. What is the worst that could go wrong in your company?
It would be a very big problem if our computers crashed because all the information of the
samples are in our computers. Also, it once happened before that we encountered a very
dangerous bacterium.
Place, time, duration of the interview:
PAMM laboratory for medical microbiology, Veldhoven
12th of March 2019
Baukje Sweegers
The interview took us around 30 minutes

The division of tasks during the visit:

We both asked questions and Denise wrote down the answers. Lotje made some pictures, but
not a lot because not everywhere we could take pictures.

It was a very nice day. We saw a lot and learned something. We liked that the job had
something to do with our interests, but we think the diversity within the job is too small.
PAMM is very useful in healthcare for the society and most costumers are in the heath area as
well. Over all we think this internship is very useful for out future.