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English for Professional and Acad Purposes e.

Indo-European language
June 5, 2018 f. Celts g. Dialect
Tuesday h. Case i. Standardization
j. Mutually intelligible language
Differentiates language used in academic Talk about the use of the English language
texts from various disciplines. CS_11/12A- in the Philippines and other countries in
EAPP-Ia-c-2 Asia. Explain to the students the role of
English in global communication.
a. Topic: Reading Academic Texts Discuss the meaning of Academic
b. Materials: Slide Deck, laptop, projector, Language;
white board
c. Reference: Critical Reading and Writing 4. Application
for SHS LM, CG pp. 1, Each group will present their own
interpretation of differentiating language
III. PROCEDURES used in academic texts from various
A. Preliminary Activities disciplines. Each group will have to choose
 Prayer their way in presenting their output.
 Checking of attendance
Let the students read 2 passages. One
B. Motivation using the academic language and the
Assign the students to consult the other using the social language. Ask the
dictionary for the origin of the following students to compare the passages step-
words: by-step in groups. Have them write the
a. cheese f. chicken differences between the kinds of
b. camp g. carpenter languages used and discuss their findings.
c. school h. sky
d. religion i. cat V. ASSIGNMENT
e. beef j. alta 1. Ask the students to look up the
origin of the following words used by
Give them an additional list in class (horse, Filipinos:
coliseum, candle, mother, father, menu, a. mesa f. silya
chef, captain, navy, military) b. lapis g. titser
c. bag h. baso
C. Presentation d. kabayo i. kotse
1. Activity e. tsunami j. lahar
Show the Filipino words and
let the class think of its English term. Let the students discuss other
developments in communication (e.g.,
2. Analysis written language, electronic or computer-
GUIDE QUESTIONS : mediated communication).
a. Was it hard to look for the English
terms of these words?
b. When do we usually use these
c. Are these words still important
even if they do not have English terms?

3. Abstraction
Introduce the following terms to
the students:
a. Old English b. Middle English
c. Modern English d. Anglo-Saxons