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Textual aids are tools or materials that provide support and facilitate understanding of texts.

aids are, most of the time, graphical outlines or images that gives a general idea of a certain topic.

Textual aids activities are usually occurring inside classrooms used by the students and facilitators,
teacher, or instructor.

Simple examples of textual aids are those words being highlighted, bolded, italicized, and adding
charts, graphs, diagrams, maps, tables, etc.

Examples of Textual Aids:

• Cause & Effect Diagram - emphasizes the connection between the different concepts. This is
called the most beneficial organizer. Since it can be applied to all subject areas.

• Flow Diagram - sequence chart that shows series of events in order. If you have a concept that
has steps or has certain order or sequence then it can be showed this kind of textual aid organizer.

• Venn Diagram – this is used to identify, classify, categorize and recognize similarities and
differences of two or more subjects, ideas, thoughts, and / or concepts. This is actually the most
commonly used textual aid. This is an instructional tool that can be found in hand-outs, textbooks,
and even on standardized examinations. This can be found to in some teacher resource materials.

• Graphic Organizers - these are visual displays that have key content information. These textual
aids actually provide learners with structure for abstract concepts. This kind of textual aids are usually
created and designed for those who have trouble organizing information and thoughts. These are
meant to help those students to visualize ideas that are organized.

• Concept Maps – these are general organizer or textual aids that can show the central thought
with its matching characteristics. These are actually helpful and excellent for brainstorming,
refreshing stock knowledge, and / or generating alternative expressions. This kind of maps can also be
used to show or rank the hierarchical relationships as the most significant concept or concepts should
be placed at the top.

What is the purpose of textual aids?

It helps students understand and comprehend any story, subject, or topic. They give emphasis on
what should be focused on.

What is the importance of textual aids or what is the importance of using textual aids?
Important words are sometimes written in bold to catch the attention of the reader. Italicized word
are used to meanings, synonyms, footnotes and many others depending on the style of the writer
which he believes would make the words more visible and easy to remember. This will make it easy
for students to memorize, remember, and learn important words more quickly and easily. (This may
also the answer for questions: what are the effects of textual aids and how do these textual aids help
you in understanding the text?)

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