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ICAS Science 6 2019

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Variable Problems (Worksheet 3)

________1. The grade 6 students saw their teacher If Jim does his experiment correctly, what will he do
put a plastic bag over some leaves of a plant on a each time he takes the lid off the shoebox?
sunny day, one day later, they saw drops of water on A. add more worms to the jar
the inside of the plastic bag. The teacher explained B. write down what he sees in the jar
that the water had come from the leaves of the plant. C. try to guess where the worms will be
The students thought this method might also work to D. plan what he will do next in the experiment
find out if soil has water in it. They set up the pots _________ 3. Mr. Brown wonders how minerals
below and put them in a sunny place. affect animal growth and decides to conduct an
experiment with his chickens. He begins with 3
buckets containing exactly the same amount of
chicken feed and then adds the same amount of 2
different minerals to two of the buckets. He adds
calcium to one bucket, magnesium to another
bucket, and he doesn’t add any minerals to the third
bucket. What scientific term is used to describe the
mineral placed in each bucket?
A. control C. specimen
Their method of testing showed they were correct. B. hypothesis D. variable
What must the students have observed in the _________4. Corey wants to know which of three
experiment? popular brands of plant food will cause roses to grow
A. Water formed on the inside of the plastic bag over fastest. Which process should Corey follow to find
pot X only the best plant food?
B. Water formed on the inside of the plastic bag over A. compare the labels on the containers
pot Y only B. apply all three types of plant foods to a single rose
C. Water formed on the inside of neither plastic bag plant
D. Water formed on the inside of both plastic bags C. in a controlled experiment, apply each plant food
to separate roses
______2. Jim was planting a garden and a friend D. in a controlled experiment, apply one type of
suggested he put worms in his garden. Jim wanted to plant food to different species of plants
do an experiment to find out what worms do for _________5. Logan is researching the effect of bright
gardens. Jim put soil, food, and worms in a clear jar. light on the tunneling process of earthworms. Which
He placed a shoebox with holes cut in it on its side of the following would be an unethical practice in this
and put the jar in it. The lid was kept on the shoebox, experiment?
except when Jim was making an observation. A. Because Logan is ahead of schedule, he takes a
vacation day.
B. In order to save money, Logan uses less expensive,
poor-quality soil.
C. Logan reads similar research to compare
experimental processes and conclusions.
D. Logan leaves the bright light on for several days to
reduce the number of earthworms.

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