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Helping students build careers since 1941

The V Institute
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Kerala, India

The V Institute Building at Kollam, Kerala. General/ Local Enquiries

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New Futures...
Win at V Institute New Opportunities
Welcome from the head of the Institute V INSTITUTE
From the
OF Director

CAREER Welcome to the V Institute where
New Futures.
DESTINATIONS we offer technical education in a
wide range of innovative disciplines.
New Directions.
The courses offered at our Institute
SINCE 1941 were developed in response to
industry needs in exciting niche areas
The V Institute
A little history... of Land, GPS and Marine Surveying,
is a dynamic and
Quantity Surveying and a set of
1941. India had not modern academic
basic courses recognised by the
won her independence institution which has
yet; it was still a dream for earned a reputation for
Choosing a course is not an easy excellence in technical
the national leaders.
task and we have put together this training and student
But a little known man,
in a lesser known State SHRI V E ISAAC brochure to assist you with your choice.
satisfaction since 1941.
FOUNDER, V INSTITUTE This brochure introduces to you the
too had a dream.
courses we offer, outline what you Our courses start from
Shri. V E Isaac’s dream would be studying, and give you an basic ITI courses to highly
was to build an educational idea of what career opportunities exist advanced and
institution of excellence in the different areas of specialisation. sophisticated survey
that would stand the test Our mission is to impart the best form THE ONLY courses. Since inception,
of time and empower the of technical skills development , we have secured several
younger generation to supported by competent staff and well
INSTITUTION IN firsts in the field of
build a great nation. Thus equipped labs that would enable you THE COUNTRY technical education. For
was born V Institute, an to build a future for yourselves.
institution that had later We strive to maintain world-class
WHICH OFFERS instance, V Institute is the
only institution in the
become a beacon of hope quality in everything we do. COURSES IN country that offers
for several thousands of Our facilities and our training
aspiring youngsters aiming methodologies conform to the best LAND, GPS AND courses and hands-on
experience in land, aerial
for a bright future. standards. We are an ISO 9000 certified HYDROGRAPHIC and marine survey. We
training institution.
Over the years, we have helped
SURVEY are, in fact, the first in the
country to have started a
thousands of students secure high
course in marine
profile technical jobs within the country
as well as abroad.
We continue in our quest in adapting We continuously upgrade
70th Anniversary, 2011
to the needs of students and enabling our courses as well as
Hon’ble Minister for Labour,
them to pursue their chosen careers methodologies with a
Government of Kerala, Sri Baby
and a bright future. mission to deliver the
John, inaugurating the V Institute is an
70th Anniversary Celebrations of Isaac Mathew, BSc (Engg.) ISO 9001:2008 certified best form of technical
Win at V Institute V Institute Director institution training to our students.

Helping students build careers since 1941 V INSTITUTE

V Institute offers a wide range of Affiliated to the National Council

ITI Courses for Vocational Training (NCVT),
courses recognised by the Central and Ministry of Labour & Employment,
State Governments in various technical Government of India.
Eligibility: SSLC or above
areas which have tremendous potential
Duration: 2 years

WHY in the job market. This chart will help l Draughtsman Civil

1 4
l Electrician
you find the right course that matches
l Surveyor ( one year)
your requirement.
CHOOSE In addition to these base courses, the Recognised by Department
KGCE Courses of Technical Education,
V INSTITUTE? Institute also offers a set of advanced
job-oriented courses, which are ISO
Government of Kerala
Eligibility: SSLC or above
Duration: 2 years
Most l Civil Engineering

A standing l Electrical Engineering

l Mechanical Engineering
comprehensive l Automobile Engineering

of 75 years l Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

ISO certified Survey Courses Engineering
l Electronics & Communication

delivering Quality in the country CHOOSE


Advanced Courses
excellence Training V Institute is the only institution
Diploma in Advanced

in technical
in the country offering such a
comprehensive range of Survey A COURSE! Surveying using Total Station

courses including Quantity Learn surveying
using the latest Digital
education for A wide
Survey, GPS, and Hydrographic
Survey. BUILD A Total Station
Page 5

more than range of l Placement assistance

Learn DGPS using
100,000 technical l Fees concession for
children of past students CAREER the latest RTK System
Page 9
l Flexible timings and
students. courses duration for students who
need to complete courses
to choose in restricted time-frames ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Diploma in
Hydrographic Survey
The Institute prides itself l Special packages for Advanced Courses
on the caring attitude of from individuals committed on
l Diploma in Advanced Surveying using
Learn Hydrographic Survey
Page 10
the staff who give the V Institute is an ISO 9001:2008
Total Station (Level I)
students the extra support V Institute course offerings
certified institution
l Diploma in Advanced Surveying using
and attention they need include advanced surveying The labs and classrooms are fitted with the latest training Total Station (Level II)
to succeed. using GPS, hydrographic tools and equipment from leaders in the trade. The Institute Diploma in Quantity Survey
l Diploma in Advanced Surveying using
Since 1941, the Institute surveying, Quantity is the only institution in Kerala with a software lab equipped Advanced Diploma in
Total Station (Level III)
has helped several Surveying, and a host of with a 10-user LisCAD, a10-user AutoPlotter and a 10-user Quantity Survey
l Diploma in DGPS (Level IV)
students secure jobs in Government recognised Road Estimator.
l Diploma in Hydrographic Survey Page 12
India and abroad earning courses such as the ITI and
five-figure salaries in KGCE Courses. l Advanced Diploma in Modern Survey
Technology (Crash Course)
various fields of activity. The Institute’s flexible, Advanced Diploma in
Take a look at the alumni interdisciplinary outlook Former Minister for l Diploma in AutoCAD Modern Surveying Technology
Labour, Government of l Diploma in Quantity Survey(Level I)
page of this brochure to offers you the flexibility to Kerala, Sri P K Gurudasan, Total Station, GPS, Hydrographic
know more about the select the best combination handing over the ISO l Advanced Diploma in Quantity Survey Survey, LisCAD, AutoPlotter, Road
successful students who of courses that would help Certificate to (Level II) Estimator and execute a Project
Smt Aleykutty Mathew, work independently.
have passed out of this you fulfil your career Director, V Institute of l Diploma in Building Technology
Institution. objectives. Advanced Studies. with AutoCAD Page 14

[2] [3]


M1 Fundamentals of M3 Using Prismatic M4 Plane Table This is one of the most popular courses offered at V Institute, which trains the student to become
Surveying Compass Survey a high quality professional surveyor equipped to handle state-of-the-art instruments and software
Principles of land survey. Principles and use of Principles and use applications. The course is so structured as to enable the students to enter the course at different
Training in handling basic prismatic compass, of a Plane Table for levels depending on the basic educational qualifications attained by them.
survey instruments. cardinal directions, producing an on-
magnetic bearings, site drawing.
M2 Chain Survey deviation of the north
Linear survey methods. indicated by compasses, For Whom Entry Levels Course Plan
Measurement with the aid the scope and accuracy
of chain and cross-staff. in compass surveying.
Preparation of sketches.

M5 Dumpy Level
Principles and use of a
Dumpy Level in surveying
and building to transfer,
measure, and set
M6 Theodolite
Principles and use of a
Theodolite for
measuring both
horizontal and vertical
M7 Auto Level
Principles and use
of an Auto Level
in determining
Plus 2 or
Graduates 1 using Conventional
M1, M2, M3, M4
1-2 Weeks
differences in
horizontal levels. angles, in surveying and height between
engineering work.
two or more
points, altitude
and elevation. Level and

ITI Diploma
Certificate holders Theodolite Survey
in Chain Survey M5, M6, M7
2-3 Weeks
M8 Digital Level M9 Distomat M10 Digital
A digital level is used A distomat is used for Theodolite
where multiple levellings electronic distance Digital Theodolite
are needed. The staff and measurement (EDM). uses opto-
distance readings are Students are trained to electronic scanning
displayed digitally and so measure distances Surveying using
the output is error-free. using the Distomat as to determine
well as the hand-held absolute angle
measurements. Survey Instruments
laser version which is
mostly used for indoor Students are M8, M9, M10
measurements. trained to measure 2-3 Weeks
horizontal angle,
vertical angle,
percentage slope
M11 Total Station M12 Advanced M16 Hydrographic S1 LisCAD and compute
A Total Station consists Surveying using GPS Surveying LisCAD is a software for values using the ITI Surveyors Downloading and Professional

of a theodolite with a In hydrographic survey the Engineer and instrument. Diploma, B.Tech Advance Survey
Processing using survey in
built-in distance meter investigations, Surveyor. Data from
Experienced with Total Station
that can measure angles virtually any surveying softwares / Project work
observations of depth of
Professionals M11
S1, S2, S3, P1
Total Station
and distances simul- water, water current and instrument can be
in India & abroad 3 Weeks Survey
taneously. Students are sea bed sample imported and turned into 1 week
trained on using the collection are some of finished plans easily using
Total Stations for the key activities LisCAD.The data base is
following applications: performed. The results of designed to specifically
Surveying, area (plan), these investigations are support surveying and S2 Auto Plotter ITI Surveyors
free station surveys, tie presented in the form of engineering tasks. Auto Plotter converts the Diploma, B.Tech Advanced Satellite
entire field data collected

distance, remote height, Compared to Total a hydrographic chart. Experienced Survey using
computations (COGO), Station, GPS surveying These charts provide the by the surveyor to a Professionals with
longitudinal and offers the advantage finished map or drawing. DGPS & Software
traverse profiles, contour that the points to be
information on depth of knowledge in M12, S4, P2
water at various points,
map, cut & fill volumes, measured do not have contours showing spot S3 Road Estimator Total Station 2-4 Weeks
staking out, cross to be mutually visible. height, ocean current, Road Estimator is a
section, reference line, Students are given an analysis of sea bed specialty software
road programmes. over view of GPS samples and similar data. designed for Surveyors
techniques and and Engineers for the Course Path
adequate exposure in computation of
the following areas earthwork on cut and fill SSLC/VHSE/Plus 2/Graduates 1 2 3
using GPS: Control situations in a new road
survey, static survey, alignment, quickly and ITI, KGCE Chain Surveys 2 3 would lead to a Professional Total Station Surveyor
mapping survey, stake- easily. Computation of ITI Surveyors/Diploma/B.Tech/Experienced professionals 3
out, applied on other items such as WBM,
network RTK, electrical and Black-topping can
ITI Surveyors/Diploma/B.Tech/Knowledge in Total Station 4 would lead to a Professional GPS Surveyor
wire survey, and road also be made using the ITI Diploma/BTech (Ref Page 14) 1 2 3 4 would lead to a Professional in Modern Surveying Technology
survey. Road Estimator software.

[4] [5]


This course is designed to prepare the students to handle sophisticated What is Total Station? Surveying Area (Plan) Staking Out
state-of-the-art survey equipment and to execute large survey projects. The measurement of an unlimited Application Area (Plan) computes This programme calculates the
A Total Station consists of a theodolite
Knowledge in using Total Station offers careers in the following number of points is supported by the area of a given plot automati- required elements to stakeout
with a built-in distance meter (distancer) the Surveying programme. cally and display after the boundary points from coordinates or
segments where total Station finds application: that enables measurement of angles and points are entered sequentially in manually entered angles,
distances at the same time. the clockwise direction. horizontal distance and heights.
Most electronic Total Stations today have
Surveying: Survey and Land records (Field measurement book from an opto-electronic distance meter (EDM)
1970/digitization; Resurvey; Land acquisition) and electronic angle scanner. The coded
PWD/other Civil Organizations: Levelling; Best fit alignment for new roads; scales of the horizontal and vertical circles
Cut/Fill calculations are scanned electronically, and then the
Forestry: Plantation Survey; Extent of encroachment, etc. angles and distances are displayed Free Station Surveys Remote Height Computations (COGO)
digitally. The horizontal distance, the
Archaeological Survey: Preparing global archaeological map, 3D models etc. This programme calculates the The height difference H between Create and edit and examine points,
height difference and the coordinates are the ground point and the high lines, splines, polygons, text and align-
Industries: Ship building; Alignment of shafts; Building blocks; Aviation; instrument station, along with the
calculated automatically and recorded. orientation of the horizontal circle, point can be calculated at the ments. The WYSIWYG graphics lets
Alignment of main shaft of aircraft Cut & Fill Volumes
Total stations are supplied with a software from measurements to at least two touch of a button. you know exactly where you are.
Disaster Management: Landslides; Dam settings; Dam monitoring, etc. points, the co-ordinates, which are Calculate quantities to a base
package that enables most survey tasks to datum, or between surfaces.
Coastal Management: Maintaining coastal zone be carried out easily, quickly and Additionally, height differences
elegantly. can also be calculated for
Defence: Construction; Missile launching azimuth evaluation or set-out on design
Total stations are used wherever the
Miscellaneous: Satellite-azimuth observation; Antenna erection, etc. projects.
positions and heights of points, or merely
their positions, need to be determined. Profiles & Design Cross Section Contour Map
Tie Distance Longitudinal and traverses form the User can step through the cross User can prepare the contour map
The application Tie Distance basis for the detailed planning and sections along an alignment or go of a given area.
computes slope, distance, stake out of communication routes directly to a specific cross section.
horizontal distance and azimuth of for the calculation of fill and for the
two target points measured on line, best possible accommodation of
Course Content selected from the memory or the routes to the topography.
entered using the keypad.
Applications covered in the Course
˜ Surveying ˜ Reference Line
˜ Free Station Surveys ˜ Longitudinal & Traverse Profiles
˜ Tie distance ˜ Contour Map
˜ Road Design & Stake out ˜ Cross Section Road Design & Stake-out Major practical sessions conducted based on
˜ Area (Plan) ˜ Cut and fill volumes Uses straight line, Arc, Spiral and overseas requirements
point to edit the plane and height
˜ Remote Height ˜ LisCAD design values of road. This function
˜ Staking out ˜ AutoPlotter can conveniently decide the
positions of mid line, border line
˜ Computation (COGO) ˜ Road Estimator and slope border according to the
chainages on the road.

Establishing new benchmarks

Major practical sessions covered in the Course and cross checking (P3)
based on overseas requirement

˜ Column alignments and column set-out (P1)

Reference Line
˜ Stake-out pile points with reference to existing structure (P2) Column alignments and
Facilitates easy setting out or
˜ Establishing new benchmarks and cross checking (P3) column set-out (P1) Layout pipelines and marking Lay out transmission lines and
checking of lines for buildings,
straight sections of road, simple inverted levels (P4) bolt fixing (P6)
˜ Lay out pipelines and marking inverted levels (P4)
excavation etc.
˜ Lay out points for storage tanks (P5)
˜ Lay out transmission lines and bolt fixing (P6)
˜ Set out octagons, hexagons, circles, etc. (P7)
Stake-out pile points with
˜ Preparing Survey Reports to International Standards (P8) reference to existing structure (P2) Layout points for storage tanks (P5) Set out octagons, circles, etc. (P7)

[6] [7]


This course is designed to familiarize and provide a hands-on experience There are several methods used in DGPS Surveying such as Real-time Kinematic
What is GPS? Survey(RTK), Static Survey and Rapid Static Survey. Of the three, the most accurate and
to the students on GPS-based surveying techniques. The course covers
GPS stands for Global Positioning efficient system is the RTK. Real Time Kinematic Survey is a method that can offer
the following theory portions and extensive practical sessions. positional accuracy in real time ±2cm. RTK requires dual frequency receivers, with a radio
System. GPS is a satellite-based
Theory locating and navigating utility that link between base station & rover and they both must tuned to the same frequency. The
Introduction to GPS; GPS System Overview; Working principle of GPS; Satellite ranging determines a user's precise latitude, GPS based survey courses offered at V Institute uses the RTK Survey System.
and Position Calculation; GPS errors and their corrections; Differential Global Positioning longitude and altitude by tracking
signals from satellites. Depending on l Static Survey: This was the first method of GPS Surveying used in the field and continues to be
System; Basic Geodetic Aspects; Surveying Using GPS; Static Surveys; Rapid Static Surveys; the primary technique today. It is widely used for control and geodetic survey .It involves long
the type of receiver and certain other
Kinematic Surveys; Real Time Kinematic Surveys; Processing of GPS survey data; Plotting observation time( 1-2 hours observation) depending on number of visible satellites.
conditions, it is possible to achieve
of GPS survey data. real-time position accuracies within l Rapid Static Survey: This method is used to measure base line and determine position up to
meters or even centimetres, with cm accuracy with short observation time of about (5-20 minute observation time)The
Practicals Typical Output derived position calculations several times observation time depends on the length of base line and number of visible satellites. In rapid
from DGPS Surveying per second. Static surveys ,a reference point is chosen and one or more rovers operate with respect to it .this
Receiver set up; Configuration of the receiver;
Differential Global Positioning method is used for detailing the existing network, establishing control points etc..It is similar to
Configuration of the terminal; Satellite tracking;
System (DGPS) is an enhancement Static methods, but consists of short ended site occupation time.
Different parameters setting and Data storing;
to Global Positioning System that
Localisation of WGS 84 Coordinates; uses a network of fixed, ground-
Establishing stations and TBMs with reference based reference stations to broadcast
to Survey of India BM (Control Points); Altitude; the difference between the positions APPLICATION PROGRAMMES USING GPS
Stake out of the measured points and offsets; indicated by the satellite systems and
Self survey mode (absolute positioning); Static the known fixed positions.
Surveys and rapid static surveys; Kinematic and Sky Plot Stake out line DGPS is a fast growing
technologically sophisticated field,
RTK surveys; Post processing of surveyed data
with potential applications in many
and exporting the data to AutoCAD; industries. The most common civilian
Topographic surveys using RTK mode and applications are in land, air and
establishing control points using static mode; marine navigation, and surveying.
Precautions to be taken while using GPS More recent applications include
aircraft precision approach, robotics,
IVHS (Intelligent Vehicle Highway
Stake out curve Stake out line Systems), construction, resource
extraction, and geographic
information systems (GIS).

Advantages of DGPS
l The relatively high positioning
accuracies, from tens of metres
down to the millimetre level.
l The capability of determining
velocity and time, to an accuracy
commensurate with position.
l The signals are available to users
anywhere on the globe: in the air,
on the ground, or at sea.
l Its is a positioning system with no
user charges, and uses relatively
low cost hardware.
l The position information is
available in three dimensions, that
is, vertical as well as horizontal
information is provided.
l It is an all-weather system,
available 24 hours a day.

[8] [9]

What is Hydrographic
LEARN Survey?
HYDROGRAPHIC SURVEY It is the process of gathering information
about water bodies such as rivers, lakes,
seas and oceans. The purpose of
collecting the information is to enable safe
This course is intended for candidates working in hydrographic navigation of vessels such as ships and for
surveying in the marine oil and gas industry, coastal and port the construction of marine structures like
ports, harbours, light houses and
development, hydrographic services, and offshore construction to installation of structures for oil exploration,
upgrade their skills, and to those seeking careers in these areas. The drilling, cable communication, etc.
course provides the students practical knowledge and hands-on
training in the application of techniques of hydrographic surveying How is Hydrographic
For Whom Entry Levels Course Plan
and develops the essential skills required to carry out the various Survey conducted?
operational tasks in hydrography.
In hydrographic survey investigations, Students should complete Levels to (as described on Page 5) before they can qualify to take this course
In just one year, an undergraduate student without any technical observations of depth of water, water
current and sea bed sample collection are
background is trained in Geoinformatics (from fundamentals to the some of the key activities performed. The
ITI Surveyors Advanced Hydrographic Survey
Diploma, B.Tech Professional

using Single BeamEchosounders, DGPS,
most advanced Total Station & Real Time Kinematic DGPS Survey) and results of these investigations are
Experienced in
presented in the form of a hydrographic Data Acquisition & Processing Software
Hydrographic (Marine) Survey /Quantity Survey to become a chart. These charts provide the
Professionals with Project Work Hydrographic
competent professional for jobs in India and abroad with a high information on depth of water at various
Knowledge in M13, M14, M15, M16, P3 Survey
Total Station (6-8 Weeks)
points, contours showing spot height,
earning potential. ocean current, analysis of sea bed samples
and similar data.
Course Content
History and importance of hydrographic surveying; tides and water currents; Hydrographic Survey
coast lining; positioning (horizontal and vertical controls); laws of sea; sonar equipment & methodology
theory and acoustic sensor fundamentals; echo sounder and sounding The curriculum provides extensive opportunities for the students to acquire practical knowledge and hands-on
methods; sea-floor classification and feature detection; topographic Hydrographic survey investigations, training through live projects arranged by the Institute.
require the following equipment:
surveying; dredging; survey planning; survey data processing; and final chart
Echosounders to determine the depth of Total Station Quantity Survey
preparation; DTM and DEM; electronic navigational charts, and raster water at any given location using
navigational charts, volume ultrasound waves.
calculation from hydrographic survey charts; volume GPS Receivers to determine accurately the
calculation for dredging; topographic information; positron of sea bed features using the
NAVSTAR Global Positioning System.
bathymetric information; project work.
Automatic Tide Gauge and a Laptop
Computer to run a Hydrographic
Survey software application and
processing the collected data.

Hydrographic Survey GPS Survey

[10] [11]

Who is a Quantity
QUANTITY SURVEYING (LEVEL 1) All construction projects have a
cost and a budget. The project
becomes efficient and profitable
According to a report of the Associated Chambers of Commerce & when the costs are managed This course is designed for students who hve already completed the basic course
efficiently. in Quantity Survey. The course includes all essential aspects of quantity surveying and
Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), construction is projected to become
$120-billion industry. Consequently there is a employment potential It is in the management of the covers the following topics:
cost and budget that the role of
of over 90 million skilled people in various professions related to the Quantity Surveyor becomes
building construction and engineering. India is identified as a rich relevant and vital. From the
˜ Construction Technology, Building Services, Piling
source of talent in these sectors. moment a plan is drawn until the ˜ Procurement Procedures: Construction procurement, contractor selection.
construction project has been
It is in this context that V Institute has launched these courses to meet completed, a quantity surveyor is ˜ Economics of Design and Cost Planning: Design issues, factors that influence the cost of
the projected needs of this booming industry. likely to be involved in a legal, building, introduction to value management , contract documentation and specifications,
technical and financial capacity. He
We invite the young men and women of this country to train manages and control costs in
life cycle costing.
themselves in these areas and be prepared to fill the miilions of construction projects which may ˜ Estimation and costing: Value engineering, value management.
opportunities that would open up in a short period of time. involve use of a range of
management procedures and ˜ Contract administration: Contract administration and quality control, changing the contract,
technical tools to achieve this goal. contract administration and time.
He prepares standardised
schedule of quantities of various ˜ Risk Management: Risk and certainty in estimating and tendering.
works involved, construction
materials needed and labour force
required for accomplishing the
For Whom Entry Level Course Plan projects. This enables the For Whom Entry Level Course Plan
management to put the works on
tender, pick up the builder who
Earthwork estimation bid lowest price and to prepare bill Construction Technology (Q6)
Q1 of quantities and cost on Building Services, Piling
completion. B Tech
B Tech*
1 Building estimation including structural
calculations of columns, beams, slabs, etc.
The technique of measuring
quantities from drawings, sketches
and specification prepared by
architects and engineers for the
Quantity Survey
Level 1 2 Procurement Procedures (Q7)
Construction Procurement, Contractor Selection
Q2 preparation of Tender/Contract
documents is known as taking off.
The quantities so taken are used to
prepare bills of quantities which Economics of Design and Cost Planning (Q8)
Minor bridges, highways, overhead water tanks. usually are in accordance with a Design issues, factors that influence the cost of building,
Q3 published standard method of introduction to value management, managing pluralism,
measurement (SMM). contract documentation and specifications,
life cycle costing.
Some career possibilities
* Diploma holders and BTech students
with back papers to complete are admitted Contract administration With a qualification in quantity
based on merit. Procurement & Tendering surveying, career possibilities
include contracting or private Estimation and Costing (Q9)
quantity surveying, building Value Engineering, Value Management
surveying, construction
management or consultancy,
FIDIC accountancy and financial services
Introduction, contracts, contractors, forms, etc. Contract Administration (Q10)
management or estate
Q5 Contract administration and quality control, changing
the contract, contract administration and time.
International opportunities may
also be possible within the field.
Software Applications
Estima, Road Estimator and MS Excel Risk Management (Q11)
S6 Risk and certainty in estimating and tendering.

Project Work Diploma in Project Work Advanced Diploma

P4 Quantity Survey * Diploma holders and BTech students P4 in Quantity Survey
with back papers to complete are admitted
based on merit.
(12 weeks)

[12] [13]
This is a comprehensive course intended for candidates aspiring for a position in the Surveying industry. The
course covers all aspects of surveying including new technologies and hands-on training and expertise in state- l State-of-the-art computer lab
of-the-art survey equipment and gadgets. In a matter of three to four months, an undergraduate student
without any technical background is trained in Geoinformatics (from fundamentals to the most advanced Total l Experienced and dedicated faculty
Station & Real Time Kinematic DGPS Survey) and Hydrographic Survey to become a competent professional for
jobs in India and abroad with a high earning potential. l Proven course methodology
Professionally made application software have changed the way surveys and engineering processes are
For Whom Entry Levels Course Plan conducted today. They have made the work of surveying extremely efficient and have vastly widened the
scope of the profession. V Institute is one of the first institutions to adopt the use of these applications in spite

1 of its prohibitive cost and availability. But it has paid dividends in the form of creating a large talent pool of
Auto Level, Digital Level,
ITI Civil Digital Theodolite
KGCE M7, M8, M9, M10 (1-2 Weeks)
professional quality young men and women most of whom have secured highly paid jobs in India and abroad,
particularly in the Gulf countries.

State-of-the-art Computer Lab

Total Station, Processing software The computer lab at V institute is the only one in Kerala that has a 10-user
ITI Diploma (LisCAD, AutoPlotter, Road Estimator) Professional in
B.Tech Introduction to AutoCAD, Project work Total Station Survey licensed version of LisCAD, the most popular Surveying and Engineering
M11, S1, S2, S3,P1 (2-4 Weeks) software, installed for imparting training to the students.
Estima is another application software used in the industry for
computing estimates by Quantity Surveyors. V Institute is now authorised
Knowledge in Total
Station/ Experienced
Professionals 3 Real Time Kinematic (RTK) DGPS,
GPS, Processing Software, Project Work
M12, S4, P2 (1-2 Weeks)
Professional in
GPS Survey
to sell Estima in India as their distributors.
AutoCAD, AutoPlotter, Autodesk 3DSMax and Road Estimator are the other
applications software which have been installed in the V Institute lab to provide
hands-on training to the students.

Hydrographic Survey
Knowledge in Total using Echosounder and RTK GPS Professional in
Station/ GPS Project Work (4 Weeks) Hydrographic Survey Course Methodology
M13, M14, M15, M16, P3
V Institute, after years of fine-tuning, have perfected a course methodology that has proven itself to be one of the most
effective in technical training. The students spend extensive hours of hands-on training and field activity that they are fully
conversant on all aspects of the subject to take on a challenging occupation when they complete the course at V Institute.
Professional in
Modern Surveying Technology Experienced faculty
The faculty at V Institute comprise outstanding professionals who are committed to their task of imparting training to the
students. They have years of experience in handling the various instruments as well as the nuances of the application
software used for the training. Many of them are practising professional who share their time and experience with the
PROFESSIONAL COURSE IN students moulding them to quality professionals.
ITI/ Diploma/
Plus 2 or Graduates
1 Building Construction & Building Drawing

ITI Diploma
2 AutoCAD
S5 (6 Weeks)

Diploma in Building Technology

with AutoCAD

[14] [15]

1 Diploma in Advanced SSLC / Plus 2 12/14

Surveying using Total Graduates Weeks
Station (Entry Level - 1) (in any discipline)

2 Diploma in Advanced ITI (Civil / Chain 10/12

Surveying using Total Survey) KGCE Weeks
Station (Entry Level - 2) Civil, etc

3 Diploma in Advanced ITI(Sur) Dip/B. Tech 3/4

Surveying using Total or persons with Weeks
Station (Entry Level - 3) prior experience

4 Diploma in DGPS Knowledge in 2/4

(Entry Level - 4) Total Station Weeks

5 Diploma in Knowledge in 8/10

Hydrographic Survey Total Station & Weeks
(Entry Level - 5) GPS

6 Diploma in Modern ITI /Dip/B. Tech 3/4

Surveying Technology KGCE Months

7 Diploma in ITI/Dip/B.Tech 6 Weeks


8 Diploma in Quantity ITI Civil/Diploma 6/8

Survey (Entry Level - 1) B. Tech Weeks

9 Advanced Diploma in ITI / Dip/ B. Tech 12/16

Quantity Survey Experienced Weeks
(Entry Level - 2 ) Persons

10 Diploma in Building VHSE, Plus 2 6 Weeks

Technology with Graduates

Students of V Institute always Liyakkath Ali (TS) Akhil M (TS) Vaithilingam (TS) Placement in India
tend to keep in touch with the Quantity Surveyor Surveyor Site Engineer
IKK Group Sree Dhanya Curam Construction Co. l L&T, Chennai
institution and their teachers l Good land Surveyors, Chennai
KSA Trivandrum Oman
many years after they have left l Survey. com, Chennai,
the institution and reached l Jay group, Ernakulam
their desired destinations. l Theoval Surveyors , Banglore
Here are a few of our students l Alpine Wineries, Karnataka
who have recently left the l ABM Civil ventures, Meridian, Ernakulam
Shankar Ganesh (TS) Cibin Mathew Johan(TS) Vijesh K Vijayan(TS)
institution and doing well in l Bhageeratha Constructions, Ernakulam
Surveyor Site Engineer Site Engineer
their chosen fields of activity. Arab Construction Co. Vadassery Construction Accex Construction Co. l Nenith, Chennai
We wish them years of fulfilling Muscat Kottayam Oman l Spread Survey Ernakulam
life and happiness. Kerala l Pentagon Survey, Bangalore
l Vision International and Mapping Company, Cochin
l Landmark, Cochin,
l Bhavana Constructions and Builders, Cochin
l Carmel Construction Company, Aluva
Nandu S (GPS Ajesh Kumar J (QS) Kiran Thomas (TS) Reji Varghese(DGPS)
l Lekshman and Company, Kollam
Asst. Surveyor Site Superviser Trainee Surveyor Foreman
Ved Adms Co. Gulf East Co. Government of Kerala Arabian Project Co. l Techno Park , Trivandrum
Abu Dhabi Qatar Hydrographic Survey KSA l Tata Tea, Munnar
UAE Doha Port Wing l Skyline Builders, Trivandrum

Legin Raj (QS) Krishnan Kutty (DGPS) Mathew P P(QS) Muhammed Shijas (QS)
Quantity Surveyor Survey Engineer Site Engineer D'man Placement in Other Countries
Gulf Resources Co. Ayesa Consultancy Al-ameen Construction Co. Khathara Gulf Co. l KEC International
KSA Kadappa Sharjah KSA l Premiere International, Oman
Andhra Pradesh UAE l L&T Quarter Gas, Doha
l Yas-Al-Ahammed Tr. and Contracting LLC
l Global Essa Coating Est, Abhudabi
l Wadvadams, Dubai
Prasoon C T (TS) Akhil Dev (TS) Pintu Kumar(TS) Viraj A R (TS) l NCPC, Sharjah
Site Engineer Surveyor Surveyor Software Developer l Al-Jabir Cont. LLC
GS1, Hyderabad Cherian Varky & Co. Gulf Construction Co. Chartered Co. l Prime Builders LLC
Ernakulam Abu Dhabi Kochi l Gulf Petro Chemicals
Kerala UAE Kerala l Gulfar Cont.Co.
l EverSendai Eng. LLC, Sharjah
l Hiba Constructions, Jeddha
l Sal Sabin Muscat,
Eldose joy (Hydro) Vishnu P Chandran (TS) Senthil Kumar (TS) Sarthak Choundhary l Ever Sendai Eng LLC, Dubai
Trainee Surveyor Surveyor Civil Engineer l Habalmuhary and Airayas Cont LLC, Dubai,
CGO Service Pvt. Ltd. New Survey Construction Construction Co. H C L Construction l Frico International LLC, Dubai
Mumbai Munnar Dubai Ranchi l Al-Darlain Gorouke, Abu Dhabi
UAE l Power Line Gulf Construction, Dubai
l Al-Darlain Gorouke, UAE
l Khalid Bin Ahammed & Sons LLC, Muscat
l UCE, Doha
Magudapathi (TS) Aghil Gopinath (QS) Jaya Pradeep S (TS) Mathew John (TS) l Al-Hator Engg. Dubai
Supervisor Site Engineer Supervisor Surveyor l Accurate Survey Sharjah
Spinning Mill Mary Math Construction Travancore Devaswam Construction Co. l Ducodallcor Betty, Dubai
Ramanathapuram Kochi Board Singapore l Erco Oman LLC,
Tamil Nadu Kerala Trivandrum l Al- Naboodha Cont. Co, Dubai,
Kerala l Khan Sheb Civil Engg. LLC, UAE
l Trags Electrical, Doha
l Global Survey Engg, UAE.

[18] [19]
INDUSTRY-READINESS The world class South Instruments and Systems are now
available in India through V Geodesic Systems & Services,
Kollam, a sister concern of V Institute.
In keeping with the tradition of the Institution which is The range of products available through V Geodesic
Systems & Services include GPS Systems, Total Stations,
completing 75 years on a mission to nurture technical skills in
Digital Theodolite, Auto Level, Collimator, Laser Level,
young men and women and to fulfill a vital need for the Prism Systems and Accessories.
country’s development in the form of skilled human resources,
we infuse industry-readiness in the students once they
complete the courses.
The Institute engages the students in live projects where they
can try out the knowledge they have acquired in their chosen
discipline on real-life situations under the guidance of expert Total Station First Collimator
trainers. The students get to acquire hands-on experience and
find expression to their native talents. This would make the
l Solid body, handy edm, high accuracy setup in Kerala for
Absolute encoding, initialization not needed
transition from education to employment rather smooth.
Calibration of
l Complete application programs menu customization
Several corporates have come forward in support of this l Internal memory more than 100,000 points
Total Station
programme where they can coach the potential candidates Helping students
Survey instruments need to be
outside of their establishments and bring them in when the build careers continuously calibrated to
need arises, ready to be put straight on the job. since 1941 ensure accuracy and reliability of
their readings. This has to be
Digital Theodolite performed by experts with the
l Easy-to-use keypad help of the appropriate
l Complete functions instruments and techniques.
V Survey Instruments and
Systems have a team of experts
well trained to handle the
calibration and servicing of any
Auto Level models of Total Stations,
l Excellent sealed structure for using in any weather l
Exclusive closed magnetic field, magetically-dampened Other Services
compensator Corporate Training
l Friction-braked rotation and endless horizontal drive l Total Station
l Digital Theodolite
l LisCAD Training
l One-day Training on the
application of Total Station and
l Estima Software
GPS l AutoCAD Training
l Complete cable free design Job Work
l Built-in transmitting radio l Land Survey, Area, Cut &Fill
Volume Contour, Profile & Cross
l Advanced technology of data link Section using Total Station and
l Optimized 3-proof design Digital Level
l Powerful application software l Prepare plans using AutoCAD &
estimates using Estima Software
Trained manpower
For projects in India and abroad.

Prisms and Accessories

l Single & Triple Prisms, Prism Poles & Bipods, Ranging Poles &
Tripods, Prism Boxes.