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The study concluded that microfinance credit is a factor that could be exploited to enhance

women social economic development in Biratnagar Metropolitan of Morang district. This would
lead to women being involved in various aspects of decision making including major family
decisions, purchase decisions and major economic decisions. The study concluded that Forward,
Nerude and Chhimek Microfinance offers various training including training on loan use,
entrepreneurial training, training on financial control and on saving. Also training is likely to
lead to improved livelihood of women, enable them to start small and medium enterprises, be
able to borrowed loan from the microfinance as well as saving.
The study further concluded that through saving women are more likely to develop both
economically and socially. Also it was concluded that majority of women saved their money for
a specific reason. Entrepreneurial activities, access to loan and meeting household expenses are
among the reasons why women save their money