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Dear Neighbor,

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present you in Hartfor
I’ve been honored to re
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at matters most to Ne
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• Jobs
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• Small business
• Property tax relie
• Education fundin
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• Needed services
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I’ll keep fighting for ou me to
at 203-392-0921 or co
results. Please call me stville
he ad qu ar te rs at 25 1 Alden Avenue (near We
Market) to share your

Best wishes,

vote for pat

on row b
november 2 !

pat dillon
a leader you can rely on
vote 2 - tuesday, november 2nd
paid for by friends of pat dillon. cinda cash treasurer, peter stolzman deputy.
approved by rep. pat dillon [dillon-walk-18]

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Pat Dillon
a leader you can rely on
on row b
november 2nd

Relief for Property Tax: State Action

• Saved New Haven taxpayers $5.8 million on Troup School
• Increased New Haven’s tax rolls by adding more
telecommunications properties
Economic Development and Jobs
• Secured funds for Westville Village’s Main Street Initiative
• Working to bring a supermarket to Whalley Ave to replace Shaw’s

Children and Youth

• Supported education reform to reduce achievement gap
• Obtained funding for Solar Youth environmental programs
• Obtained funding for school based health centers, including
Barnard School

Fighting for Our Community

• Designed model behavioral network for military families
• Helped expand clinical programs targeted to Hispanic families
• Authored laws on AIDS: needle exchange, medication, housing
• Fought to reduce homelessness of returning soldiers

More Info
Call, E-mail or visit: to volunteer, get an
Absentee Ballot, register, or for a ride.
• 203-392-0921
• 251 alden avenue (near westville market)

democrat for state representative
vote b - tuesday, november 2nd
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