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RAILTEC MATERIALS SAFETY DATA SHEET ae Version: 6 Date: 13 January 2015 INTERNATIONAL a orien WELDING PORTION Sheet N°: CH 02-05 Hi Pau cieiub teat Roni) company/business A Identific of the product Product name; ‘Mix of particles for welding Hazardous component: Aluminium 1.2 Use Industrial Mix of particles used only for the aluminothermic reaction, with suitable Railtech refractory parts for welding on track. 1.3 Information. arding the supplier of the safety data sheet > RAILTECH INTERNATIONAL Tel:+33 (0)3 27 22 26 26 Zi du Bas Pré Fax:+33 (0)3 27 22 26 00 59590 RAISMES Contact details: ivanpeperstraete@railtech fr 41.4 Emorgency telephone number Emergenoy telephone: +33 (0)1 45 42 59 59 (ORFILA) Identification of danger 2.4 Main dangers Classification aocorting to (CE} regulation n°1272/2008 11264: Contact with water releases flammable geses, 2.2 Harmful effects on healthy Inhalation: May cause initation to the respiratory system when pouring the portion in the crucible. Skin: Prolonged contact with the skin may cause irtetion, Eyes: —__Initation to the eyes (when pouring the portion in the crucible). 2.3 Means of exposure Inhalation: yes Skin yes Eyes: yes Ingestion: none, except accidental 2.4 Fire or explosion ‘The “welding portion” product is classified as not easily flammable. AILTECH INTERNATIONAL, Lines Campy wth copia 568,25 Gres - deat 2. Bae Pos -2.P 9—50N0 RASHES FRANCE Ta) 3901 2 22 2825 S127 22280 - sae RS Vestas 8067012 ~ Se 99670 14260010 et. TVA BRO 8950 12 RAILT CH MATERIALS SAFETY DATA SHEET Sea 7 Date: 13 January 2015 Sheet N°: CH 02-05, INTERNATIONA WELDING PORTION Following the regulatory tests (C.E,E-A.10) carried out on the "welding portion" product, the product is classified as not easily flammable, The CIPE regulations (environmental code: book §, title 1) for easily flammable products do not therefore apply. In normal usage conditions, the product is not explosive, ‘Avoid contact with any strong source of heat or ignition with @ temperature > 200°C, 2.5 Other dangers Reaction with water, oxidizing agents releasing hydrogen (H2). During its use: \Very strong exothermic reaction (+2000°C}. Risk of molten metal projection. > Stand well back during the reaction | Risk of bums, Cie Ounce tien | oe i % | Ingredients | CASN® | EINECS N | wan Dangers IRON OXIDE) 1317-61-9215- os 8010 70 (Fes0,) fa Highly flammable Solid ALUMINIUM 7429.05 | 231-0723 | 101030 | | F,R11, RIS YSIZE SHOT (87% | | | 7439-88-8 iron) neal { | CAST IRON (96% | | 7430-8946 ron) ed j FERROMANGANESE | 12604-63-4 0.5to3 | CARBIDE | eect 409-21-2 206-991-8 05to3 AILTECH TERNATIONAL, Lita Conyac 565,29 Guo Header: 24, Bo ob. 95000 RASHES FRANCE el Sys 2 2228 5 ~ Fa +9999 2772 280 - mae RC Vanes 8 670 142 Sil 3860124010 - He. TA FR 00 289670 142 RAILI =CH MATERIALS SAFETY DATA SHEET foes a Version: 6 TNrERNATIONAT Date: 13 January 2015 = — WELDING PORTION Sheet N°: CH 02-05 the event of mechanical deterioration or damage during use No special first aid measures. Move out of he contaminated area and consult 2 specialist. Skin contact : Rinse with water. Contact with eyes: In the event of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and ‘consult @ specialist, if discomfort or irritation develops. Ingestion: Not affected, Bienes 5:1 Flammability rating Not Highly flammable, 5.2 Extinguishing media In the event of a fire, only use dry sand to extinguish the fire. Counterincications: Do not use water. ® 5.3 Particular risks ‘Avoid all contact with sources of ignition or heat > 1200°C. Mey degrade at high temperatures, releasing hydrogen. es REAonce ence kono 6:1 Precautions for the environment Avoid release to the environment. Prevent eniy into sewers, ground and drinking wate (risk of release of hycrogen on contact with water). 6.2 Cleaning solutions Gather the spilled substance and avoid creating dust. Keep the product dry in suitable containers closed with a watertight lid. {fhe product is wet do not use it; throw the product away. (Aino -RAITECH WTERNATONAL, Lied Conoany wh ans of 9.881.528 ues Honus: 2d Bae ab 9SDHDRASHES FRANCE Tat +59(01827 22 25— Fa +390 77 722800 = wach. ‘ROS Vee 396 162-6 670142 GIO = Hr. TVR FR 0 269670142