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How do I know if my

Keep the
kidneys are sick?
You may experience: Kidneys Happy!
 Nausea and vomiting
 Loss of appetite
 Weight loss
 Blood in urine
 Reduced urine output
 Fatigue What do kidneys do?
 weakness
 Remove waste products
from the body. Your guide to kidney
 Keep bones healthy.
 Regulate hormones. awareness.
 Balance the fluids in the
 Help to control blood
 Help to make red blood
What happens when your
How do I protect my kidneys go bad?
kidneys?  Two treatment options are
available in Guyana:
 Drink plenty of water
everyday (8 glasses or 2 Dialysis and Kidney
litres). transplantation
 Exercise daily. My kidneys are
 Quit smoking today! awesome!
A procedure where the blood of the kidney
 Eat a healthy low sodi- disease patient is filtered through a ma-
chine and returned to the patient, free of  Kidneys filter
um and low fat diet. toxins. about 8 litres of
 Keep your blood pres- blood per hour.
Renal Transplantation
sure and blood sugar  Just one donated
A surgical procedure, where the kidney
kidney is needed to
levels under control. disease patient (recipient), receives a
healthy kidney from another individual replace two failed
(donor). kidneys.

Did you know..

You can live a perfectly healthy life

with only one Speak to your doctor to find
out more about the health of
Be c o me a k i dne y do no r
t o da y !
your kidneys.