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$ 6043 Joaquin Muerita Ave Apt K Newark California 94560

Ambitious business student with bilingual and adaptability skill sets refined through months of volunteer opportunities. Motivated with dedication in business and
professional development, customer service, and 21st century technological knowledge evident in academic course workload and current employment in tech industry.
Looking to further improve my understanding of the business world.

Newark Memorial High School
Expected Graduation Date: June 2019

ACADEMIC FOUNDATIONS: Reads and comprehends written material , Composes neatly and accurately written messages, Applies basic measurement methods ,
Correctly demonstrates common lab or workplace procedures
COMMUNICATIONS: Makes oral presentations well, Listens to instructions to complete a new task.
PROBLEM SOLVING AND CRITICAL THINKING: Prioritizes work assignments , Identifies problems and forms possible answers,
Compares and evaluates alternative solutions, Forms new,creative approaches to challenges
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY APPLICATIONS: Uses presentation software for effective communications., Uses technology to create various documents and diagrams
SYSTEMS: Understands roles within teams and work units
SAFETY, HEALTH, AND ENVIRONMENT: Knows and Follows all safety rules., Wears personal protective equipment
LEADERSHIP AND TEAMWORK: Negotiates to gain an agreement

Relevant Course Work
Computer Technology classes- Uses Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and knows the basics of Ergonomics.
Principles of Engineering- Utilizes autodesk inventor to design 3D models and uses tools to build the physical prototypes.
Introduction to Engineering- Learned how to use autodesk inventor, how to draw blueprints.
Spanish 1 & 2- Learned formal and informal Spanish
Business and Professional Development- Studies common workplace ethics, debates, and business situations.

Shining Star, Matthew Hacker Mar. 2018
Awarded for excellence in the engineering laboratory

Pinnacle Contributor, Mission Valley ROP

Awarded for contributing in classroom

Newark Days, Parking Attendant Sept. 2018 - Sept. 2018
City of Newark
Directed motorists to appropriate parking lots

NMHS Drama Club, Stage Hand Nov. 2018 - Nov. 2018

Newark Memorial High
Built stage sets and placed lights on the stage

NMHS Drama Club, Deck Manager Dec. 2018 - Feb. 2019

Newark Memorial High
Monitored stage hands and provided first aid

Do-it-for-Deleany, Volunteer Oct. 2018 - Oct. 2018

Quarry Lakes Recreational Area
Passed out refreshments to participants and directed runners