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Dr. H. REYES | February 04 , 2019

ABORTION AND ROE VS WADE CASE - to eliminate a potentially defective fetus

 Indirect abortion
Roe: right to privacy
- , in which a life threatening pathology is treated, and
States: protect the unborn child-- has the right to live the treatment inadvertently leads to the death of the
fetus, e.g. surgical removal of ruptured appendix during
In the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, the Supreme pregnancy
Court ruled that women, in consultation with their
physician, have a constitutionally protected right to MORAL ISSUE IN ABORTION
have an abortion in the early stages of pregnancy—that
is, before viability—free from government interference. When is the beginning of life?-Fertilization

*The right to an abortion is not universally accepted, Rh law- beginning of life: implantation
and the right to privacy is thus not inherently involved
Pro- life: against abortion
in this case.
Pro-choice: leave the choice to the mother-- feminist
According to the law, abortion is legal:
1. If pregnancy prior to the end first trimester,
physician certificate is needed.

2. However, after the end of first trimester, reason for

abortion is related to maternal health.

3. After the state of viability- quickening- fetal


- compelling reason to save the life of the mother

- if there is imminent danger on the life of the mother


- the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied

by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the
embryo or fetus

 Therapeutic abortion

- save the life of the mother

-abortion induced when pregnancy constitutes a threat

to the physical or mental health of the mother

 Criminal abortion

- induced abortion without therapeutic purpose

 Eugenic abortion