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AFTER HOURS rat» uy Pest wate pmo iy ote = Words by Robert Bruce and Buddy Feyne st ome sore Cosel & Ca, Music by Avery Paren Slower C6 Pp 6 = when ts time to close the doves and tara the lights down ow, Pe? Gt Dm? a © ce F Frain ~ You can find 7 C'GCttint GGT C7 A hoes. ook tat as round for 2 pce 10 forget ery 1 keep com te " 4 Out of the past comes a dln ree ol = lec + tonshe's sit = tn? with me ata tas Ble for toh cr Ching = Dat? rhe ~s | = == _— == S (he dark of 8 win-dow's re-Mec- toa, see T'm a le and I knowthat wee tha, And go on — © CHE F Féim CG m9 oo c = atk in with those AF = ter Hours blues, AF = ter Hours, ast the ues and me yt fin {me nei sn some peace of mind: | rend ty vice, seme sone who's nd. 1 cose my eps, the sets are bare: ‘and ke the bivs, She's ev = ey where 1 cose my eyes, ms Dot ons © Gt © Chim? Da a try not to think, o got = 2 have a drink, Ob, Lord, lease Dut mem "ies, oh, make them go away. She's gone, — why forget me be? belp me to she kt Ob, Lard, — She's gone w fot to find apace — be heart is heave y yet Ob, Lord ve yet shes here vith me $0 on. ' c in? piace — where cic ee ee ooo. SSS = | ee ee AFTER YOU'VE GONE ‘y Creamer and Layton Theres 99 de = ay « ‘You're goo a After You've Gone alter Um gone! wake op Teel come atime, — "A= wr he Years — cm GF Ca so Some - dey when you growione Some 2 ay Me and down Beart, Da Gat Ca? After You've Gone, Atcter Tm gone, ow don for. weve Been to» gee. et B » oi, Jou ong ta be with me" right “hack where ou Start ° m & [Crer&7 [2 oar al ‘Ther’ come acme — henyou'l re- gre Thee joy and teas ‘Kinds of weather br Gm GF Em? Ano your heat wil break Bie mine and youl want me on = 33