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Technical Information

Top-Flo® Evaporated Salt


Top-Flo® Evaporated Salt is a food grade, granular, white Top-Flo® Evaporated Salt contains no known allergens, and exhibits
crystalline sodium chloride manufactured under stringent process virtually no microbiological activity.
control procedures by vacuum evaporation of raw, untreated
brine. This salt is obtained from underground deposits by deep CHEMICAL ANALYSIS:
well solution mining.
Component Units Typical Specification
ORGANOLEPTIC PROPERTIES: Sodium Chloride (dry)1 % 99.86 99.80 min.
Calcium & Magnesium (as % 0.04 -
Top-Flo® Evaporated Salt has a characteristic saline taste, and may Ca)
exhibit a slight halogen odor upon warming. Sulfate (as SO4) % 0.06 -
Surface Moisture2 % 0.03 0.1 max.
COMPLIANCE: Copper (as Cu) ppm - 1.0 max.
Iron (as free Fe) ppm <1.0 2.0 max.
Top-Flo® Evaporated Salt is of food grade quality, complying fully Heavy Metals (as Pb) ppm <1.0 2.0 max.
with the standards for Sodium Chloride as set forth in the Food Water Insolubles ppm 165 200 max.
Chemicals Codex. It is approved for direct use in meat and Yellow Prussiate of Soda3 ppm 5 13 max.
poultry products by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety 1By difference of impurities.
and Inspection Service. 2110oC for 2 hours.

3Anticaking agent (sodium ferrocyanide anhydrate)

Top-Flo® Evaporated Salt contains water-soluble Yellow Prussiate of
Soda, which is added to improve caking resistance in accord with U.S.S. Opening Opening
21CFR 172.490. When this salt is incorporated into a food product, Mesh Inches Microns Typical Specification
the additive is considered incidental, non-functional and exempt 30 0.0232 590 19 50 max.
from label declaration under 21CFR 101.100(a)(3).
40 0.0165 420 34 -
50 0.0117 300 34 -
APPLICATIONS: 70 0.0083 210 10 -
Pan - - 3 10 max.
Top-Flo® Evaporated Salt is intended for a variety end-uses. It is Note: Sieve analysis is reported as percent retained.
particularly well suited for use in dry salt dispensing and brining
applications. Food uses include baking, cheese manufacture and
meat processing.

Parameter Typical Specification

Pounds per Cubic Foot 77 73 - 79
Grams per Liter 1235 1165 - 1265
Top-Flo® Evaporated Salt is available in 50lb. and 80lb. multiwall
Note: Bulk Density is reported as loose (uncompacted).
kraft containers, which incorporate polyethylene film liners for
added moisture protection, and in bulk. To improve caking
resistance, the product should be stored in a dry, covered area at PRODUCING LOCATION: WATKINS GLEN, NY
humidity below 75%.

No. 3026 Revised May 2007

Methods of analysis are taken from ASTM E 534-98, Cargill and the
Food Chemicals Codex 5th Edition.

CARGILL SALT NOTICE: All of the above statements, recommendations, suggestions and data are based on our
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Minneapolis, MN showing an express guaranty (such as in the case of products specifically designed for use as nutrient
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