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2 Module Assessment (reflection)

My personality type is an ESTJ; meaning extrovert, sensor, judger, and thinker. Some
aspects that are characteristic of me are that I am outgoing, responsible, and strong willed.
Additionally, I am confident, talkative, and friendly while also being organized and productive.
Since I have a good memory for details, I can sometimes become frustrated with conversations
that are too theoretical and about things that would never happen. I stay busy and physically
active, but I am sometimes skeptical about trying new things and changing routines that I am
comfortable with.
A career path that I am very interested in is health science. I might also be interested in
a STEM career path and possibly business and administration. My career interest profiler
concluded that I match investigative and social occupations. Many different branches of
psychologists were recommended for me as a possible career path. I might possibly want to do
this as I took AP psychology last year and I really enjoyed taking the class. Another thing that
was recommended to me was a historian, but I don’t think that is something that I really would
like to do because I do not like reading primary sources in history class. It also recommended
many different branches of science teachers such as environmental science, health specialties,
psychology, nursing instruction and more. It also recommended an economics teacher and a
criminal justice teacher. I like science a lot, but I do not want to teach as I want to be able to
learn new things and challenge myself instead of teaching things that I learned when I was
young. I also have never taken an economics class so I don’t know if I even like the topic. It also
mentioned advanced practice psychiatric nurses, which sounds sort of interesting. I don't think
that this helped very much because I was thinking about a pre-med track and my health science
scored the highest in interest, but the test results were not really providing me with careers that
match my personality and interest.
My learning style was confirmed through assessments in this module. I like to be around
other people and I often do my best work in groups. I often will get distracted if I am working
alone and not be as productive. Because of this, I also work better with noise. I like hearing
background conversations and music when I am working. So, I do not think that I would want to
have my own office one day and have to work by myself in the room, I think that I would like to
have the option to be with others in a more communal setting. Another learning style of mine
involves light. When I am working I need to have very bright light, when I am at home studying I
open every window and when the sun goes down, I turn on every single light and adjust the
dimmer so that it is as bright as possible. When working in my future career, I need to have
access to lots of light. I also don’t like waking up super early in the morning, especially when it is
still dark. Because of this I will not want a future job that starts super early in the morning. I also
like the warm weather, and structure in my work.