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SANITATION and MAINTENANCE ITEMS: thse ions Food not protected in transport, storage, display, service: is stored in i ip, ~4 190 [ieee mary sega deve. conesimsinetont on 118) Dicwiay cose Her meme der 14Q Fond woter minaeaute pial cstines + Degli demperohee of BSF but 15©)| sutaces nt ces esate vt len ae sania 6.7 © Sine srice als no reacted used. (3 Cannel’ fempecateres tanya Seem 62°09 Hard washing faites inadequate 8; 12;.16 ‘Accurate thermometer rot sual in hl and cold fod storage acts Floors, wall, colin, igtng inadequate.) 18:14 Insects not conrad .14(, 0), (¢) toto maintenance of foce service operations and cleanness. 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(a 10:.15, 142) Food workers wih inadequate personal cleanness + 15Q | surfaces not easy cleanable, not clean and seritized 6:.7 160) single sevice ancies not protected roused 6{c) 17 | Hand washing facies inadequate 8:.12;.46 13() Accurate thermometer not avalabe in hot and ood fod storage feces 4 192 Feo, wats, ceing, ighting inadequate 6(e};.13;.14 20() Insects not controled 14a, 0), () 212 Food operation avoas nt separate rom ing ant sleeping quarters. 16 220) Trsh cscs! nadecuale 1 (6) 20) Operating witout a permit miscelgnous 17:18 techaledinget eats ae temp 1 SEL Displey ese é Behe a Qasstentie, is 47082 = ee ie lg he one hone NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Temporary Food Service Establishment : | Bureau of Communty Envtormentl Heath ae Food Protection ‘Sopa 142 repoeten Report esrasuisnmentnawe: Avytlos Lhnliein sive 32 openatons NAME: Aawto Manrdont Adcress: TiC Da\awert Ayr _ County: Eve. ZipCode: [420 2 sa Tin = a Linoe -Awsand [_ (0°00 Lorse> aaa ee a ao Sarees j T | T dl { WRIT TET Tle |e] ] see Sele hEICT IT] Service Type: SERRE INSPECTION @} _REINSPECTION © PREOPERATIONAL © HACCP ONLY © COMPLAINT Q FIELD VISIT C) INCIDENT ©) ILLNESS Q Number of Red Violations [7] Total Red Violations [| Number of Blue Violations Reinspection rama [ Ch] "teeta |] srmretsugvtton fam" 0 Say Yes CRITICAL ITEM: These tems relate cect fo factors which lead to foasbore ness. 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