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Industrial training is an indispensable part of any curriculum. It provides the students with an
opportunity to gain experience on the practical application of our knowledge.

I express my gratitude to all the people at Escorts construction Equipment Limited who helped me
during the past four months. The exposure and experience gained at Escorts has been unique.
I would sincerely like to thank Mr. Praveen Jangra (Manager, ECEL R&D) for giving me this
opportunity to work in their department and guiding me through the projects for their constant guidance
and support.

Karan kaloniya
University Institute of Engineering & Technology (UIET)
M.D University

Practical training is a way to implement theoretical knowledge to practical use. To

Become a successful engineer it is necessary to have a sound practical knowledge
Because it is only way by which one can acquire proficiency & skill to work
Successfully in different industries.

It is proven fact that bookish knowledge is not sufficient because things are not as
Ideal in practical field as they should be.

Escorts Ltd. is one of the best examples to understand the Research & design process and
Assembly in particular of Construction equipment and its parts.

This report is an attempt made to study the overall processes in ESCORTS CONTRUCTION
Ltd R&D.
This report presents the Escorts construction equipment Ltd introduction, technical collaboration,
Products. This report also reflects the brief introduction of Engine and construction vehicles
(machine) R&D, proto assembly and proto testing.

R&D Proto shop is the focused part as it was the department allotted to me in Escorts construction
equipment Ltd. The R&D process involve in construction vehicles is Foster ideas, Focus ideas,
Develop Ideas, Prototypes and trials, Regulatory, Marketing &Product Development activities an
Launch of product.
These process is studied by me during in 4 months in my training.
Table of Content
Certificate I
Acknowledgement II
Abstract III
List of Figures IV
List of Tables IV
List of Abbreviation IVI
Sr. No Chapter name Page no
1. Introduction 1
1.1 About escorts Ltd
1.2 Mission
1.3 Quality policy
1.4 Hystory
1.5 Logo
1.6 Key persons
2. Agri machinery Group 7
2.1 Features of AMG
2.2 Turn over
2.3 Product
2.4 Awards
3. KMC 10
3.2 Testing
3.3 Metrology
4. Assembly Plant 16
4.1 Assembly Layout
4.2 Real assembly
4.3 Transmission Assembly
4.4 Assembly of Engine and Clutch Mechanism
4.5 Front axle and accessories and paint
4.6 Rear and Front wheel fitting
4.7 Final Testing
5. Steady of Cylinder Block Machining 25
6. Bolt Selection and Failure 32
6.1 Bolt Grading
6.2 How do you tighten a bolt?
6.3 Torque Specifications
6.4 ISO Standard of bolts
6.5Bolt Failure
7. Conclusion 47